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Those Boatman Coins…

After regaining control of death, you will be attacked by some new bad guys named constructs. They are slow moving and simple to take down, just avoid their attacks and smash them when they aren’t attacking – easy! After a short battle and an additional scene you will be tasked with finding an artefact called “ The Fire of the Mountain ”.

Here you will also be granted your first skill point. So follow the on-screen prompts to access the menu and choose an ability from either the Harbinger or Necromancer tree. When ready, exit the menu.

Before going too far, look to the right of where you are and behind a giant statue you will find a chest containing some loot and gold. Continue into the tunnel to the East and follow it to the end to enter Tri-Stone.


After the cut-scene you will find yourself next to an ancient weapon master named Thane. Talk to him to train some new combat skills (for a fee of course) and you can also challenge him to a duel (side-quest the Old Warrior).

When you are done with him, head over towards the giant stone face and up the ramp to the left. Here you will find a Tome statue. Use this if you wish. Continue to the left and talk to Alya here who will give you your next objectives. On the opposite side of the stone face you will find a shaman who

you can talk to. Talk with her to receive a side-quest – Shaman’s Craft which has you gather ingredients for a charm.

When you are done, return to Thane who has now moved up to the gate to exit the area. After a short chat, he will open the doorway for you. Exit into the hallway beyond.

Around the first corner, you will find a set of stars leading down to a hole full of water. On the right is a wall we can climb up with a wall run. But first, let’s jump down into the water. Dive down to find a Boatman’s Coin which is similar to the artefacts war could find in the original game (we can exchange these with Vulgrim).

You can use the blocks jutting out of the left hand wall to return to the stairs. Now climb up to the right and follow the passage until you find yourself outside.

Stonefathers Vale

As we enter the area we will get a look at hulking, one-eyed octopus-like crystal monstrosity that we can’t do much with for the moment. Mount up and ride to the right of the monster until you reach a dead end to find a Book of the Dead Page (collecting 10 of these will create a tome which, as with the ferryman’s coins, can be sold to Vulgim).

Picking this page up will trigger three prowlers to attack. Once you have defeated them, return to the main area and exit through the large circular gate to the East.

$$$item 1459

The Weeping Crag

Continue through the passage until you reach the ruins. You can do a little exploring here if you like, and there is a side-quest here involving a boss monster who may be a little tough for us at the moment. If you want to check it out, the quest is called ‘ Find and Kill Gorewood ’.

Once you are done (or if you heeded my warning), return to where you entered the area and continue South. Take the first available left after the ruins to find Vulgrim. Speak to him to use a shop where you can ditch all of the junk that you have looted that you don’t need. He will also ask you to find Pages of the Book of the Dead. When you are done, exit the menu and continue along the path until you reach Baneswood.


As you enter the area turn to the left and look for a structure. Kill the two constructs here, head inside and find the climbable wall. At the top you will find a chest to loot.

Return outside. Just to the right of the entrance, after an outcropping and in a side area you can climb a ramp here to find another Boatman’s coin . In the centre of Baneswood you will find a set of ruins with an easy to spot treasure chest.

If you look at your map, look at the Eastern side; see the square-shaped area? Cruise in here. Behind the big statue you will find a Book of the Dead Page . Although there is a treasure chest on the map, we can’t quite reach it yet, so head South and into the large circular gate.

Soon after you head through, look to the right to see a Boatman’s Coin , continue on the road and take a right at the fork. Check out the ruins here for a chest, and then go grab that coin! Head back down to the fork and continue to the left and through the circular gate into the Charred Pass .

$$$item 1458

The Charred Pass

As you enter, turn immediately to the left to see a tower. Cruise inside and wall jump up to the handhold just inside the door. Wall run to the next ledge. Climb the pole here and Jump across the gap nearby for a chest.

Jump back on your steed and ride South along the road until you see a giant log semi-blocking the path. It is hollow, so look inside to find a Boatman’s Coin . Continue South, as you do look to your right for a broken golden archway, behind this up a shallow hill you will find a chest. Grab that and

then head over to the broken arch.

At its base you will find a pool of water dive down here and nearby you will find a Boatman’s Coin , locate the underwater tunnel here and swim to the end to find a hidden underground room. You will find a chest. Return back to the main area and continue onwards

towards your objective marker.

As you leave this area, but before you turn the corner to the right, check out the ruins to the left. Work your way up the handholds here and across the beams to find another chest to loot. Huzzah! Return to your horse and continue into the narrow passageway until you reach a circular platform.

As you arrive, you will see one of the ancients taking on a bunch of golems,so you know what to do – hop off your horse and go help him. Afterwards you will have a chat and he will lower a drawbridge for you.

If you picked up the Shaman’s Craft side-quest in Tri-Stone you need to talk to Karn about the Shaman to find out that you should be able to find Stalker Bones nearby. Head across and instead of going in the door, follow the ledge around to the right for a chest. Return to the door and head inside to enter the Cauldron.

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