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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Lynette James
First Published: 27-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:07 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 23-01-2020 / 10:27 GMT

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Side Quests

Gummi Ship

Flying Between Worlds

When you leave Traverse Town it’ll be in a Gummi Ship. This is how you travel around the worlds of Kingdom Hearts. You can customize a ship, purchase blue-prints, and participate in Gummi Ship Missions to further expand your prowess at defeating the Heartless while flying between worlds.

One of the first things you’ll want to do when getting the Gummi Ship is to check out the tutorial on how to build ships. All ships need a cockpit and an engine, from there just add what you feel is necessary. Wings to turn faster, weapons to destroy, and even decorative items.

Collect Gummi blocks and customize your ship then take it out to see it in action.

Upgrading the Gummi Ship

Not everything is available at the start, you have to unlock certain things as you go. For instance, Cid won’t start selling gummis until you return to Traverse Town after acquiring the Navi-G Pieces. Upgrades are as follows:

**Upgrade** **Cost** **Desctription**
Spray 250 Allows you to Paint your gummi blocks
Palette 400 Adds more colors for the Spray
SYS. UP1 400 Expands the assembly area to 8x8x8
SYS UP2 750 Expands the assembly area to 10x10x10
COM LV1 N/A 1 Blueprint, 100 blocks, Power Level 3
COM LV2 500 5 Blueprints, 150 blocks, Power Level 5
COM LV3 1000 10 Blueprints, 200 blocks, Power Level 8

SYS UP1 and COM LV3 are unlocked by locking Agrabah’s keyhole. You unlock Palette and SYS UP2 after defeating Riku for the second time at Hollow Bastion.


Collecting Blueprints

There are a plethora of Blueprints available in the game you can collect that offer different stats to your ship. You can get them traveling between worlds, talking to people, in Warp Holes, and by completing Gummi Ship Missions. Here’s a list of each one and how it is aquired.

  • Kingdom - Default Blueprint
  • Hyperion - Defeat 5000 Heartless
  • Geppetto - Talk to Geppetto in his house
  • Cid - Defeat 500 Heartless
  • Leon - Defeat 4000 Heartless
  • Yuffie - Defeat 1500 Heartless
  • Aerith Defeat 3000 Heartless
  • Cactuar - Defeat 1000 Heartless
  • Chocobo - Enter Geppetto's house 30 times and talk to Pinocchio
  • Cindy - Between Wonderland and Deep Jungle
  • Shiva - Between Deep Jungle and Olympus Coliseum
  • Lamia - Between Atlantica and Neverland
  • Sandy - Between Halloween Town and Agrabah
  • Sylph - Between Wonderland and Deep Jungle
  • Carbuncle - Between Halloween Town and Agrabah
  • Mindy - Between Agrabah and Atlantica
  • Goblin - Between Traverse Town and Olympus Coliseum
  • Bomb - Between Atlantica and Neverland
  • Remora - Orange colored Warp Hole
  • Ahriman - Purple colored Warp Hole
  • Imp - Orange Colored Warp Hole
  • Siren - Orange colored Warp Hole
  • Stingray - Between Atlantica and Neverland
  • Catoblepas - Between Atlantica and Neverland
  • Adamant - Between Agrabah and Atlantica
  • Serpent - Between Hollow Bastion and Neverland
  • Ifrit - Purple colored Warp Hole
  • Odin - Purple colored Warp Hole
  • Atomos - Between Agrabah and Halloween Town
  • Golem - Between Agrabah and Halloween Town
  • Diablos - Between Agrabah and Atlantica
  • Deathguise - Between Agrabah and Atlantica
  • Typhoon - Between Agrabah and Halloween Town
  • Alexander - Between Traverse Town and Wonderland
  • Leviathan - Blue colored Warp Hole
  • Ramuh - Between Deep Jungle and Olympus Coliseum
  • Omega - Between Hollow Bastion and the End of the World
  • Moogles - Complete Traverse Town Mission 3
  • Valefor - Complete Wonderland Mission 3
  • PuPu - Complete Olympus Coliseum Mission 3
  • Cerberus - Complete Deep Jungle Mission 3
  • Tonberry - Complete Agrabah Mission 3
  • Pandaemonium - Complete Atlantica Mission 3
  • Ixion - Complete Halloween Town Mission 3
  • Gilgamesh - Complete Neverland Mission 3
  • Phoenix - Complete Hallow Bastion Mission 3
  • Eden - Complete End of the World Mission 3
  • Bahamut - Complete all Gummi Ship Missions

