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Nakajima Shrine

Ben Chard

This is the only Shinto Shrine in the Iki Island Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. Unlike the Wind Shrines that reward cosmetics based on PlayStation titles, this Shrine will award a Major Charm.

(1 of 2) You'll find Nakajima Shrine on the island to the southeast

You'll find Nakajima Shrine on the island to the southeast (left), head down to the shore and cross this path to begin. (right)

How to reach Nakajima Shrine

The Nakajima Shrine is located on Nakajima Island, located off the southeast coast of Iki Island. Make your way down through Weeping Mother’s Meadow and you’ll come across Smuggler’s Road which leads directly to the Island. Once you pass through the Torii Gates, you’ll start heading down a slope where some Mongols have a man captured. Free him and then pass through another Torii gate and down to the shore where you’ll find a path leading across to Nakajima Island and the start of the path leading to the Shrine.

Pass through the gap in the rocks and follow the path to the end to notice the way leading up is inaccessible. Drop down instead and pass between some more rocks and you’ll find a tree you can use your grapple on. Pull it down and then jump on, following it to a Sakai Banner, collect it and then climb the rocks to reach a higher platform. Follow this wooden platform to the end and scale the rocks to the right where you can leap to a branch and then onward to another platform.

Keep heading forward and you’ll reach a pool of water where you can then duck under some rocks leading forward. This will lead to a Pillar of Honor containing the Mashira’s Bite, claim it and then head back down the stairs and around to the right to find more rocks to duck under. Follow this tunnel to the end and you’ll reach an open area just beyond.

(1 of 5) Drop down and pull down this branch

Look to the right of the nearby tunnel to find some rocks you can scale and then drop down at the end on to a grassy platform. Leap to the nearby platform and use your Grapple to pull down a branch and follow it to the left to find a container housing the Nature’s Rhythm Headband. Go back on to the branch and leap across the next two to reach a wall you can scale.

This will lead you to another branch which, just in front, has another branch you can Grapple to and over to a wooden platform. Leap to the next branch from here and then up to another wooden platform, following it to drop down to the wooden platform that was inaccessible back at the start of this path. Follow this new path to another branch you can pull down with your Grapple and use it to leap to another and reach the other side.

Another two branches lead to another wooden platform where you can use the Grapple to swing across the gap where you’ll find another wall to scale to the right. Drop down at the end and follow the wooden walkway to the right to find a container with some supplies and then head back across and through the gap to locate a rope you can walk across. Go halfway across and then drop down to the wooden platform below to find another container to loot.

Use your grapple to reach the rope once more and follow it to the end this time and then cross the log to reach the stairs beyond. Head to the top of these stairs and pass through another tunnel, then head up and around to find a rock you can leap to. Climb to the top and you’ll see the Shrine just up ahead, use the log to head over to the stairs and then look down to find a platform you can drop to. Make your way across the wooden beams and use your Grapple to climb up and leap to the rock to reach the Shrine at last. Your reward for conquering this Shinto Shrine is the Charm of Reflexive Sight, a Major Charm that will allow you to press L2 to focus on an enemy that has detected Jin.

(1 of 5) You'll need to pull another branch down here


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