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Final Fantasy XV

More Side Quests in Leide

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Cor, one of the men belonging to the Crownsguard of Insomnia, is still alive and asks you to meet with him back at the Hammerhead outpost. Many would be wary when the first thing somebody asked you after hearing you’re not dead is “Where are you?”, but Noctis is a trusting soul, so off he returns to the Hammerhead outpost.

When you get back there, you’ll find out that Cor isn’t there yet, so Cindy turns you over to her father, who can be found in his garage. No sense in putting it off, go pay Cid a visit in his garage and watch a cutscene to get a bit of explanation and after it’s over, exit the garage and you’ll be told that Cor is waiting for you at the Royal Tombs. Before you run off to the Royal Tombs - or rather, the Prairie Outpost, where you’ll have to stop first to get intel at the Prairie Outpost.

No sense in putting it off, as it unlocks a new sidequest, (such fare will be the focus of the start of this chapter)… even if it does entail some backtracking. To get to the Prairie Outpost, simply get in the Regalia and have Ignis drive you to the quest location for “Legacy”. Or, if that’s too simple for you, the Prairie outpost is near the northern-most reaches of Leide, north-west of the Hammerhead outpost.

Cid will help you come to grips with with happened (left) after which you can pique his interest by showing him some of your new weapons (right).

Objective Reward
For indulging Prompto 200 EXP

When you arrive, leave the Regalia and head over to a barn to the north, where you’ll find a black-clad lady named Monica, who you need to talk to in order to advance “Legacy”. Talk to Monica to get a brief status update, after which she’ll point you to the Royal Tomb. Why did you need to talk to her, again? Oh well… on the bright side, she’ll give you a third Magic Flask , which will help you expand your magical arsenal. Cor can wait, however, as there’s sidequests that need doing! Specifically, talking to Monica will have unlocked a new sidequest from Cindy, meaning it’s time to return to Hammerhead and start the sidequests from Cid, Cindy and Takka there. If you can’t be bothered, skip ahead to the “Legacy” section of the guide to continue with the main story.

Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic

Return to Hammerhead and start out this bout of sidequests by talking to Cid. When you picked up the Drain Lance at the end of the last chapter you got a note telling you that Cid can upgrade these energy-stealing weapons, so go talk to Cid and give that a try. He’ll offer to upgrade the Drain Lance into a Drain Lance II if you can get him a Metal Scrap . You may have come across sucn an item in your travels, as they can be found at unmarked looting spots, but never fear - you’ll be able to grab one shortly during the next main story mission. If you managed to find one already, turn it in to get your Drain Lance upgraded and some experience.

Objective Reward
For bringing Cid a Metal Scrap. EXP 500, Drain Lance II

A Better Engine Blade

If you were able to upgrade the Drain Lance, talk to Cid again to get another quest, “ A Better Engine Blade “. The goal of this quest should be obvious - to upgrade the Engine Blade. Same thing applies, save this time you have to bring Cid a Rusted Bit . Fortunately this can also be found when you continue the story, in the same dungeon as the Metal Scrap, in fact. If you happen to have one early, however, turn it in to get your weapon upgraded.

Objective Reward
For bringing Cid a Rusted Bit. EXP 500, Engine Blade II

After completing both “Cid Sophiar, Master Mechanic” and “A Better Engine Blade” , you’ll be able to start “A Better Drain Lance II” , “A Better Engine Blade III” , “A Better Auto Crossbow” and “A Better Bioblaster” by talking to Cid multiple times. These quests require you to find some Coeurl Whiskers, a Glass Gemstone, a Cactuar Needle and a Dynamo. Most of these tasks are currently beyond you (although if Gladiolus’s Survival skill is leveled up enough, he might just randomly find a Glass Gemstone after battles), so you can safely ignore these quests for now.

The Ever Regal Regalia (Part 1)

Look near the gas pumps to find a quest marker, which you can interact with to start up a conversation with Cindy, who will tell you about some “rare car wax” that’ll make the Regalia scream with shinyness. Rare car wax? What does that entail, exactly? Whatever. This quest, “The Ever Regal Regalia” is a ways to the north-west, but you’ll find an excuse to explore there later.

