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Darksiders II
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Author(s): Paul Williams
First Published: 29-09-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 01-04-2020 / 10:40 GMT

Darksiders II Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

The Abyssal Forge

Part 1 - The Dread Mire

The Abyssal Forge is the second piece of post-launch DLC available for Darksiders 2 and features two new dungeons and a brand new legendary weapon upon completion. You can access the DLC through the Downloadable content option in the main menu and selecting the Abyssal Forge campaign option.

This guide will walk you through the new dungeon and the included optional side-area collecting all of those sneakily hidden away treasure chests as you go.

The Dread Mire

After arriving in the Dread Mire upon loading up the DLC, head forward and towards the building to the right in the distance. You’ll note that the gate is locked, so continue around the corner to the left. Wall run across to the platform across the water and step on the pressure plate.

This will unlock a gate up on the wall above, use soul splitter and have the first copy climb up the wall to the opening. Drop down inside, turn right and pull the lever here to open the gate. Exit soul splitter and backtrack to the now open gate. Enter and continue through the hallway and into the door at the end to enter Iron Glade.

Iron Glade

Cross the bridge in front and note the pressure plate in the centre of the area. From this look back towards the bridge and you’ll see a handhold to the left. Climb up here and enter soul splitter at the top.

Have the first clone jump down and stand on the pressure plate, have the second clone enter the now open door to the right. Follow it to the end and use the lever on the left to open the nearby gate – note that another door will open directly behind the switch with a second pressure plate in it.

Exit soulsplitter and return to the main room, have Death stand on the pressure plate in the centre and enter soulsplitter. Have clone one climb up to the area with the switch and step on the pressure plate opposite. Have clone two enter the now open gate on the south of the room.

Grab the ball from in here and return it to the main room. Stick it in the socket here and then continue across the bridge that appears and enter the door at the end for a short story scene.

Boss: The Mad Smith

If you've completed the 'Argul's Tomb' DLC before this one then the Frostforged Twins prove very useful for this battle as you can charge them up from a distance and they'll emit a projectile that'll do decent damage every time it hits.


Double Slam: A short range two swing melee attack.

Hammer Swipe: A swipe out in front with his hammer that has a slightly larger damage radius than the slam moves.

Triple Slam: He’ll slam the ground three times with his hammer. In addition to causing damage if it hits you, this move will also shoot out an energy wave in front.


This fight plays out very much like the fight against Thane during the side-quest ’ The Maker Warrior '. He is slow and uses the same small set of moves to attack. He is predictable and easy to avoid.

It should be noted that when he does his triple attack move, it will fire out a shockwave in front of it which will damage you, however with a dodge to the side, there’s no real risk of death or injury! Just wait for him to attack, dodge out of his way and then head in to slash him up a few times before he resumes attacking again.

After the fight; the Mad Smith will give you a task. You’ll now have to go and farm up some chaos ore in order to progress further into the DLC.

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