Gummi Ship Missions

Gummi Ship Missions come in threes in all worlds. Most of these are unlocked as you go so you can complete them as you play, but it’s recommended to wait until you’ve collected all the Dalmatians and have a full gummi set to tinker with.

After you complete all the missions, press the triangle button to reach the Gummi Ship Mission screen. Chip and Dale will interput to congratulate you with a Bahamut blueprint and Crown-G .

Traverse Town Gummi Missions

Mission 1 - Obtain a score of 80 or higher.

There’s really nothing to this one, it’s the easiest mission. You are rewarded with a Wheel-G.

Mission 2 - Set off from Olympus Coliseum and collect 10 or more shield blocks. Reward: Fang-G

Keep in mind that only obstacles give you Shields. Equip an Esuna-G and you’ll be able to see a lot more of them. Osmose-G is great for snagging the ones that are way out there. You receive a Fang-G after completion.

Mission 3 - Set off from Hollow Bastion and get a 0 score while taking no damage. Use of Shield-G and Shield2-G is prohibited. Reward: Moogles

You want to make a Gummi Ship that is small and compact, preferably fast. The best way to do this is use a cockpit, a Holy-G, and Haste2-G. Any more than that and you will get hit too easily. A trick for this mission is to put a Transform-G on this Gummi Ship and then clone it, linking it to it’s clone. You’ll want this for the beginning of the mission where there is a wall of obstacles and a large wave of enemies. Time your Transform on the first wall in the second difficult area and you can skip three of the four walls then have time to Transform again to avoid the fourth.

Wonderland Gummi Missions

Mission 1 - Obtain a score of 120 or higher. Reward: Wheel-G

This is one of the easier missions, just take a good Gummi Ship and destroy everything.

Mission 2 - Set off for Wonderland and use 5 or more Haste-G or Haste2-G blocks while taking no damage. Reward: Fang-G

Build a strong Gummi Ship and put Haste-G on it. Brake when you aren’t boosting and you should be able to get quite a few uses before you arrive.

Mission 3 - Set off from Traverse Town and collect 40 or more Gummi Blocks. Reward: Valefor

With a strong Gummi Ship you should be able to decelerate and destroy everything. Equip Esuna-G and an Osmose-G so you can see more and collect the Gummis that might be out of reach.

Olympus Coliseum Missions

Mission 1 - Obtain a score of 180 or higher.

Like theother missions that require a low score, run through with a good Gummi Ship and you’ll easily achieve the score. Reward: Wheel-G

Mission 2 - Set off from Deep Jungle with only Thundara-G as a weapon. Destroy 70 or more enemy ships. Reward: Horn-G

Equip all Thundara-G and take any other weapons off. Know that you can rotate the Thundara-G to shoot up/down as opposed to left/right. You’ll want a good mix for this mission and that’s really the trick to meeting the requirement. Likewise, put them all in one direction and use R1 to turn sideways and essentially shoot straight.

Mission 3 - Find the hidden obstacles. Set off from Traverse Town and destroy all 140 obstacles. Reward: PuPu

This could be a little difficult but the trick is equip all lasers. Meteor and Ultima are great for taking everything out in this mission. Equip an Osmose-G to collect the Specials and refill your Power meter so you can continue the carnage. You’ll also need an Esuna-G as some obstacles are hidden.

Deep Jungle Missions

Mission 1 - Obtain a score of 200 or higher. Reward: Wheel-G

It might be difficult to get this with the default Gummi Ship, but come back with a powerful one and you’ll achieve this easily.

