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Final Fantasy XV

Old Lestallum Hunts

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

The Last Spiracorns

Level Target Habitat Reward
29 Duplicorn (x2), Spiracorn (x3) Lower Wennath (Daytime) 2 Stars, 4,610 Gil, Megalixir

The location of this hunt is not that far to the west of the outpost, but you can’t get to it because of a wall. So, you can drive west to the intersection to get around the wall, then hike it to the actual enemies. You might’ve fought Spiracorns in an earlier hunt and Duplicorns are basically a stronger version of them, slightly. They both share the same weaknesses (swords, shields, and fire) and strengths (ice and holy), so there’s nothing different about them, other than a few levels and some extra health in the latter’s case.

Shear Force

Level Target Habitat Reward
34 Mightyshears (x3) Lower Wennath (All Times) 3 Stars, 5,730 Gil, Mega Phoenix

North and a little bit west of the outpost is a fishing spot called Rachsia Bridge (upgrade fishing equipment here if you want). On the opposing shore is where you want to be, as the Mightyshears are to the north. They aren’t really any different than the crabs you’ve been fighting to this point, other than being level 34. They are weak to polearms, firearms and ice, while being strong against fire and holy.

Blobs Ashore

Level Target Habitat Reward
35 Gelatin (x3) Malmalam Thicket (Nighttime) 3 Stars, 5,920 Gil, Titanium Bangle

Pack some lightning-elemental magic and head to the Malmalam Thicket parking spot, as you will find the hunt just outside of the dungeon’s entrance. The Gelatins are just like all of the other gelatinous daemons you’ve faced thus far, meaning they take less damage from physical weapons. However, these particular ones also negate all damage from fire and ice, but to make up for that, they are weak to lightning (and holy). The big advantage, though, is that they only have 5,000 HP, so even with normal weapons, they should go down relatively quickly.

Take the stairs (left) to reach the Karlabos. Watch out for its water attacks (right).

Herald from the Depths

Level Target Habitat Reward
40 Karlabos (x1) Leirity Seaside (All Times) 3 Stars, 7,730 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 5 . This hunt is quite a bit away from the Old Lestallum outpost, as it’s close to Cape Caem, so start off by travelling there. Once you arrive, drive west and through the tunnel, stopping as soon as you get to the other side. There will be some stairs leading to a trail that goes straight to the coast, where you’ll find the Karlabos. This overgrown prawn-like creature can sure pack a punch and some of its moves come out quick. It can shoot out a water jet, similar to other aquatic enemies, and it also has a water spray up close. However, unlike its wild variant, it has a lot less health (around 41k), so it should be a shorter fight. It is weak to swords, polearms and ice, while being strong against fire and holy.

Malmalam Mirage

Level Target Habitat Reward
51 Bandersnatch (x1) Malmalam Thicket (All Times) 4 Stars, 13,500 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires you to complete the Malmalam Thicket dungeon/sidequest . The Bandersnatch waiting for you at the end of the dungeon for this hunt is strong than the normal one you fought to complete the dungeon sidequest. It is level 47 and has around 141k HP, meaning that the battle will take a good while, unless you decide to destroy it with lightning magic. Despite its size, its attacks are fairly quick, especially its roar that deals damage to everyone around it. Besides lightning, it is also weak to polearms and machinery, while being strong against fire and holy.

There are two instances where you can utilize a block and parry, one where the Bandersnatch will toss something at you, resulting in a normal parry. The other involves the creature leaping at you and when you parry this, you will jump off one of its tusks to allow an opportunity for a counter, dealing some nice damage. Playing defensively will be a huge help here, so make use of the warp-points all around the arena to deal some nice damage with warp-strikes.

Starving Beast Seeks Food

Level Target Habitat Reward
47 Aspidochelon x1 Lower Wennath (All Times) 3 Stars, 11,790 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 6 . It’s much easier to take your car to the Wennath Delta parking spot, as it’s right next to where the beast is located. The Aspidochelon is a new enemy that you haven’t faced before, so coming to terms with its attacks is one of the first things you should do. Fortunately, it doesn’t have many. It can thrash around like the horse enemies do, move to the side like Garulas and has blockable attacks by rearing back/forward with its legs. It also can breathe toxic gas that can poison your characters. At level 47, it has almost 102,000 health and is weak to daggers and machinery, while being strong against ice and holy.

Scrap It Now!

Level Target Habitat Reward
61 Leukorn x3 Coernix Bypass (Daytime) 4 Stars, 18,330 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 7 . The Leukorns are located to the north of the outpost and are pretty easy to get to, since they are relatively close. They are level 51 and weak to swords, shields and fire, while being strong against ice and holy. You will find that the Leukorns are pretty much identical to the Spiracorns and Duplicorns, so you won’t find much of a difference between their attacks, although you might find that they charge at you more, giving you more chances for a parry. As with the Duplicorns, breaking their horns can yield a Sturdy Helixhorn, which is needed to upgrade the Engine Blade III to the Ultima Blade.

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