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Final Fantasy XV

The Vesperpool

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Eastern Vesperpool

Leave the Meldacio Hunter HQ and make your way west through the long tunnel to reach the eastern end of The Vesperpool. There’s lots of wilderness to traverse, and much of it is difficult going on foot, so renting a Chocobo here might be a good idea. As a bonus, if you leave the Regalia back at Meldacio Hunter HQ, you can always just fast-travel back to it when you need a break or complete some quest, then return where you left off via Chocobo.

As for The Vesperpool itself, you already traversed through a bit of it earlier, and there’s much that’s fairly uninteresting, so some of the exploration will be painted in broad strokes. Along the eastern-most edge of The Vesperpool is a dirt road (indicated by a yellow line on your map) which connects to the highway near the tunnel leading to Meldacio Hunter HQ in the east. From the highway it runs north, then south, forming a large loop around some rock formations, in the center of which is a small pond with a Treasure Spot ( Fine Tail Feathers ).

West of this rock formation, past the western end of the road’s loop, is another, larger body of water which is also almost completely surrounded by stone (there are gaps in the stone surrounding the pond to the north-east and south-west). It’s infested by Sahagin, but otherwise, this body of water isn’t terribly interesting save as a landmark, to which purpose it’ll be employed. North of the water you’ll find a Mineral Deposit, and north-west of the pool is a Food Spot ( Vesproom ), which will teach Ignis the “Packed Mushroom Stew” recipe. South-west of this rock-surrounded pond is the Capitis Haven Campground and the nearby The Vesperpool Parking Spot, which you may have visited back in Chapter 7.

A large Sahagin-infested pond on the eastern end of The Vesperpool makes a fine landmark (left). Various, often poisonous, beasts will pester you as you explore (right).

Mountains of Misfortune

Put those out of mind for now, though, as your attention should be directed north of this large rock-ringed pool. Make your way to the northern shore of this rock-enclosed pond and make your way due north to find a dirt trail (barely visible on your map). Follow the trail north-west past the previously-mentioned Mineral Deposit, shortly after which the path will fork. Follow the northern fork and fight off any Mushussu, Basilisk, Cockatrices and imperials who darken your path as the road runs through some jungle ruins.

Continue down this road until it abruptly terminates, at which point turn south to find some ruins guarded by a Cockatrice. Kill it, then search the ruins to find the Polished Dog Tag - the object that Davexander the Great sent you to collect. Return to him at your leisure and he’ll grant you his favor, the greatest reward of all! Oh, he’ll also pay you in more crude currency, so generous is the mighty Dave.

Objective Reward
For finding the Polished Dog Tag EXP 2,000 / Megalixir x5

Kill a Cockatrice near some ruins (left) then pick up the Polished Dog Tag (right).

Sadly, the great Dave is sometimes seems cruel, as his ways are above the ken of mere mortals. After you fulfill his request at Meldacio Hunter HQ he’ll move to the Verinas Outpost - Ravatogh, where he’s got another quest to offer you. Sadly, no matter what order you went about things, either Sania or Dave would have inconvenienced you, and forced you to backtrack. When you have spare time, be sure to return to Vernias Outpost - Ravatogh and bother the proprietor of the Erupto Eats restaurant for intel, which will start Dave’s next quest “The Witch of the Woods”, which directs you to Malmalam Thicket. All in good time.

The Vesperpool - North Bank Fishing Spot

The rest of this area is mostly uninteresting, save one spot. To the south-west is the Steyliff Grove dungeon, which you explored in Chapter 7 alongside Aranea. East and slightly south of the dungeon’s map marker is a Treasure Spot ( Ether ). Neither of these are, of course, the interesting bits. From the entrance to the Steyliff Grove dungeon head south through the swamp until you reach deep water. Noctis and his crew can’t swim apparently, but Chocobos can, and if you’re riding one you can continue south into the deep water.