Takka will, out of pity (and pressure from Cid) offer you some work (left). Go find him some Lucian Tomatoes nearby to appease him (right).

Scenic Delivery

Next, make your way to Takka’s Pit Stop and talk to Takka (or rather, interact with the newspaper on the counter), and Takka will, out of pity, try to give you something to do to take your mind off things. Accept his charity and you’ll get the quest “ Scenic Delivery “, which tasks you with fetching a Lucian Tomato . For some absurd reason the quest description tells you to go to Galdin to gather such a treat, but there’s no need to go that far. You’ll find them growing freely north-east of the Hammerhead outpost, near a pit within which dwells a Bandersnatch. Ignore the massive beast and its pit, as it’s probably out of your league right now and instead defeat the more humble Reapertails near the Food Spot you’re looking for. Failing that, however, yes, you can drive your car down to Galdin Quay and buy a Lucian Tomato from Aldare’s shop.

Objective Reward
For giving Takka a Lucian Tomato. EXP 300, Gighee Ham x2, Leiden Potato x2, Sheep Milk x2, Funguar x2

Imperials will relentlessly pester you by dropping out of their dropships (left), but they can easily be dispatched with magic like Blizzara and Thundara (right).

Hunters and Gatherers

After you give Takka his Lucian Tomato you can hit up his newspaper again to get another quest, “ Hunters and Gatherers “. This time he promises more a of a challenge, and to be fair, at least this objective ingredient comes from a sentient creature. To satisfy him this time, you’ll need to provide a Daggerquill Breast . Daggerquills will be encountered if you continue the next main mission, or you can always head to The Three Valleys and kill some Daggerquills in the western-most valley (where you obtained the Blade of Brennaere).

Objective Reward
For giving Takka a Daggerquill Breast. EXP 500, Cleigne Wheat x5,Dualhorn Steak x5, Leiden Pepper x5

Once you’ve delivered the Daggerquill Breast you can get a third quest from Takka’s newspaper, “ Emergency Delivery “. Unfortunately, this one can’t be completed until you gain access to Duscae, to the west.

Aspiring Artisan

In fact, you’ve now exhausted all the side quests you can do at the Hammerhead outpost for the time being. Before you head off anywhere, rest up and, assuming this is the first time you’ve slept since the end of Chapter 1, you’ll get a call from your favorite New York stereotype, Dino. Yep, he’s got more work for you, so you might as well hop in the Regalia and drive back down to Galdin Quay. Once you’re there, talk to Dino to find out he’s up to his old tricks again, and this time he wants you to recover an Amethyst from another gem deposit.

After resting the recieving a call, return to Dino for more work (left) then head into the scrub to find the mineral deposit, which will yield the Amethyst Stone Dino wants (right).

Objective Reward
For indulging Prompto EXP 200

Fair enough. Head back to the Regalia and drive it to this new quest location, which is east of Longwythe Peak. Let Ignis get you as close to the quest area as the road’ll get you, then leave the Regalia behind and head out into the scrub. When you reach the search area, investigate some rocks along the south-eastern end of the marked circle to find the gem deposit. Pick up the Amethyst Stone and return to the Regalia, ride back to Galdin Quay, then give Dino his stone.

Objective Reward
For giving Dino an Amethyst Stone. EXP 500, Amethyst Bracelet

Naturally, he’s immediately got another quest for you once this one is over with (“ A Stone-Studded Stunner “), and while it’s worth picking up, it, too, requires that you gain access to Duscae. This is becoming a bit of a trend, but to achieve this end you’ll need to advance the main story. Looks like it’s time to seek out Cor… After one more bit of business around Galdin Quay, anyways.

Lost Without a Potion

From Galdin Quay’s Parking Spot head north-east, staying east of the road enough that you can ascend the ground that rises up over the road. Turn north-west and head uphill, scaling the elevated land that engulfs the road below and continue in that direction until you hear a hunter calling for help. You’ll find him north and slightly east of the search icon, sitting on the ground near a boulder.

Objective Reward
For providing a Potion to the person in need 350 EXP, 900 Gil
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