Mission 2 - Set off from Agrabah and collect 10 or more special blocks. Hold down the R1 button for heavy fire. Reward: Fang-G

Since you will be focusing on collecting the Specials, equip ten lasers (Meteor-G and Ultima-G) and blow everything up. Keep an Osmose-G on to draw the Specials in and refill the Power meter.

Mission 3 - Set off from Wonderland with only Thundaga-G as a weapon. Destroy 55 or more enemy ships. Reward: Cerberus

Stagger all of your Thundaga-G so that when fired, it takes up a large amount of space. Remember that this weapon fires out slowly and doesn’t go very far but it really packs a wallop. Wait for enemies to get closer before letting them have it and you’ll clear this easily.

Agrabah Missions

Mission 1 - Obtain a score of 330 or higher. Reward: Wheel-G

Like the previous missions, destroy everything and collect everything to break the score easily. Be sure to set off from Deep Jungle, Wonderland, or Olympus Coliseum so you’ll have a long trip.

Mission 2 - Set off from Wonderland with only Comet-G as a weapon. Destroy 130 or more enemy ships. Reward: Horn-G

Load up on the Comet-Gs then set off. When you lock on and fire the Comet-G shoots in a high arc, but if you start up high and move down as you fire, you lessen the arc and hit your targets much more accurately.

Mission 3 - Collect 130 or more gummi blocks. Use of Drain-G or Osmose-G is prohibited. Reward: Tonberry

Make a strong ship that can destroy everything then fill out the rest of the building area so that the ship uses the entire surface area. This will let you collect a ton of blocks without using Osmose-G.

Atlantica Missions

Mission 1 - Collect 10 or more armor blocks! Reward: Wheel-G

You can set off from Deep Jungle or Olympus Coliseum to help out but you run the risk of Monstro. Instead leave from Neverland and break all the blue boulders. They are 50/50 on Armor or Power blocks, so hopefully you don’t get unlucky.

Mission 2 - Keep all obstacles intact, and obtain a score of 240 or higher. Reward: Caterpillar-G x6

Equip 10 Thunder-G so you can easily destroy anything, and set off from Neverland. You’ll need to know when to stop firing or you’ll break the large boulders in the background. It’s also good to try and fire at an angle to break a lot of ships. Use Osmose-G carefully and make sure you take off any Esuna-G since you want to avoid obstacles. Once you achieve 240 points stop firing and coast through.

Mission 3 - Avoid all items and obtain a score of 260 points or higher. Reward: Pandaemonium

This is definitely one of the hardest Gummi Ship Missions, try not to get disappointed or frustrated. Like the previous mission, you can leave from far away but you have Monstro to contend with. It’s easier to leave Neverland with a Gummi Ship that has 10 Thunder-G and a Transform-G to morph into another Gummi Ship with 6 Meteor-G and 4 Ultima-G.

Start off by blowing up all the ships at the beginning and the first asteroid field. You should come through with about 100 points, so focus on breaking some of the obstacles to score higher. After this you’ll move between two large purple boulders that cannot be destroyed. Focus on destroying the smaller ships and leave the stronger ones alone. Enemies will come out of the next set of purple boulders, so you can get 8 easy points off of them.

The next part is a make or break area, you need to score high coming through here to get close to 200. There are a lot of ships before you reach an area with a ton of Special blocks, make sure you come out with a lot of points. When you clear the final area with the Specials, transform and start moving through the narrow area. Use your lasers to lock onto blocks that are hidden up in the ceiling and you can score a bunch of points easily without the fear of grabbing them. Once you achieved 260 points just coast through to the end.

Halloween Town Missions

Mission 1 - Collect 20 or more power blocks. Reward: Wheel-G

This one isn’t that difficult if you just leave from Wonderland or Deep Jungle. Remember that only blue boulders can spawn Power blocks.

Mission 2 - Destroy 220 or more enemy ships without using the brakes. Reward: Caterpillar-G x4

Again, set off from Wonderland or Deep Jungle and this because simple.

Mission 3 - Set off from Neverland with only Meteor-G as a weapon. Obtain a score of 550 or higher. Reward: Ixion

Equip all of your Meteor-G and an Osmose-G, Esuna-G, and Fire-G. Go slow and be conservative on using Osmose-G to collect things other than a Special. Don’t run out of energy before you achieve the required score, but don’t be so stingy that you fail to score.

