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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

A Lost Friend

Ben Chard

This Tale is the first of two available once you reach Iki Island for the first time in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. This tale focuses on Jin’s missing horse.

A Lost Friend is the second main Tale of Iki Island Expansion.

Search for signs of your horse

To begin this Tale, head to the shoreline to the north of Sly Hunter’s Forest on the map. You’ll discover the remains of the boat that carried you to Iki Island along with the body of the boatman. Pay respects to him and give him the burial he deserves before heading down towards the water to discover tracks from your horse, examine them to begin the Tale.

With the tracks examined, follow them off the beach to the south and eventually it’ll lead you to a man on the path who gives you a vital clue about your horse. Once you regain control, continue following the tracks to the east and you’ll start running into the bodies of Mongols, implying that your horse fought back. Continue along the path and you’ll eventually catch up to the horse before it dashes off, taking care of some of the Mongols in the process. This will leave you to deal with the two survivors that head for you.

(1 of 4) Follow the tracks to the eastern path to find this man

Reach your horse

With battle over, continue to the east to find your horse waiting for you. Head on over to comfort him and you’ll automatically mount him and learn the new Horse Charge Technique. This will allow you to plow through hordes of Mongols at the expense of draining your Resolve and you’ll get the perfect opportunity to test it out now. Be sure to only hold the button down as you approach the Mongols, or you risk wasting precious resources.

After you charge down the second group, the man from before screams for help from atop the path, head over and ram as many as you can before quickly dismounting and striking down any that remain. Following your victory, head over and speak to the man to complete the Tale, earning you a Major increase to your Legend.


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