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Final Fantasy XV

Shopping and Side Quests in Lestallem

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Sypert Sundries

Leave the hotel and head north-east to find your first shop in the interior of Lestallum - Sypert Sundries. His selection isn’t great, but he will sell a few useful curatives and accessories. Status effects have started popping up, and you can only expect that trend to continue from here on out.

Sypert Sundries (Items)

Items Price
Smelling Salts 50 Gil
Maiden’s Kiss 100 Gil

Sypert Sundries (Accessories)

Items Price
Star Pendant 3,000 Gil
Raindow Pendant 3,000 Gil
Moon Pendant 3,000 Gil
Earth Pendant 3,000 Gil
Golden Hourglass 3,000 Gil

Tostwell Grill

Make your way north down the alley west of Sypert Sundries, then turn west to reach the market where you’ll find a suitably dense collection of shops. Let’s start with the southern-most store and work north. The southern-most merchant just so happens to be the restaurateur of the Tostwell Grill. “Talk” to him to update your map, then gobble down some Offal Stew and a dish of Spicy Skewers to prompt Ignis to devise the “Lestallum Steweed Tripe” and the “Seasoned Midgardsormr” recipes, respectively…. if you can afford it, anyways, the dishes cost a steep 1,350 and 7,200 Gil. Finally, check out his hunts, if that sort of thing interests you.

Hunts - Tostwell Grill

Hunt Name Hunt Level Rank (Stars)
Avenge the Anglers 24 **
Ruler of the Brave Skies 30 ***
Off with their Heads! 31 ***
Disquieted Queens 38 ***
The Web-Weaving Princesses 41 ***
*In a Heat Haze of Glory 52 ****

*Only available after Chapter 7.

Visit the local restaurants to get intel and pick up new hunts (left), and of course, check out what new goods other shops are offering (right).

Prissock General Store

The next store to the north is the Prissock General Store, which specializes in ingredients, some of which are rare and expensive. Naturally, you can inspire Ignis to create a few new dishes by purchasing some of these ingredients, as follows: Fine Gighee Ham drive Ignis to concot the “Charcuterie on Toast” recipe, while Cygillan Crab inspires him to scribble down the “Sweet & Spicy Cygillan Crab” recipe. You can also talk to him to get some work - a delivery vehicle was carrying some cargo for him, and some monsters attacked it. You just need to track it down, kill the monsters, and recover the cargo. This starts the quest “Van, Interrupted”.

Prissock General Store (Ingredients)

Items Price
Fine Gighee Ham 400 Gil
Gigantoad Steak 520 Gil
Garulessa Steak 670 Gil
Griffon Breast 3,200 Gil
Midgardsomr Shank 2,400 Gil
Shieldshears Claw 180 Gil
Shier Tumeric 250 Gil
Hulldagh Nutmeg 600 Gil
Cleigne Wheat 100 Gil
Malmashroom 1,000 Gil
Cygillan Crab 300 Gil
Smoking Wood 310 Gil

Before you move on to the next merchant, it’s time to grab some loot real quick - there are quite a few goodies lying around Letallum, and the best of the bunch deserve to be pointed out. On a stall east of the Prissock General Store you’ll find the Ebony Sticker decal. Surely Ignis will fancy the brand of his favorite coffee being plastered all over the Regalia, no?

Veenons Trading

The next shop is manned by a grandfather/grandson duo. The older gent will sell a variety of Accessories that boost your elemental resistances and ones that tease cosmetic effects. He also sells the key item “Cactuar Model”. The oddly mature grandson is a bit more interesting, and will tell you about some deal with a hunter who has gone incommunicado, starting the quest “Mind the Trap”.

Veenon’s Trading (Accessores)

Items Price
Bulletproof Suit 5,000 Gil
Fireproof Inners 3,000 Gil
Warm Inners 3,000 Gil
Insulated Inners 3,000 Gil
Styling Gel 1,000 Gil
White Sneakers 1,000 Gil
Bandage 1,000 Gil

Veenon’s Trading (Key Items)

Item Price
Cactuar Model 1,000 Gil

Furloch Farms

Next up is the Furloch Farms store, which naturally sells a bunch of new (and even more expensive!) ingrendients. None of these new ingredients are likely to inspire Ignis on their own, so you shouldn’t feel much pressure to buy any of them, certainly not at that price. On that note, if you interact with the quest icon nearby he’ll give you one of this game’s many menial side quests, this time your goal is to gather some produce from his farm. He was going to waste a hunter’s time with this task, but decided a prince was an even better choice. This starts “On the Hunt for a Harvest”.

