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The Lightning in the Storm

Ben Chard

This Tale begins immediately following the completion of Jin from Yarikawa on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. This tale focuses on Jin’s attempts to liberate the raiders from Fort Sakai.

The Lightning in the Storm is the 6th main Tale in the Iki Island Expansion.

Free the Prisoners outside of the Fort

To begin this Tale, make your way back to Fune’s Refuge and head over to Fune to learn what’s next for the resistance against the Mongols. Once you’ve learned of the plan, you’ll need to make your way over to Fort Sakai to begin the infiltration either by using a nearby Fast Travel or on horseback from the refuge. Regardless of how you approach Fort Sakai, you’ll want to approach from the same position you did last time.

You’ll notice that Mongols are stationed here once more and you’ll have two optional available to you. You can choose to use a Stand-Off to thin the horde using an all-out assault, or you can choose the Stealth route by using the grapple to deal with the Archer and then take them down one by one. Regardless of the route you take, deal with this first group of Mongols and then speak with the prisoners once they’re all defeated.

Release the Prisoners in the Lower Fort

With a few Raiders at your side, your next task is you find a way into Fort Sakai itself. Use your Longbow to take out the Archers on the towers up ahead and then rush the next group of Mongols, looking to deal with the Shamans first. Loot some resources once they’ve been cut down and then enter the Fort to be greeted by a large horde of Mongols with multiple Shamans.

(1 of 3) Approach the outside by dealing with the Archer here first

Quickly toss a Sticky Bomb at the Shaman near the cages and then dash over to open them both to give you more raiders to aid your assault. Once free, target the remaining Shaman and then use Techniques like Dance of Wrath to cut down multiple Mongols, they’ll group up often in this skirmish. Once they’ve been dealt with, dash up the path and toss a Sticky Bomb at the two Archers and open the next two prisoner cages. The next set of cages will most likely require you to kill most of the Mongols first as they’re bunched up close to them. Once you open all of the cages here, deal with any of the Mongols still left standing and then head to the gate to continue.

Defeat the Mongols in the Upper Fort

The Mongols will launch fire from above as you enter the upper fort, ignore them and instead make your way to the Archers across the bridge to cut them down and stop them from raining down a barrage of arrows on you. The next group of Mongols is a large one, containing two Shamans at the back, target these and rush them, leaving the rest of the enemies to the Raiders as once they fall, it’s easy to cut down any remaining Mongols. Once this group of Mongols is defeated, the raiders will open the gate leading to the tenshu, head up there to trigger a scene.

Kill Khunbish

Following the scene, Jin will have to duel with the commander left in charge of Fort Sakai, Khunbish. If you’re playing Iki Island after completing the base game, Khunbish isn’t too different from some of the commanders at the Forts found in Act III. Be sure to keep to the Water Stance and consider your choice of Armor.

(1 of 3) Khunbish will change weapons throughout the duel

If you completed the Black Hand Riku Mythic Tale already and possess a fully upgraded set of Sarugami Armor, equip it now to unleash deadly Perfect Parries against him. Khunbish uses his Shield to charge at you, this is unblockable and can be avoided by rolling backward. Watch for when he changes to his Spear and change stances accordingly, Khunbish is a lot more deadly in this stance and it’s often easier to evade him altogether rather than focusing on Parries.

When defeat looks certain, Khunbish will make a run for it to escape Jin. Quickly dash after him and once you catch up, a scene will trigger as Jin and the raiders reclaim Fort Sakai and brings this Tale to an end.


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