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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

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Zasho River Crossing

Ben Chard

This is one of four Mongol Territories in the Iki Island Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. These Mongol Territories must be cleared for a Trophy and will unfog the entire map of Iki Island once all four are complete.

Zasho River Crossing is a Mongol Territory on Iki Island.

Legend Reward
Minor Increase +8 Iron

Defeat the Mongols

Travel west from Zasho Bay, located on the east coast of Iki Island, to reach this small crossing across the river, your goal here is to simply Defeat all the Mongols.

The layout of this particular outpost can make it tricky to work out where the best way to approach from, it features a low centralized section that should be left last followed by higher groups of Mongols either side. With that in mind, consider approaching from the north side of the crossing, this features one of the larger groups to deal with first.

Use the rocks to survey the area and then take out your bow to deal with the lone archer here. You can then perform an Air Assassination on a Mongol below you and retreat to the safety of the grass nearby. Wait for the next Mongol to move to the entrance for a stealth kill and then quickly deal with the one in the nearby tent. This will leave you just the Mongol overlooking the area below that you can assassinate without issue.

Look to the right of the Shaman you just defeated and wait for the two Mongols here to be facing away from each other before you assassinate them. The Mongol in the tent here is a Commander so will grant you a full Ghost gauge should you slaughter him. This will alert the Mongol at the campfire, but you can use this to lure him over and deal with him before anymore become known to your presence. There should only be a few stragglers remaining after this, deal with them and then move on to the next location.

(1 of 5) Zasho River Crossing is located to the west of Zasho Bay

Ignore the central area for now and instead make your way over to the south side of the crossing by way of the river and you should approach it from the southern rocks overlooking the encampment. There’s a group of three Mongols near the campfire, wait for some of them to move away and then use the rope to perform a Chain Assassination on the two at the campfire. Quickly ready Kunai for the two Mongols that become alerted and take them down before the whole outpost is aware of you.

The next group are just below, one Mongol will come up to your current location allowing you to easily assassinate him and another you can perform an Air Assassination from above when isolated. This leaves you the Shaman and three others in the middle and there’s no easy way to handle this without alerting the rest of the Outpost. Thankfully, you should have dealt with most of it outside of the central area and you should have a full Ghost gauge by now, this is the perfect moment to use it on this group of enemies.

If all goes well, you’ll have only the final three Mongols remaining in the central part of the crossing, unaware of Jin. There’s no real need to focus on stealth at this point and your options are numerable, from charging in, a Stand-off or using your Bow from range.

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