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Final Fantasy XV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 16-05-2019 / 19:27 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 22-09-2019 / 06:43 GMT

Final Fantasy XV Guide

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Chapter 12 - End of Days

Breath of the Glacian

You’ll get to freely explore the train at the beginning of this story quest, and there’s quite a few items you can grab before the train finally stops. Start by going towards the opposite direction from which you first face, picking up a Mega-Potion on top of one of the emergency boxes, then turn around and start heading in the other direction. Right before the car that follows the one you start on will be an Elixir , then in between the next two will be a Chrome Bit . You’ll now be in some kind of cargo hold, which houses a lot of items, including a Mega Phoenix , Debased Banknote , Hi-Elixir and Rusted Bit in the first room, and an Electrolytic Condensor and Gralean Medal of Distinction in the second car. The train will stop shortly after you receive a phone call.

Search the train for items while you wait for it to arrive.

The crew goes outside to check what happened to the train, only to be attacked by daemons. The first wave will consist of some Snagas and a Wraith (weak to Swords, Firearms, and Ice), while the second wave has more Snagas and two more Wraiths. If you’re having trouble, there are two poles you can Point-warp to, which should allow you to get a decent/great Warp-strike on the daemons. Once those are cleaned up, one more big bad baddie will appear, the Deathclaw.

Boss Battle: Deathclaw

This thing can be quite brutal, as it outputs a lot of damage, so always keep an eye on your friends’ health, tossing them a Potion or other healing item when needed. It is weak to Shields, Machinery, and Fire, while being strong against Ice, so if you have any of those weapons, make sure you try and use them against the thing. As far as attacks go, it can launch its claws at you from a distance, which should trigger a blocking prompt; it can be rather quick, so you might not have a chance to do anything.

The monstrosity can also send all of its appendages at you, with lasers attached to them. When it does this, it will send them with the lasers vertical at you, but bring them back with the lasers turning horizontal. You also want to be on the lookout for a move where it will put all of its claws together and shoot a giant laser. Up close, the Deathclaw has a seriously dangerous move where it will spin its appendages around its body, dealing incredible damage and likely sending you into Danger status. It also has some melee moves, but all of the above moves are what you need to watch out for when in combat.

It appears that Fire is a great tactic to use, especially if you have any accessories that boost it in your inventory. If you can manage to get your magic potency to the Fira level, you might even reach the 9999 damage limit. Other than magic, use the two Point-warps to stay out of reach of the Deathclaw’s attacks, then use them to perform Warp-strikes. Do not sit right next to the Deathclaw, mashing on the Circle/B button, as it won’t end well and you’ll be using a lot of recovery items. With some persistence, the dastardly daemon will finally go down.

The Deathclaw has some nasty laser attacks. Keep your distance when you see them but beware it is very fast. Use Fire and lots of it!

As you prepare to get back on the train, you end up seeing someone you recognize, and hate, walk by. Sprint after him and you’ll end up getting blasted in the face with some arctic air. Inch forward to reach Ardyn and after everything is said and done, you’ll end up receiving the Mark of the Glacian and the Trident of the Oracle . Run up to Ardyn to attack his frozen body, then watch the cutscene that’ll bring this chapter to an end.

Objective Reward
For making it through the Glacian's crevasse EXP 5,000 / Trident of the Oracle / Mark of the Glacian

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