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Final Fantasy XV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 14-11-2019 / 20:02 GMT

Final Fantasy XV Guide

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Trophy/Achievement Guide

Trophy/Achievement Guide (1)

The World Wanderer

This is the platinum trophy for the PS4 version of the game and is gotten once you get every other trophy. Overall, the game is fairly easy for a Final Fantasy title and doesn’t have much in the way of grinding that’s needed to finish it. Outside of the skills (fishing and the like) and completing 80 sidequests, the majority of the trophies should come naturally as you play the game.

Trophy/Achievement Description
Insomnia's Waking Nightmare Completed the Prologue
Departure Completed Chapter 1
No Turning Back Completed Chapter 2
The Open World Completed Chapter 3
Living Legend Completed Chapter 4
Dark Clouds Completed Chapter 5
A Way Forward Completed Chapter 6
Party of Three Completed Chapter 7
Trophy/Achievement Description
Seaworthy Completed Chapter 8
Callings Completed Chapter 9
The Heart of a King Completed Chapter 10
In the Dark Completed Chapter 11
End of Days Completed Chapter 12
Redemption Completed Chapter 13
Homecoming Completed Chapter 14

Chosen King

Ifrit is one of the final bosses of the main story and you have to defeat him on Normal difficulty in order to receive to trophy/achievement. Difficulty can be changed at any time during the game by going into Options and then Difficulty. You could play the story on Easy up to the battle with Ifrit and change it to Normal just before the fight.


Learner’s Permit

The Regalia is your vehicle that will be your main means of transportation throughout the game. Your first opportunity to drive it will be at the very beginning of the game, when Ignis offers you the choice upon leaving Hammerhead. If you refuse this chance, you won’t get another opportunity until Chapter 3, where you can choose the Manual option when getting inside of the vehicle.


Chocobo Jockey

Chocobos are another means of transportation in the game and won’t become available until you reach Chapter 3 of the main story. Upon reaching the Duscae region of the world, Prompto will beg for the chance to go to Wiz Chocobo Post, upon which the Friends of a Feather sidequest will unlock. Complete this sidequest to unlock the ability to rent Chocobos from any of the little machines that you will find at about every outpost. You can rent Chocobos for up to seven in-game days, after which you will need to rent them again. You will also receive a Chocobo Whistle that you can use to summon a rented Chocobo. All you have to do to unlock this trophy/achievement is simply get on the Chocobo you rent.


Regalia Pilot

The Regalia Type-F is an upgrade to the normal Regalia, essentially turning it into an airship. You won’t be able to unlock this until you complete the main story, and it will require three specific items, two of which you will receive when you finish off Imperial bases in Chapters 5 and 6 (Warped Wings and Unstable Stabilizer). The third item (Strange Engine) is acquired infiltrating the Formouth Garrison northwest of Hammerhead. Doing this in the postgame will give you a new sidequest, Into the Unknown, sending you over to Cindy to hand her the items, turning the Regalia into the Type-F.

Upon driving this new version, you will be able to press the Circle/B button to take off whenever you have gained enough speed (which will unlock the trophy/achievement). However, let it be known that the Type-F is very fragile and should you happen to crash into anything, it will result in a Game Over, forcing you to reload your last save. Thus, it is very important that you save your game prior and after flying, to be on the safe side.


Quadruple Threat

You need to equip four weapons on Noctis in order to acquire this trophy/achievement, which can be done as soon as you reach Hammerhead. You will start the game with three weapons already equipped, so as soon as you get the nice little gift from Cindy (1,000 gil), buy another weapon from the nearby vendor and equip it to unlock this.


Faithful Heir

Not long into the game, you will obtain your first Royal Arm, which are special weapons that used to belong to Noctis’ ancestors. There’s a total of 13 of them that you can acquire in the game, with 7 of those 13 gotten during the main story. That leaves a total of 6 Royal Arms you will have to hunt down yourself. Head on over to the Royal Arms Locations page to find the locations of every last one.


Ability-Related Trophies/Achievements

In addition to leveling up and acquiring new pieces of equipment, the main method of powering up Noctis and his friends is through the use of something called the Ascension grid. Each nexus focuses on one aspect of the game, such as Exploration or Magic, and you will need to accrue Ability Points (AP) in order to purchase the nodes on each nexus. You can get AP in a variety of ways, such as from performing specific actions in combat (the biggest contributor), choosing specific options when having conversations, and even when doing mundane tasks like camping, riding in the Regalia, etc (after purchasing the corresponding nodes in the Exploration nexus).

The nodes differ in points, ranging from as low as 8 AP and as high as 999 AP. Naturally, if all you’re looking for is to get the trophies/achievements related to these, you want to aim for the ones that cost the least amount possible. That means avoiding the ones that cost 333 AP and above, even if they might seem tempting and would be very good for your characters.


Fishing-Related Trophies/Achievements

Each of the main characters in the game has a specific skill attached to them, and Noctis’ is fishing. Throughout the in-game world, you will find fishing spots that you can use to catch some fish. The fishing mini-game can be a bit confusing at first, but the important things to remember is to take your time and not constantly reel in your line. Whenever you see the icon on your screen, you want to move the analog stick in the direction that the fish is moving until the icon disappears. Keep fishing and you’ll eventually level the skill to 10, which is the max, noting that tougher fish will reward more experience. Remember to rest at a camp or inn to tally your skill XP, as it doesn’t do it automatically.


Survival-Related Trophies/Achievements

Each of the main characters in the game has a specific skill attached to them, and Gladio’s is Survival. It is fairly simply to level up, as all you need to do is run/walk/sprint around without driving or riding a Chocobo. As his skill levels up, he will begin picking up better items after battles, with very few of them not obtainable elsewhere. The only problem with Survival is that it can take a good while to reach level 10, so make sure you do a lot of exploring while on foot. Remember to rest at a camp or inn to tally your skill XP, as it doesn’t do it automatically.


Photo-Related Trophies/Achievements

Each of the main characters in the game has a specific skill attached to them, and Prompto’s is photography. As you go on your journey, Prompto will document it by taking pictures with his camera. This, similar to Survival, is one skill where you don’t really need to go out of your way to do anything. However, there are a few caveats, as Prompto will only be able to take so many photos before he can’t take any new ones. This means that you will have to rest at a camp or inn in order to trigger the ability for Prompto to take more photos. Remember to rest at a camp or inn to tally your skill XP, as it doesn’t do it automatically.


Cooking-Related Trophies/Achievements

Each of the main characters in the game has a specific skill attached to them, and Ignis’ is cooking. As you stay at camping spots, you will notice that you are able to have Ignis cook a meal for your party, which will grant them various buffs that last for a predetermined duration. It’s important to remember that inns/hotels do not allow you to cook a meal, so you have to use camping spots/havens. Remember to rest at a camp or inn to tally your skill XP, as it doesn’t do it automatically.


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