Ride your Chocobo south along the wall containing the Steyliff Grove dungeon and when it ends, turn west and follow the stalagmite-lined land in that direction. Continue following the stalagmites as they turn north, then east, and eventually you’ll spot some cliffs to the north. Your goal is to follow the perimeter of The Vesperpool until you find The Vesperpool - North Bank Fishing Spot, which is along the northern end of The Vesperpool area, north-west of the Steyliff Grove dungeon. If you care to fish, there’s bound to be new things to catch here, although your success may be limited until you get your hands on some new rods, reels and lures.

There are more fishing opportunities in The Vesperpool, but first, let’s complete another quest, which is in the same area. Make your way south to the Capitis Haven Campground and, if you rest there Gladiolus will bug you about fishing for some “Liege of the Lake”. This is not an invitation to go fishing as much as it is an exercise in frustration - you’re better off waiting until you have a better rod and reel, and perhaps maximize your Fishing skill level on smaller catches.

Savior of the Species

From the Capitis Haven Campground head north-west across a road, past some large rocks and across another, more humble road until you find the egg in sight of the shore. Unfortunately some Sahagin decide they’re hungry and you’re forced to fight them off. Ignore the illusion of a timed struggled and dispatch the weaklings, then investigate the egg to collect it and take it back with you.

Again, there’s the illusion of timeliness concerning the egg, but you don’t need to be in any rush to get it back to Wiz. For the sake of organization, however, the outcome of such an endeavor will be recorded here, for you to peruse at your leisure… after all, it is only a fast-travel or two away. Anywho, take the egg and return it to Wiz, who will only be too happy to incubate the egg, during which time this quest will go dormant until the egg hatches and you can come back and visit the newly-hatched Chickabo. In the mean-time, however, The Vesperpool beckons…

Objective Reward
For bringing the Black Chocobo Egg to Wiz Sylkis Greens

Fine the Black Chocobo Egg to discover that some other, hungry predators want the egg (left). Teach the Sahagin their place in the food chain and protect the egg (right).

The Vesperpool - East Bank Fishing Spot

From where you found the egg (or from The Vesperpool Parking Spot, in general - it makes no difference) continue north-west to reach the shore of The Vesperpool, where you’ll find The Vesperpool - East Bank Fishing Spot. More important than the Fishing Spot itself is the store near it, Bert’s Bobbers ‘n’ Stuff. Not only does this shop sell two new types of lures (six in total) and high quality Dragon’s Beard fishing line, but it sells a new rod, Death Spin, and a new reel, Nereid. If you want to attempt to tackle tougher fish, make catching lesser fish easier, and have the money to burn, it’s a worthy investment.

Tabby’s Tackle Shack (Leisure Goods)

Item Price
Spider Silk 30 Gil
Super Baleen 100 Gil
Dragon’s Beard 500 Gil
Stinker: Malboro 100 Gil
Stinker: Malbodoom 100 Gil
Stinker: Great Malboro 100 Gil
Giant Needle 10,000: Gigantuar 100 Gil
Giant Needle 10,000: Metal Gigantuar 100 Gil
Giant Needle 10,000: Gold Gigantuar 100 Gil
Burrower: Mad Pink Sandworm 100 Gil
Burrower: Green Sandworm 100 Gil
Burrower: Abyss Sandworm 100 Gil
Death Spin 6,000 Gil
Nereid 4,800 Gil

You can also fish nearby, obviously, and there are two fish to watch out for, here. Flashing blue dots might just indicate the Royal Arapaima - the aforementioned “Liege of the Lake”. You probably don’t want to deal with this nasty fish right now. Another challenge, albeit more manageable, is the Vesper Gar, just aim for flashing yellow dots and be prepared for a fight. You don’t need to catch one just yet, but you’ll need one soon, so if you want to be ahead of the game, give it a shot.

The Ever Valorous Regalia

Return back south to the large dirt road that runs between The Vesperpool Fishing Spot and Capitis Haven Campground and follow it south, south-west, then west. At the southern-most end of The Vesperpool, right before the road turns sharply south again, you’ll find a sign proudly proclaiming the location. More importantly, downhill to the north-west you’ll find a smaller dirt trail that runs along the bank of The Vesperpool.