Neverland Missions

Mission 1 - Set off from Atlantica with only Thunder-G as a weapon. Destroy 150 or more enemy ships. Reward: Rock-G

Equip all 10 Thunder-G in two rows, one of six and another of four, on different vertical plains (going horizontally). This will let you reach a wide range all at once and not diminish your firing power.

Mission 2 - Use 100 or more gummi blocks and set off from Olympus Coliseum. Arrive in Neverland without taking any damage. Reward: Drill-G

Make a giant cube, effectively 9x9 with weapons added, to achieve the 100 gummi block requirement. Take off Esuna-G but keep Osmose-G on and load up with a bunch of lasers. You should be able to destroy everything in your path before you can take damage.

Mission 3 - Use 10 or fewer gummi blocks and set off from Olympus Coliseum. Destroy 777 or more obstacles. Reward: Gilgamesh

This might sound like it’s incredibly hard, but it’s possible to achieve 999 (the maximum) obstacles long before you finish. Use a cockpit, Fire-G, Esuna-G, six Meteor-G, and one Thunder-G so you can still break things if you run out of Power. Decelerate the entire time and make sure you turn the correct way coming out of the warp.

Hollow Bastion Missions

Mission 1 - Set off from Neverland with only Ultima-G as a weapon. Destroy 130 or more enemy ships. Reward: Rock-G

Load up on Ultima-G and brake the whole way. Fire when you’ve locked on. There’s plenty of enemies around for the maximum effect.

Mission 2 - Collect all the items. Obtain a score of 1,600 or higher. Reward: Angel-G

Start from Olympus Coliseum and brake the entire trip. Use your best Gummi Ship, something with a lot of lasers is preferable, and make sure to have Esuna-G and Osmose-G to collect everything. It shouldn’t be too hard to achieve this score. Make sure you turn left coming out of the warp.

Mission 3 - Use Haste2-G 10 or more times without taking damage. Use of Shield-G or Shield2-G is prohibited. Reward: Phoenix

You can essentially do the exact same thing as the previous mission, just blow up everything in your path and boost whenever it’s up.

End of the World Missions

Mission 1 - Survival of the fittest. Use 2 or fewer gummi blocks and arrive without taking any damage or using the brakes. Reward: Shoes-G

Make a Gummi Ship with any cockpit and a Holy-G engine. You can fly over pretty much the entire mission, so ride the top of the screen and duck down when you are forced to, otherwise it’s not that hard.

Mission 2 - Defeat Omega. Use 5 or fewer gummi blocks, and obtain a score of 350 or higher. Reward: Dark-G

Make a Gummi Ship with a cockpit, Fire-G engine, and three Meteor-Gs as your weapon. At the start you can be a little loose with your Power usage since you’ll get a bunch of Power items early. Through the asteroid field you’ll want to be a little conservative, leave at least 2 Power by the end of it so you can break the blue boulders afterwards and really refill. When you reach the Omegas you’ll want to let loose and hope you can break a few, leave at least a single shot for afterwards because you’ll find a lot Power and Armor items shortly after. The final stretch is where you can make up a lot of points, so obliterate everything.

Mission 3 - Obtain a score of 600 or higher. Reward: Eden

Make a huge Gummi Ship with 6 Meteor and 4 Thunder going horizontal across the center. Decelerate the entire time and use Osmose sparingly, but at the start you can pop it once or twice since you get power ups. Your goal before the asteroid field should be at least 75 points. Enter the asteroid field and focus on blasting rocks with Thunder and hitting the ships with Meteor. Use the ships size to grab a lot of the gummis that drop. Come out of here at around 225 points for a good pace.

The next area you can be a little more loose and break everything, but come out of it with 5-7 power so you can hit the swarm of Omegas. After the Omegas you’ll want 465+ points or you can’t make the objective. The ending is easy, blast everything and use Osmose to collect all the items. It’ll be close right up to the end, but with a little luck you can close out the final mission.



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