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Final Fantasy XV

Wiz Chocobo Hunts

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Red in Tooth and Claw

Level Target Habitat Reward
12 Voretooth (x9) The Malacchi Hills (All Times) 2 Stars, 2,140 Gil, Hi-Elixir

Voretooths are one of the most common enemies in the Duscae region of the game, so you will have run into many of them while exploring the world. If not, consider yourself extremely lucky and think of them like an evolved form of Sabertusks. Things might get a bit overwhelming if you’re around the same level as the intended hunt, which is level 12 (the same level as the Voretooths). They are weak to polearms, shields and ice, while being strong against fire and holy.

A Behemoth Undertaking

Level Target Habitat Reward
15 Deadeye (x1) The Nebulawood (All Times) 2 Stars, 3,020 Gil, Amethyst Bracelet

This hunt is a part of the Friends of a Feather sidequest, which automatically starts whenever you arrive at Coernix Station - Alstor at the beginning of Chapter 3. For more information on this hunt, check out that section of the guide.

Exorcism of the Nebulawood

Level Target Habitat Reward
19 Mindflayer (x3) The Nebulawood (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,190 Gil, Moon Pendant

Yet another nighttime hunt, which means you’ll have to be especially careful when you’re running to its location, as you may encounter higher level daemons, such as Iron or Red Giants. You will find the Mindflayers directly southeast of The Nebulawood parking spot and if you’ve finished Greyshire Glacial Grotto in Chapter 3, then you’ve already encountered these enemies. Be especially mindful of their grab attack, as it is very powerful. They are level 19 and weak to polearms, daggers, lightning and holy, while being strong against only ice.

Thunder in Them Thar Hills

Level Target Habitat Reward
21 Thunder Bomb (x5) The Malacchi Hills (Nighttime) 2 Stars, 3,330 Gil, Megalixir

Requires Hunter Rank 3 . As the name suggests, Thunder Bombs are completely immune to lightning magic, so it’s one less option for you to need to use against them. They can be found right outside of the entrance to Fociaugh Hollow, a dungeon you will visit during Chapter 5. If you are not that far yet, it is directly southeast of the Killiam Haven. The Thunder Bombs are level 21 and weak to swords, daggers and holy. One thing you will have to watch for is that Bombs are privy to self-destructing, which happens more often when they are lower on health, so concentrate on each one until they are dead and be careful when they start growing in size, as this is a sign that they might explode soon.

Fighting Bombs can be an overwhelming experience, especially since they can self-destruct, dealing major damage.

A Most Behemoth Undertaking

Level Target Habitat Reward
62 Behemoth Tyrant x1 The Nebulawood (All Times) 4 Stars, 19,540 Gil, Gold Bangle

Requires Hunter Rank 8 and you to complete A Behemoth Undertaking hunt . The Behemoth Tyrant is located in the exact same spot as Deadeye, although you don’t have to go through all of the warm-up to get to this one, so just head to the area with all of the barrels to find the Tyrant stomping about. This enemy is pretty much the same as all of the other normal Behemoths in the game, including Deadeye, and has the same attacks. At level 62, the Behemoth Tyrant has a lot of health (236,800) and is weak to greatswords and shields, while being strong against fire and holy.

You will want to be careful around the Tyrant and try not to get hit, as its attacks are strong and depending on your health, you might get put into Danger with just one hit. Also, it will use its tail with two of its moves, so be on the lookout should you stick to the backside. Additionally, it has two attacks that can trigger the blocking prompt, with one of those two actually leading you to jump off of the Behemoth’s horns to attempt a counter.

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