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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Lynette James
First Published: 27-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 23-01-2020 / 10:24 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Guide

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Halloween Town

What Makes a Heart?

Head to the Battle LV 6 world to reach Halloween Town. Save then enter the Guillotine Square where Search Ghosts are just sitting around, not attacking at all. Head up the steps towards Dr. Finkelstein’s Lab to have an introduction play. Enter the Lab Entryway then into the Research Lab. After the scenes check the bookshelf for a Torn Page then go back outside.

Go under the steps at Jack’s house, which is through the gate to your left, to find a Chest with a Thundara-G . Go to the spider at the door and pull it three times to receive an Elixir . To the right of Jack’s house you find the entrance to the Graveyard. You will end up fighting a new Heartless here.

Wight Knight

Wight Knights are lanky with one glowing eye. They will jump in the air and land behind you (right).

Wight Knights are tall and lanky Heartless that squirm around and can block your attacks pretty easily. They have a crafty way of sneaking behind you and dealing damage so look out for that. When they jump you can Guard and counter to beat them. Otherwise stick to a full frontal onslaught to take this Heartless down. In waves you’ll want to keep an eye on these guys but they aren’t the primary target.

Pieces of Heart

After clearing out the Graveyard, Sally will hand over the Forget-Me-Not . You want give this to Dr. Finkelstein then return to the Graveyard. Go to the large casket at the back to reach the Boneyard. Talk to the Mayor and play his little Mini-Game regarding the ghosts and the tombstones. The pumpkin bursts revealing a Chest with the Jack-in-the-Box inside. Take this back to the good Doctor for another scene.


Gargoyles look like they were stitched together. Sometimes they shoot projectiles (right)

Gargoyles fly around and will occasionally try to dive bomb you. It should not be difficult to kill them while comboing other things in the air. Chances are you’ll end up parrying them during combos with the ground fighters.

After Oogie Boogie

Follow Zero out to the Graveyard. Go through the casket once more and then into a door around the giant pumpkin. On Moonlight Hill you have a chance at spawning the Black Fungi again, but chances are there’s a ton of Heartless. Clear them out and check the gravestone at the top of the hill and it will unfurl leading out to the Bridge.

Here's a chance for you to fight some Black Fungi (left). This chest (right) is attainable if you jump and catch the edge just right.

This area throws you into a ton of Heartless, just accept that you need to beat them. Open the Chest underneath the bridge for a Flare-G . Climb back up and jump to the left side of the bridge to net a Meteor-G from the Chest . You can reach the Chest on the opposite side if you jump from the small ledge. You’ll get stuck just short of the chest but you can climb up with another jump to claim the Defense Up .

Enter Oogie’s Manor and fight off the Heartless. Open the small Chest for an Ether then head inside. Loot the Chest here for another Ether then light the platform with a Fira. Jump up to reach the outside of the manor. Fight around until you can head up the steps to a broken tower. Turn left and jump atop the roof of the jagged wall then jump from here to the cage. Loot the Chest for a Mega-Ether and continue back the other way until you enter the Evil Playroom.

BOSS - Lock, Shock and Barrel

These hooligans are so small it might be easy to lose track of one. Here Barrel has become stunned (right) for a moment.

The basis for this battle is to just beat these little guys into a pulp. It’s not that hard and they don’t attack much. The key to maximizing your efforts is to leave the fat one, Barrel, for last. He gives the most experience points when killed last, the others won’t give as much. Cast spells like Aero and Fira to speed up the fight.

The Torture Chamber

Save if you need then hit the lever in the room. Leave the room and run to the end of the bridge. If you look down you’ll notice the cage dropped all the way to the bottom. Jump down to it and claim the Orichalcum from the Chest . Use the elevator to head to the base of the mansion then enter the Torture Chamber via the green door.

BOSS - Oogie Boogie

Oogie tosses his explosive dice (left) that glow menacingly. The symbol nearest Oogie is glowing (right). Step on it to reach him.

First off you should take out the two Gargoyles that Oogie summons. He will start to throw dice, but he has two kinds. Some are regular dice that determine how the blades are going to spin, or whether toy soldiers or buzz saws are going to come after you. These dice can be hit and deflected for a bunch of Tech Point experience points. It’s also good for avoiding an attack all together. The other kind of dice are explosive and they hurt, run away from them. When the symbols around the circle light up step on the one where Oogie Boogie is located and the fence will rise trapping you with him. This gives you an opportunity to damage Oogie Boogie. You’ll have to do this cycle three or four times before he goes down.

You receive a Holy Circlet and Ansem’s Report 7 for beating Oogie Boogie.

BOSS - Oogies Manor

Dark purple orbs have appeared (left) that you need to destroy. Gargoyles and fireballs (right) try to hamper your efforts.

The power of darkness flows through Oogie Boogie as he controls his manor. There are seven orbs that you need to destroy. Two are around the base and the other five are along the wooden path near the top of Oogie. You’ll have to deal with the Gargoyles along the way in addition to two lanterns that are shooting fireballs but you can kill them all. Keep Aero up when Oogie starts to fire balls of darkness. They hurt and poison but Aero can reflect them making it easier to just attack away.

After this fight you get an upgrade to Gravira and receive the Pumpkinhead Keyblade. Head back to Oogie’s Manor and jump down. Use Trinity Charge #5 to knock a Chest off the archway and claim the Mythril Shard . At the bottom of the ruins near the guillotine is a Chest with Dalmatians 40, 41 and 42 . There is also a chance of encountering a Chimera in this area. It will appear after you beat a few waves of Wight Knights. You can also finish the 100 Acre Wood now since you got the last Torn Page.

Head back to the Manor ruins to find a Trinity Charge. If you missed a chest before the Manor became shambles, they will appear with the Chest containing Dalmatians.



The Chimera spawns in the Ruins of Oogie’s Manor. You’ll have to fight some Wight Knights first. The Chimera spawns Gargoyles to attack so take them out and re-focus on the main guy. He has a smaller HP bar that reflects how much damage he needs to take before going unconscious. When he goes unconscious little beams of bouncing energy go around the area. Deflect them back to deal damage to Chimera. There is 35% of it dropping an item when defeated, 20% if you deflect 6 beams, and 40% if you deflect them 9 times. Casting Aeroga and staying near Chimera is a fast way to kill him.

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