Follow this trail and keep your eyes to the south-west until you spot a Cockatrice family on a hill, including a Basilisk and some Chickatrices. Exterminate the family (yes, even the cute Chickatrices) and investigate the area to see what they were guarding to find a shed and a broken-down car nearby. Search near the car to find the Supercharger that Cindy sent you here for.

Return to Cindy when you will and she’ll immediately have another quest ready to go for as you as soon as this one ends, “The Ever Illustrious Regalia”. This time she wants you to go hunting for some headlights bulbs, but since they’re located in Crestholm Channel… they can wait for later. Be sure to install any new components you may have obtained since your last visit (that Supercharger will speed up car travel a good bit, if you weren’t already just fast-traveling everywhere!) before you leave.

Objective Reward
For giving Cindy the Supercharger EXP 600

Kill the Cockatrice and her family of Basilisks and Chickatrices (left) then search near some crates near a car to find the Supercharger (right).

Navyths Challenge

From here make your way north-west to reach the edge of The Vesperpool and follow the swamp to the north-west to find everybody’s favorite angler, Navyth, who happens to be hanging out near The Vesperpool - West Bank Fishing Spot. Lots of fishing up here, eh? Anyways, talk to Navyth and he’ll give you another challenge: to catch a Vesper Gar.

To catch this fist, using Super Baleen line at the least is suggested. As for lures, Stinker: Malboro and Stinker: Malbodoom both worth well. Unlike many difficult fish, this one doesn’t have a great amount of stamina, but it degrades line durability very quickly. As said earlier, aim for flashing yellow dots and use the aforementioned materials and you should haul one out of the water soon enough.

When you catch the Vesper Gar, go show off this proof of your prowess to Navyth, who marvels at your improvement before telling you of a legendary fish: the Devil of the Cygillan. He’ll be waiting for you in Galdin Quay, but frankly, it’s probably worth waiting until you get a bit of gear that’ll help you catch this monster… every little bit will help.

Objective Reward
For catching a Vesper Gar EXP 3,000 / Invincible Iron Giant

Near The Vesperpool - West Bank Fishing Spot you’ll find your fishing buddy Navyth, who challenges you tocatch a Vesper Gar (left). Hook this fiesty fish to impress even Navyth (right).

The Vesperpool - Cape Fishing Spot

You’re done with side quests in The Vesperpool for now… excluding the ones in the Myrlwood dungeon, that that’ll be covered on its own, shortly. First, however, it wouldn’t make sense not to point out the last fishing spot in this area (again, outside of the Myrlwood dungeon). From The Vesperpool - West Bank Fishing Spot follow the coast north-west, then north, at which point you’ll need a Chocobo to swim. Keep following the western perimeter of the area and you should stumble across The Vesperpool - Cape Fishing Spot.

A Better Auto Crossbow

Do whatever fishing you care to do around The Vesperpool, and when you’re ready to continue on to another noteworthy location in the area. Return to The Vesperpool - West Bank Fishing Spot and from there continue south until you reach the dirt road you’ve been intermittently traveling on. Follow this road south until it connects to the highway that runs through The Vesperpool’s southern end.

The highway is just a landmark right now, and a bit of an obstacle. Instead of traveling on it, you’ll want to head off the road to the west, then run south along the exterior guard rail until you find some arched supports under the bridge that allow you to pass under the bridge to the east. Pass under the first (northern-most) arch and search the ground under the highway to find a magazine that’ll teach Ignis the “Hearty Cutlet on Rice” recipe. Huh.

Search under the highway to find a magazine that’ll teach Ignis a new recipe (left) then scale a rock to find a Treasure Spot that yields a Cactuary Needle (right).

Continue east under the highway and once you’re on the eastern side of the highway turn north and run back along the opposite exterior guard rail until you find a Treasure Spot on a rock. Plunder the treasure here to obtain a Cactuar Needle , which, of course, is the component required to upgrade the Auto Crossbow. Since it’s a guaranteed drop you should have no trouble upgrading this weapon now, when you get the chance to return to Cid.

Objective Reward
For giving Cid a Cactuar Needle EXP 2,000 / Auto Crossbow Plus
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