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Conan Exiles

All Dungeons in Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

Dungeons are areas in Conan Exiles that are meant to give players a challenge while providing hard-to-find rewards at the end. Both the Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah have their own range of unique dungeons for players to take on. The guide below goes over the basics of navigating a dungeon and where they are located in the Exiled Lands and on the Isle of Siptah.

The Scorpion Den is an excellent starter dungeon in the Exiled Lands.

How to Navigate Dungeons in Conan Exiles

Dungeons are locations that you can enter at several set points around the Exiled Lands and on The Isle of Siptah. You will enter a dungeon through an entrance that is normally guarded by some enemies that tip you off to what you will be fighting once inside. The dungeons themselves are pre-made paths that you must navigate. There is a dense population of enemies, not all of which you need to fight as they can be run past, and the only way out is to go back to the entrance or make it to the end, so healing items and extra weapons are a must. All dungeons can be attempted despite your level, so it can be easy to slip into a high-level area. Use caution when entering each one. If you can’t defeat the enemies around it, then you should come back later.

All dungeons also feature a boss at the end, which can vary in difficulty depending on what dungeon you are in. To make things a bit easier, you can go with your clan, bring a pet, or even have a Fighter Thrall travel inside with you. Once you defeat the boss, you will gain access to a chest or chests that contain more valuable loot. You can even find some unique gear using knowledge found in dungeons and Elder Vaults that you can’t obtain anywhere else on the map.

All Dungeons in The Exiled Lands

There are ten dungeons in the Exiled Lands, including the Scorpion’s Den mini-dungeon located inside the "Abandoned Silver Mine" iconAbandoned Silver Mine. Many players will start with "The Dregs" iconThe Dregs, which is located in the southwestern portion of the map, and then work through the rest of the dungeons, with The "Warmaker's Sanctuary" iconWarmaker’s Sanctuary being one of the last stops. The table below lists every dungeon in the Exiled Lands.

All Elder Vaults on The Isle of Siptah

Dungeons on the Isle of Siptah are called Elder Vaults but work in much the same way as the locations in the Exiled Lands. You enter through a door and must make your way through the dungeon, fighting enemies until you come to the boss at the end. There are 14 Elder Vaults scattered across Siptah, and they are best started after you have a foothold on Siptah and some decent items. Many players do recommend doing the "Refuge of the Goblinoids" iconRefuge of the Goblinoids Elder Vault first, as it tends to be one of the easier choices. You can easily gauge the difficulty of the dungeon based on the enemies guarding it, as they tend to be similar in strength.

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