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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

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Massacre at Kidafure Village

Ben Chard

This Tale begins immediately following the completion of The Lightning in the Storm on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. This tale focuses on Jin’s attempts to take the fight to the Eagle with the aid of the Raiders.

Massacre at Kidafure Village is the 7th main Tale of the Iki Island Expansion.

Ride to Kidafure Village

To begin this Tale, make your way back to Fune’s Refuge and speak to Fune once more. Tenzo will intervene to alert you that the Eagle’s forces are approaching and the three of you will come to the decision to make a stand at Kidafure Village.

Once you regain control, you’ll be on horseback riding to the village itself. As you enter the area around Kidafure Village, you’ll need to survey the area to plan an ambush but before you do so, be sure to loot the Ghost tools on a nearby crate. At the top of the watchtower, survey the treeline, shacks and the patch of grass nearby to trigger some scenes.

Reach the Fireworks to join the Ambush

Once play resumes, quickly leave the watchtower and mount your horse, opting to ride toward the fireworks to begin the ambush on the Mongols. As you reach the open plains, a group of Mongols will attack so quickly dismount from your horse and consider using Dance of Wrath to begin the battle. There are no Shamans to contend with in this first group so you’re free to focus on any enemy you like before heading further into the battle. The second group of Mongols contains a duo of Shamans standing on the nearby rocks, ready the Longbow and use an Explosive Arrow on the left one to kill him and heavily damage the other before dashing over to finish him off.

More fireworks will be let off so mount the horse and ride for the second ambush location to encounter the next large group of Mongols. Climb to a higher elevation and ready Fire Arrows, waiting for a large group of Mongols to pass near the carts full of explosives and firing at them. This should allow you to easily deal with the first group, building your Ghost meter and once the second group arrives with Shamans, you’ll be in the perfect position to snipe them from the start. Be sure to drop down to help Tenzo should his fall and then unleash the Ghost on what Mongols remain.

(1 of 4) It's useful to use Dance of Wrath to start the first Ambush

The next set of fireworks will go off to the east once the Mongols here fall, mount up once more and make haste. Once you reach the location, it becomes clear that the lookouts have been captured by the Mongols and Jin will suggest going in alone. Head into the nearby house and climb the ladder to the top. From here, you can drop down to the Mongol in the center and assassinate him, followed by the two further ahead. You can then be more aggressive against the Shaman and the other two Mongols while Tenzo and Fune rush to help. A few more Mongols will arrive on horseback, but you should have your Ghost gauge filled to unleash on them.

Lead the Raiders back to the Tower

Release the captive raiders and then a final set of Fireworks will go off all around, indicating that the main bulk of the Eagle’s forces have arrived. Seemingly outnumbered, the best course of action is to fall back to the tower. Mount your horse and follow Fune and Tenzo and you’ll make a last stand against a large force.

This is easier than you may expect, the number of raiders you have here in this battle will allow you to pick your fights or attack Mongols from behind. Indeed, your best course of action is to seek out the Shamans and defeat them, weakening the rest of the Mongols towards the raiders. Once the first group falls, make your way across the bridge to contend with the reinforcements including more Brutes. This is a good time to make use of any Ghost Tools you still have on you and use the Ghost once it becomes available, the second set of reinforcements only require you to kill a few before a scene takes over as you force them into a retreat, ending this Tale in the process.

(1 of 2) Climb to the top of the building and leap down to assassinate this Mongol

Climb to the top of the building and leap down to assassinate this Mongol (left), the final location is not as difficult as you expect due to the number of raiders accompanying you. (right)

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