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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Lynette James
First Published: 27-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 26-01-2020 / 11:03 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Guide

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Off to Never, Neverland

Head to the last world on the map, Neverland. It’s Battle LV 7 so you want to make sure you’ve cleared Atlantica and Halloween Town first. As you arrive you will be captured immediately, so you need to escape. Put Peter Pan in your party if you want, just know there is a Trinity in this level.


Pirates are the Neverland version of Bandits, but are stronger. Their attacks can be parried for Tech Points.

Pirates are easy enough, but can be a pain in a group (left). Anti-Soras can be annoying as they fly through the air (right).


These clones of Sora’s are pretty annoying. They fly around and kick you to knock Munny loose. They aren’t tough but in a group it can be hard to avoid them. Stick to focusing on Shadow Sora first to avoid getting hit and losing a bunch of Munny.

Fighting With Yourself

Head out to the Hold then up the ladder and into the next room. Jump down into the hole and fight off the waves of Pirates. Climb up the other ladder to start a scene. Open the Chest in the corner for a Meteor-G then use the shelf on the wall to jump up through the hole in the grated ceiling. Enter the next room and use Trinity Ladder #9 to lower a ladder. Climb up it to reach a new area.

BOSS - Anti-Sora

Anti-Sora sinks into the ground (left) like a Shadow. The real Anti-Sora gets pummeled (right) while the fakes seem bored (right).

This time Anti-Sora isn’t running away and he’s a bit stronger. He’ll fight just like Sora does using a three hit combo. He also can sink into the ground and appear in a different spot. The third move that Anti-Sora has is he’ll a split into three. You’ll have to hit the real one, but take out the fakes first; they die in a single hit. Overall, the battle is more about using Cure and Aero when you need to and countering Anti-Sora.

Getting Hooked

After the battle open the Chest to release Dalmatians 88, 89 and 90 . There is a hatch on the floor that leads down to the Cabin. Loot the Chest here for a Protera Chain then exit the room. Head into the adjacent room and back to the Captain’s Cabin. Exit out to the deck to trigger a scene. You will learn Cura and have a chance to change party members. You’ll also be facing two new enemies in the ensuing battle.


These things can charge at you really fast and it hurts if you get hit. It can fire cannons in addition to charging. Destroying the mast first is the best course of action since it will slow this Heartless down and increase drop percentage.Breaking the mast also results in green orbs and clear orbs all over the place.

Air Pirates fly around (left) and dive bomb you. Lock on to the mast (right) of the Battleship to impair it.

Air Pirate

The Air Pirate is much like the Gargoyle in that it flies around and tries to dive bomb you. You’ll want to Guard against this or just fly up to them and beat them down. Magic is a good alternative but they won’t return any clear orbs for you to refill the Charge Gauge. Stick to defeating other Heartless first in a group, like the Battleship as the Air Pirate is a lesser threat.

Once you’ve defeated a few wave of Heartless it’s time for Captain Hook to join the fray.

BOSS - Captain Hook

A Battleship flies around the scene as you deal damage to Hook (left). Hook uses his Ars Arcanum ability (right).

During the course of this fight there will always be a Battleship flying around. Use that as a way to gain some green orbs and clear orbs. Hook uses a move called Ars Arcanum and it can deal a lot of damage. To avoid it just fly away. The one thing you need to avoid is casting Fira on the Captain because it’ll cause him to run around the ship and he’ll likely run into you causing damage. Hook might present a bunch of HP but it’s easy to just avoid the big damage by flying away. It could be a longer fight, but t’s definitely one of the easier ones.

Clock Tower

You will learn Ars Arcanum and get Ansem’s Report 9 for winning the fight. Tinker Bell comes calling you to the Clock Tower to which you are taken. Open the Chest on this level to get a Flare-G then talk to Wendy. Fly down and adjust the clock that says 11:45 until it reads 12:00. After the Keyhole is sealed you receive a Navi-G Pieace , the Tinker Bell summon, the Fairy Harp Keyblade, and Glide .

Walk around to spot this Chest (left) with a Flare-G inside. Lock on to the minute hand of Big Ben (right) to change the time.


Leave Neverland and then land again at the Cabin. Make your way down to the Hold and fly up above the support beams to find a Chest with a Paper-G inside. Check the opposite end of the beam for another Chest with Dalmatians 82, 83 and 84 inside. Lastly, on the deck you can find another Chest on the crow’s nest with an Orichalum .

Note: The deck has a chance to spawn the Jet Balloon now!

Jet Balloon

The Jet Balloon can spawn at the Deck of Neverland. It flies around really fast and fires Missile Divers at your when you lock onto it or hit it. These things are fired in rapid succession and can knock large amounts of Munny out of your wallet. Do your best to close the distance |and keep at least Aerora up (Aero won’t help much) so you can rush through the waves of Missile Divers. You don’t want to stay too far away from the Jet Balloon when you deal the finishing blow or the prizes will fall into the sea. There is a 100% chance of a single item dropping and a 20% chance of a second one dropping.

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