Furloch Farms (Ingredients)

Items Price
Behemoth Tenderloin 3,200 Gil
Zu Tender 4,800 Gil
Kujata Marrow 2,700 Gil
Kettier Ginger 600 Gil
Allural Shallot 800 Gil
Saxham Rice 200 Gil
Fine Cleigne Wheat 980 Gil
Chocobean 100 Gil
Eos Green Peas 30 Gil
Beetroot 200 Gil
Sweet Pepper 50 Gil
Garlic 100 Gil
Wild Onion 100 Gil
Leiden Potato 40 Gil

You’re now done with merchants in the market, but if you head north and search a bench near the stairs leading up to the power plant you’ll find a Coernix Oil Sticker, another bit of free swag for your car. Once that’s yours leave the market via the way you presumably entered - by heading down the alley to the south-west - then turn north-west to reach a smaller, less busy plaza north-west of the main plaza adjacent to the highway.

Surgates Beanmine

Here you’ll find the Surgate’s Beanmine restaurant with the three basic options they all tend to have. “Talk” to gain some intel on the local area then order a dish of Bird-Broth Rice with Curry (480 Gil) to learn the “Peppery Daggerquill Rice” recipe. Finally, check out his hunts to find that some of them, at least, are of a more agreeable level than the last restaurateur’s were.

Hunts - Surgate’s Beanmine

Hunt Name Hunt Level Rank (Stars)
Secure the Mountain Pass 12 **
Cool Callatein Mist 22 **
To Sting in Anger 22 **
*Help Needed in EXINERIS 24 **
To Catch a Frog 27 **
Long Necks on the Plains 28 **
They Came Back from the Mountain 30 ***
Rainstorm Duel! Poison Frog of Wennath 32 ***
Acquit Not Evil 38 ***

*Only available after Chapter 7.

Culless Munitions - Lestallum

Continue down an alley to the north-west and you’ll find another weapon shop, an odd branch of Culless Munitions that doesn’t operate out of the back of a van! Sadly, its stock isn’t much improved from what was on offer at the Taelpar Rest Area branch. You can, however, pick up a quest here - “Ace of Carapace” - and completing it will get you a discount, so you might want to indulge the merchant now and enjoy superior deals, later.

Culless Munitions - Taelpar Rest Area

Items Price
Rune Saber 600 Gil
Flame Tongue 800 Gil
Claymore 600 Gil
Hardedge 1,500 Gil
Rapier Lance 600 Gil
Ice Spear 1,500 Gil
Mythril Knives 600 Gil
Assassin’s Daggers 1,500 Gil
Mythril Pistol 600 Gil
Power Shield 600 Gil
Ice Shield 800 Gil
Carbon Bangle 2,000 Gil
Garnet Bracelet 800 Gil
Fencer’s Anklet 2,000 Gil
Bulletproof Vest 1,500 Gil
Angel Earring 1,000 Gil
Power Stone 2,000 Gil

Fallstar Foods

Head down some stairs to the south-east reach the main plaza, where the last few stores await you. First up is Fallstar Foods, which is along the north-western end of the plaza, where you can buy a variety of more mundane ingredients.

Fallstar Foods (Ingredients)

Items Price
Gighee Horn 30 Gil
Luncheon Meat 100 Gil
Birdbeast Egg 20 Gil
Sheep Milk 10 Gil
Daggerquill Breast 60 Gil
Anak Meat 80 Gil
Bulette Shank 220 Gil
Garula Sirloin 120 Gil
Dualhorn Steak 160 Gil
Lucian Tomato 200 Gil
Chickatrice Leg 240 Gil
Killer Tomato 500 Gil
Wild Onion 100 Gil
Leiden Tomato 40 Gil
Funguar 80 Gil
Leiden Pepper 20 Gil

Search a table near the blue building with the “Newfields” sign to find a Glass Gemstone (left), then explore down an alley to score a Magic Flask (right).

