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Final Fantasy XV
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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:25 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 05-06-2020 / 07:23 GMT

Final Fantasy XV Guide

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Galdin Quay Hunts

Peace to the Beach

Level Target Habitat Reward
11 Rubyshears (x3) Vannath Coast (All Times) 2 Stars, 1,950 Gil, Hi-Elixir

You can find these crustaceans a little northwest from where you park your car at Galdin Quay. These crabs are one of the more defensive creatures in the game, and they have quite some health to back that up even more. Even with that in mind, they are still fairly easy prey and will eventually fall to your blade. They are level 11 and weak to greatswords, shields and ice, while being resistant to fire and holy.

The Gourmands of Vannath

Level Target Habitat Reward
17 Sparkshears (x3) Vannath Coast (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,040 Gil, Megalixir

The Sparkshears are similar to the Rubyshears from the previous hunt, although they are higher in level (these are level 17). They have the exact same weaknesses and strengths, so if you had trouble with the Rubyshears, then you might have a little more trouble with these. They can be found by following the coastline by Galdin Quay to the west.

Stealers of Lives

Level Target Habitat Reward
17 Glamhoth (x3) Vannath Coast (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,070 Gil, Fencer's Anklet

As a nighttime hunt, the Glamhoth won't appear until you get to the marker on your map. You will find them slightly northwest of Galdin Quay and they are similar to Goblins. Being careful to block when prompted is important with these creatures, as they can steal healing items from you to use on themselves. They are especially annoying, since they move around a lot, so packing a Fira will cut them down to a more manageable number. They are level 17 and weak to polearms, daggers, fire and holy, while only being resistant to ice.

Footfalls in the Dark

Level Target Habitat Reward
20 Hobgoblin (x5) Vannath Coast (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,250 Gil, Megalixir

Requires Hunter Rank 3 . You'll be travelling a bit to get to this hunt, as it's located north of Galdin Quay, on the eastern side of the bend in the road. You might think that these are just another form of the basic Goblin, but they are completely different. At level 20, they can offer a decent challenge and are weak to greatswords, machinery, fire and holy, while only being strong against lightning.

Watch out for the water jet attack (left). When they grab you, mash the button to escape or suffer heavy damage (right).

A Nightmare Came by Ferry

Level Target Habitat Reward
28 Seadevil (x5) Vannath Coast (All Times) 2 Stars, 4,250 Gil, Carbon Bangle

Requires Hunter Rank 3 . Seadevils are alligator-like creatures that can be annoying because of some of their attacks. They have a habit of backing up a bit and spitting a stream of water at you, which might be hard to tell is coming, since there are five of them. The Seadevils also have an attack where they can grab you, so you'll need to mash Circle/B to get out of it; this attack is blockable, so if you see the prompt, hold Square/X to avoid being grabbed. They are level 28 and weak to swords, firearms and ice, while being strong against fire and holy.

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