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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Greg Boccia
Editor(s): Greg Boccia, Lynette James
First Published: 27-07-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 22-07-2020 / 13:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 04-08-2020 / 08:33 GMT

This part of the guide covers Kingdom Hearts Final Mix from beginning to end on the difficulty, Final Mix Proud. If you are playing on a different level of difficulty then these tactics still apply, the fights just might be a little easier for you.

Choose One, Sacrifice Another

Sora starts out in a "Dive to the Heart," a place inside of himself that acts like a dream. You gain control at the Snow White Platform where you must choose one item and sacrifice another. These choices serve as a starting point for your stats and also determine your skill order while leveling.

Dream Rod

The power of the mystic.

Inner strength.

A staff of wonder and ruin.

Dream Shield

The power of the guardian.

Kindness to aid friends.

A shield to repel all.

Dream Sword

The power of the warrior.

Invincible courage.

A sword of terrible destruction.

The choice you really need to make is going to be whether you want +2 Item Slots or want 3 MP instead of 2. Taking the Dream Rod will always net 3 MP at the start of the game and 10 MP at the end. Taking the Sword or Shield will have you start with 2 MP and finish the game with 8 MP. The Shield always gives the +2 Item Slots so choosing Sword has no statistical benefit since you can increase your Strength, Defense, and AP through items to reach their maximum.

Sora must choose one to take and one to give up. Which will you choose?

The Power to Fight

After choosing your path you will fall to the Cinderella Platform where a Shadow will appear.


HP Experience Drops
10 1 HP Balls
Shadows are the most common enemy that Sora will encounter. They are the most basic Heartless and aren't very strong. Shadows are rarely alone and thus attack in groups. When they sink into the ground they are unable to be damaged but you can still lock onto them.

Shadows are basic Heartless. Watch out when they sink into the ground (right), they may pop up behind you.

Defeat the Shadow and you are forced to fight a few more. With the foes defeated you are taken to another platform. Examine the door then open the chest that appears then push the box around and smash it to receive your first item in the game, a Potion . Break the barrel that appears and you can open the door to reach a new area.

When you arrive on the ship at Destiny Islands there will be three members of the Final Fantasy crew to greet you. They will each ask a question that affects the pace at which you will level throughout the course of the game. Choosing the first set of answers will start you at Dawn, choosing the middle set starts you at Midday, and the third set of answers starts you in the Dead of Night. There are 25 possible combinations based on your choices but you can always back out if you don't get the desired result.

Wakka, Tidus (right) and Selphie (left) have some questions for Sora. The answers you give will affect how you gain experience.

Tidus - "What are you so afraid of?"

  1. Getting old.

  2. Being different

  3. Being indecisive.

Wakka - "What do you want outta life?"

  1. To see rare sights.

  2. To broaden my horizons.

  3. To be strong.

Selphie - "What's most important to you?"

  1. Being number one.

  2. Friendship.

  3. My prize possessions.

Note : Choosing Dusk requires more experience to level than Midday and Dawn until about level 40. Afterwards, it takes less experience to level. It really depends on how fast you wish to progress at the start and end of the game.

Defeat the Darkness

You return on the Aurora Platform. You'll have to fight more Shadows but you are given an opportunity to save. A pathway appears that leads to the Belle Platform where a large heartless appear before Sora.

BOSS - Darkside

Darkside uses Shadow Summon (right), and crouches down to use Darkness Orb (left).

Darkside only has two attacks and being the first boss isn't that hard. He always leads with a Shadow Summon attack where he slams his fist into the ground and emits an aura that summons Shadows. Focus on attacking his fist to kill the Shadows simultaneously or you can climb his arm and strike the head. Finishing a combo attack on Darkside's head results in 2 Tech Points so you can gain some extra experience while fighting him. After some time Darkside will use Darkness Orb, an attack that launches orbs of darkness that seek to your location. You can parry them backwards for Tech Points and some damage, but it's best to outrun them. You can lose this battle but the story progresses either way.

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