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Caretakers of the Eagle

Ben Chard

This is a Side Tale in the Iki Island Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. These are completely optional but if you’re aiming for all Trophies, must be completed towards that goal.

Caretakers of the Eagle is a Side Tale on Iki Island.

Find out what happened to the missing villagers

To begin this Tale, make your way to the Cloud Forest Temple, located northwest of Nakajima Island in the southeast of Iki Island. Once you arrive, head to the woman cleaning on the stairs to get this Tale underway.

She advises you to head up the nearby path so that you can eavesdrop on the monk, take her up on that and follow this path to the top where you can begin your survey. There are three points of interest that you must observe and then a scene will trigger as you’re introduced to the Monk as he begins his speech.

Once you regain control, Jin will have changed into more suitable attire and you’ll need to head down to the temple grounds to learn as much as possible. From your current position, drop down below and then speak with the nearby caretakers, learning more about their current plight. Head over to the Warden just in front of them next, then make your way down to the left of him to reach the lower buildings where you’ll find a woman holding her baby.

(1 of 3) The Caretakers of the Eagle Side Tale begins at the Cloud Forest Temple

To the left of her, you’ll find a man standing guard outside a house, speak with him to learn that it’s where the missing villagers are being kept. Head around to the side of this building to find a crawlspace where you can listen in on as Jin decides he’ll need to rest until nightfall to make a move. Head back upstairs and you’ll find a couple of men to speak to, a convenient excuse to rest up until the evening.

Rescue the kidnapped villagers

As Jin awakes, now in his armor, make your way back down to the house where the villagers are being kept and return to the crawlspace, you’ll find a hatch that you can emerge from and you’ll be able to speak with the villagers. A Mongol will check in so quickly take him down and then you’ll need to head around the temple grounds rescuing the other villagers, taking care not to alert the Mongols.

The next villager to be rescued is in the house next to your current one, but before you act on that, work on killing the nearby Mongols. There are three nearby that you can get to without being seen, while another guard the second house and one at the last prisoner near a campfire. Once all are defeated, release the other prisoners and then your next task will be to clear out the remaining Mongols in the temple grounds.

(1 of 2) Deal with the Mongols before releasing the prisoners

Deal with the Mongols before releasing the prisoners (left), use the rope here to perform a Chain Assassination on the three Mongols below. (right)

Start by climbing the rocks to the left of the stairs leading up and then use your Grapple on the ropes attached to the temple, this allows you to use the higher ground to go around taking out the Mongols one-by-one (or with Chain Assassinations). This leaves just Zehnshin in the temple itself, head through the door and dispatch the final two Mongols before speaking to the monk. After learning that he’s been poisoned by the Eagle, Jin will play his flute to soothe is mind and bring this Tale to an end.


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