A Better Engine Blade II

From this store make your way south-west to the highway. If you were a little bummed out that you didn’t get any new weapons at Culless Munitions, never fear, as there’s an opportunity to get an upgrade here that doesn’t involve wasting any precious Gil. From the plaza entrance head south-west down the road a short distance to find a blue building with a “Newfields” sign on it. Head under the building’s front arches to find a couple of quaint wooden tables, on one of which is a loot spot which yields a Glass Gemstone - the component Cid needs to upgrade your Engine Blade. Return to Cid at your leisure, but before the upgrade is finished you’re going to need to wait some time - completing a side quest and resting should do it, and there are an awful lot of side quests coming up. The reward is listed below for when you get around to it, and whenever you go pick up your new and improved Engine Blade III, talk to him to start the quest “A Better Engine Blade III” .

Objective Reward
For Giving Cid a Glass Gemstone EXP 800 / Engine Blade III

Another Magic Flask

Before you rush off to go start any of these new side quests, however, there’s a bit more to do in Lestallum. From the blue Newfields building, head north-west along the sidewalk adjacent to the highway. Continue past the entrance to Lestallum’s large, central plaza and walk past the arched facade of several buildings. As you go, keep your attention to the north. You’ll pass a building with “Exineris” lettering on it and shortly thereafter is a red-and-white flag. Under this flag is a table on which you’ll find Oric’s Culinary Chronicle I Entry 2: An Egg Can Dream , which will teach Ignis the “Fried Rookie on Rice” recipe.

Pick up the recipe and continue north-east down the sidewalk. The buildings with arched facades will end abruptly (the last one being a building with an “Evergreen Oaks” sign on it) at a narrow alley. Head down the alley to find a loot spot containg a Magic Flask , a welcome addition to your magic arsenal.

Moattes Odds n Ends

Continue north-east along the highway and you’ll find the Moatte’s Odds ‘n’ Ends shop, which sells a variety of curative items, putting Sypert Sundries to shame, as well as a few new decals for the Regalia.

Moatte’s Odds ‘n’ Ends (Items)

Items Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 100 Gil
Elixir 400 Gil
Hi-Elixir 800 Gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 Gil
Antidote 10 Gil
Gold Needle 50 Gil
Smelling Salts 50 Gil
Maiden’s Kiss 100 Gil

Moatte’s Odds ‘n’ Ends (Auto Parts)

Items Price
Eos 5,000 Gil
Flames I 500 Gil
Flames II 500 Gil
Flames III 500 Gil

Tozus Counter

The last merchant in Lestallum is up the road a bit to the north-east, where you’ll find the Tozus Counter restaurant. Talk to the proprietor and you’ll find that this weirdo only has two of the three normal options - “Talk” and “Eat”. Get your intel (including a very useful Parking Spot, Campground, Fishing Spot and Outpost to the west. His meals, however, fail to inspire Ignis and so can be safely ignored.

You’ll pick up a variety of quests in Lestallum, from photography ventures (left) to simple farming (right).

Vyvs Request

All the merchants have been covered, but there’s one more side quest to pick up. Continue across the highway to the south and make for where the Regalia may be parked. From there, head down some stairs to the lower level to find a rotund man named Vyv, who will ask you, a prince, to go take some photos for him. It’s nowhere near the most degrading thing you’ve been tasked with in this city, though. This starts the quest “The Perfect Landscape”.

You’ve now got a collection of side quests you can do, many of which take you back to Duscae intially. Some of these side quests are fairly repetative - once you complete these, new variants will pop up in Lestallum for you to pick up… you know, kind of like how Sania keeps asking for different frogs, or adorable Dave wants those Dog Tags? Yeah, basically more of that. Still, it’s great experience and Gil, and the later versions of these quests will give you an excuse to explore and quest your way into Cleigne, where even more quests await. If you haven’t guessed already, Chapter 3 is where the game really opens up, and hence, it’s where a great many of the side quests dwell. Do them at your leisure, of course, but most of the Lestallum/Cleigne quests availabe to you now will be covered in the following “Questing Cleigne” sections. If you can’t be bothered, skip ahead to “The Sword in the Waterfall”.

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