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The Icy Veil

Ride your horse down until you reach a ruin and Death will automatically dismount. Wallrun up the wall in front and pull yourself up. Fight off the ice skeletons here and the game will give you a bit of information about looting, dodging and killing. Continue up the hill and access the building before you. Enter the door here to enter the Dark Fortress.

The Dark Fortress

You will find this first area looks like one huge corridor. Wallrun across the first gap here. Destroy the ice skeleton blocking the side room on the left, then head inside to find a chest containing 3x health potions. Return to the hallway and use a wall run to make your way across the second gap to the far ledge. Climb up.

Kill the frozen demons here and then use the poles to jump across the chasm below – Prince of Persia style! Kill the frozen enemy here if you wish. Continue onwards. In the next room you will be attacked by three ice skeletons. Kill them all and then using the handholds and poles in place, climb the nearby wall.

There are five frozen enemies here and three of them will attack, kill them and shatter the other two if you wish to do so before heading up the wall vines. Climb across the roof to the higher platform. Drop down here and kill the two frozen skeletons. Continue up the next wall vine, wall run up to the hand hold above and then over to the left.

You will find yourself in a big circle. Ominous right? Its boss time!

Don’t forget to loot the body! After the fight has run its course, the nearby door will open, allowing access. Head inside to find another long corridor. When you reach the gap, wallrun across to the square block jutting out of the wall on the left side of the room and from here wallrun again to the far side. Continue into the next room and interact with the lever here. It’s a lift!

When the lift stops moving, climb up the nearby hand holds. Drop down to the ledge above. Around the corner, use the parallel walls to wall run and jump continuously until you reach the top. As before, wall run over to the square block hanging off the wall to the left and then again to the wall vine a little further on.

Climb this, jump to the block and then wall run up to the next wall vine. Stay to the left until the path is clear and then continue along to the right. Wallrun to the pillar you can see here. Climb the three pillars and then wall run across to the ledge on the right.

Kill the three enemies here and then use the wall vine to climb out and then down and back to a set of handholds underneath your current position. Make your way across to the right and drop down to the platform below. Follow the path here until you reach a series of wooden beams. Jump across these to the vine beyond, then shimmy to the right and wall run to the pole here and climb up.

Jump up to the next pole then across to the next one, climb around the back of this and jump across to the next pole. Jump from here onto a beam. Jump across the gap to the other beam nearby. Wallrun up to the block here and repeat the process to reach a ledge above. Enter the large room at the end of the short hallway for a story sequence… And a boss fight.

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