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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Lynette James
First Published: 27-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 24-01-2020 / 16:23 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Guide

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Olympus Coliseum

Becoming a Hero

The Olympus Coliseum welcomes you with open arms and readily available items to be had. In front of you are the gates, to the left and right you’ll find Trinity Jump #7 and Trinity Jump #8 which yield chests containing a Mythril Shard and Dalmatians 22, 23 and 24. There is also a chest behind the left side pillars that contains a Mega-Potion . Enter the Lobby and talk to Phil. Try to move the pedestal when he asks, but of course it won’t budge. Talk to Phil again and he will let you participate in the trials.

The Trials

The initial trial is to break 20 barrels within 30 seconds. It’s not that difficult, just start comboing all the way through the barrels straight ahead then take out the remaining two at the end. The next trial is to break 25 barrels within a minute. Start by running around the perimeter and destroying these barrels. Once you reach the start, jump up and smash the next three then continue climbing and smashing. At the top you’ll have to combo one barrel into another to save time, otherwise just use Fire to target the barrel that’s far away across the gap.

Phil seems to stiff the group, but at least he hands over the power of Thunder . Leave the Lobby and meet Hades who hands over an Entry Pass . Turn back around and talk to Phil in the Lobby to start the Preliminaries, just make sure you save first. During the Preliminaries you’ll face a new Heartless, the Blue Rhapsody.

Break the barrels (left) to show Phil you aren't a chump. Phil won't let you in but Hades gives you an entry pass. Do you trust him?

Blue Rhapsody

The Blue Rhapsody functions much like it’s counterpart, the Red Nocturne. It will whiz around and cast Blizzard spells, so in a group you can be completely surrounded and take some damage. Fortunately, these little fellows are low on HP and are weak against Fire. Casting Fire on the Blue Rhapsody will result in Tech Points and generally kill them in a single shot. In a group fight it’s best to take out the Blue Rhapsody early so that you can focus on melee combat instead of dodging spells. Lure them away from the melee attackers and cast Fire spells in,quick succession to make short work of these Heartless.

The Preliminaries

The key to making it through is utilizing your spells when you need to and focusing on the melee attackers. Blast Red Nocturnes with Blizzard to quickly eliminate a foe that would drain a lot of your HP. The same applies to the Blue Rhapsody, focus them down with Fire and then tackle the Soldiers or Shadows that accompany them. In battles where both of the wizards exist, use Blizzard first to wipe out all the Red Nocturnes. Once you clear the first six rounds you’ll be faced against Cloud.

Blue Rhapsodies are little Blizzard casting wizards. They show up in every wave of the Preliminaries.

Round # Enemies
1 - Shadow Scout Soldier x4, Blue Rhapsody x3
2 - Sinisters Shadow x10, Blue Rhapsody x3
3 - Heat & Freeze Red Nocturne x5, Blue Rhapsody x5
4 - Shadow Platoon Shadow x2, Soldier x2, Red Nocturne x3, Blue Rhapsody x3
5 - Blue Revenge Blue Rhapsody x9
6 - Big One Large Body x1, Red Nocturne x4, Blue Rhapsody x4
7 Cloud

BOSS - Cloud

Get a few hits on Cloud after he performs a leaping strike. Or you can just let him wail on you.

First things first, this is a battle where the outcome doesn’t affect anything; the story continues even if you lose. If you don’t want to just throw in the towel and get beaten then you need to watch out for Cloud’s lunge attack. He will usually do this a few times in rapid succession and follow it up with a leaping strike. The leaping strike sends a shockwave in a small area around Cloud so you have to jump to dodge or Dodge Roll away. Dodge Rolling out and then quickly back in will let you hit Cloud a few times and charge your MP. If Cloud targets Donald or Goofy then use Fire to deal some easy damage to Cloud, otherwise continue to dodge everything and wait for the leaping strike to counter.

There is a cutscene where Cerberus enters and the gang is taken back into the Lobby. You’ll have a chance to save and restock before heading back out to fight the beast.

BOSS - Cerberus

Cerberus unleases meteors to attack you (left) and spews darkness from his mouth (right).

Cerberus has an array of attacks but they are all easily dodged and countered. As long as you are patient you can escape this battle unscathed. First, Cerberus uses Meteor to fire large balls of flame at you. They move pretty slow so you can Dodge Roll to avoid and even get up in Cerberus’s face and attack during this time.

Next, Cerberus will likely start using it’s three heads to attack in a snapping action. Stand off to the side and attack one of the outer heads immediately after it snaps; you should be able to get two hits in every time and this phase lasts awhile. Cerberus will also rear up and slam the ground so just jump over the shockwave.

Lastly, Cerberus spews Darkness from its mouth and voids begin to appear beneath Sora’s location. You can just run and Dodge Roll around to avoid the damage here. If at any time you have a bunch of MP just get some space and let Fire fly. Overall, Cerberus is one of the easier bosses.

Junior Heroes

After the battle the group will receive the Hero License . Head outside and talk to Cloud to learn Sonic Blade . As you leave there is another scene. You have the option of going on to the Battle LV 3 world now if you want but there is some stuff to do in Traverse Town if you want to go back.

Lighting Up Traverse Town

With Thunder available to Sora, head to the Third District. There is a broken wire in one of the corners, use Thunder on it. This will power the Gizmo Shop, so head over to it via the Second District. Clear out the enemies and climb up to the second level. Step on the three raised platforms on the second level and you’ll hear a chime. Hop back down and check the clock to receive not one, but two Postcards . You can turn them both in for a Megalixir and Orichalcum . While you’re here you can also visit the Dalmatians’ House to receive a Curaga-G for finding so many of their puppies. When you’re all finished, head to the Battle LV 3 world, Deep Jungle.

Cast Thunder on this broken wire (left) then head to the Gizmo shop and step on the platforms (right).

…And Wonderland?

With Thunder you can visit Wonderland’s Lotus Forest to unveil a new chest. Jump up the platforms in the fake pond to the left of the entrance. Use Thunder on the bells to spawn a chest with Thundara-G inside. If you enter the Bizarre Room from the Lotus Forest’s far end atop the canopy then examine the picture you’ll be taken to another area where you can use Thunder on the bells. The chest that spawns has Dalmatians 58, 59 and 60 inside.

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