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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 19-11-2019 / 19:06 GMT

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Verinas Mart - Ravatogh Hunts

Deadly Extermination

Level Target Habitat Reward
37 Soldier Wasp (x3), Killer Wasp (x3) Ravatoghan Trail (All Times) 3 Stars, 6,440 Gil, Mega Phoenix

You will find these flying pests to the northeast of the outpost and you’ll find this hunt annoying, since they can both confuse and poison your party. However, looking at their stats, the Killer Wasps have almost double the HP (64,000) of the Soldier ones (33,000), despite being four levels lower. The good thing is that both are weak to the same things (polearms, daggers and ice), as well as having the same strengths (lightning and holy). Take out the Soldier Wasps first, then concentrate on the Killer Wasps. Either way, though, you’ll be in for a long and arduous fight.

Wasps are very annoying enemies, as they can both confuse and poison you.

Verinas Mart Under Threat

Level Target Habitat Reward
38 Wyvern (x7) Ravatoghan Trail (All Times) 3 Stars, 7,290 Gil, Sapphire Bracelet

You will find that the enemies for this hunt are very close to the tipster who gives the hunt, somewhere around 800 feet away. The Wyverns can be a little bit annoying, since there are a lot of them and sometimes they move around a lot, especially with their glide attack. They have two attacks that can be blocked and parried, one where they jump high into the air and the other is a quick charge. Wyverns are level 38 and weak to firearms, shields and ice, while being strong against lightning and holy.

Tip: Wyverns drop their wings a lot, which sell for a good deal of money, so this hunt can be farmed repeatedly if you happen to need some gil.

Red Lightning of Ravatogh

Level Target Habitat Reward
44 Copperoc (x3), Thunderoc (x3) Ravatoghan Trail (Daytime) 3 Stars, 9,140 Gil, Mega Phoenix

Requires Hunter Rank 5 . If you don’t feel like running to the east to where the hunt is located, then you could always go to the Ravatoghan Trail parking spot and head north from there. Both of the enemies you will be facing are bird-like creatures, with the Thunderocs being the weaker of the two at level 29, and the Copperocs being level 44. Thankfully, they share the same weaknesses (sword, polearms and fire) and strengths (lightning and holy). Most of the time will likely be spent chasing after these feathery fliers, but be wary of the electric jolts they can shoot at you. They also have an attack where they follow you while spinning around in a circle, which can deal some major damage.

Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke

Level Target Habitat Reward
67 Zu (x1) The Rock of Ravatogh (All Times) 4 Stars, 25,300 Gil, Champion's Anklet

Complete The Perfect Cup sidequest . If you’ve done the "egg" option for The Perfect Cup quest, then you have a good idea on where this hunt is located. If not, then you need to travel through the entirety of the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon and once you drop down to the nest, you will trigger a short cutscene with the Zu upon getting close to the edge that leads into the big arena. Hop down and get ready to do battle with your large feathery friend. Despite its size, the Zu is a fairly simple fight and although its attacks are quite heavy, enough to send your characters into Danger with a single tap, there are ways around it to incapacitate the thing to deal some nice damage to it.

At level 67, the Zu only has 108,200 HP and is weak to polearms, machinery and fire, while being strong against firearms, lightning and holy. Getting in close can be a pain, with how huge the bird is and the fact its attacks are so strong. In fact, it can damage you just by walking around, so attacking the feet might be a negative in the battle. The Zu will also peck the ground in front of it and it can sweep its tail around, so standing behind it is not a good thing. Considering how little health it has, you might not see the one attack where it grabs you with its beak, prompting a Circle/B mashing session.

The long-awaited showdown with the Zu (left). It has a few spots that will make it lay down and become vulnerable (right).

The Zu can also flap its wings at you, sometimes causing damage, but it can also inflict confusion. Lastly, the Zu can take off into the skies and when it comes back around, it will divebomb you, prompting a block and parry sequence. Doing this successfully will leave the giant bird in a vulnerable state for some seconds. Also, attacking its beak area enough and breaking it will also leave it vulnerable, although not for as long as when you parry its divebomb. One of the biggest draws to the Zu is the fact that its beak (Zu Beak) is one of the few items in the game that can serve as a catalyst for magic to break the damage limit of 9,999.

Note: The camp right before your final descent into the Zu’s nest can be used to get a nice food buff against the Zu, as well as a recall point by "returning to last rest area." Use this advantage to avoid having to climb all the way to the summit of the Rock of Ravatogh if you want to farm Zu Beaks.

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