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Kill General Bartu

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Shane Williams
Legend Reward
Moderate Increase +2 Gold, Technique Point

Recover Sashimono Banners

Head south from Jogaku Temple and beyond the High Point Guard Post and you’ll eventually come across General Bartu’s Camp, one of the largest Outposts in this region.

As such, your main tasks here are to defeat all the Mongols, recover the Sashimono Banners and release the eagles before you can take on General Bartu himself. Avoid the southern entrance, it’s guarded by Mongols and archers so instead, begin from the eastern cliff to get a lay of the land, noticing how open it is. Focus on this southeast part of the Outpost and you’ll be able to dispatch some lone Mongols and archers as you make your way around to the east of the Outpost where you’ll find a building with a Sashimono Banner.

(1 of 2) Approaching from the southeast is great for stealth

Approaching from the southeast is great for stealth (left), alternatively lure groups together and make use of Blackpowder Bombs. (right)

From here, you can continue around the edge of the Outpost to find a group of three Mongols guarding an eagle, a Chain Assassination is ideal here. Continue heading around the edge, ignoring the center for now and you’ll find a group of Dogs along with a Shield Mongol that you can easily take care of with Kunai. Continue down to the west here and you’ll find more buildings with Mongols and a Sashimono Banner nearby. With the majority of the outskirts taken care of, it’s just a matter of heading through the middle now to take care of all that remains along with looting the rest of the banners and releasing the eagles. It can be helpful here to lure a large group together and make use of Blackpowder Bombs or a Smoke Bomb to trigger a Chain Assassination. Once you’re ready to finish with this area, destroy the black powder cache and trigger a duel with General Bartu.

General Bartu has a shield with him and as such, you’ll want to switch over to Water Stance from the outset. If you have Ghost Stance available, make use of it from the start and then make use of Dance of Wrath if you’ve already completed the associated Mythic Tale, taking care not to dip under three Resolve for emergency healing. Bartu himself uses an ublockable red Shield Bash which is easy to spot but his most exploitable attack is when he raises his sword to bring it down in a slow strike, this is a prime time for a perfect parry which leaves him wide open. For clearing the Outpost and defeating General Bartu, you’ll obtain a Piece of Mongol Armor needed for the Fit for the Khan Tale.

(1 of 2) Bartu will use an unblockable Shield Bash when approaching you like this

Bartu will use an unblockable Shield Bash when approaching you like this (left), this strike is easy to perfect parry and leave him open. (right)


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