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Final Fantasy XV
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:08 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 19-11-2019 / 19:08 GMT

Final Fantasy XV Guide

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Trophy/Achievement Guide

Trophy/Achievement Guide (2)

Just Hangin’ Around

While in battle, you might see some button prompts appear that will allow you to warp to a certain point. When you see these, hold down the Triangle/Y button until Noctis teleports to them, which will replenish his MP and any difference between his HP and max HP. Some of these spots will have Noctis hanging from a cliff or other object by his sword, slowly draining his stamina (as if he was sprinting); you are introduced to this right before you meet Dave in the beginning of the game.



During battles, you have the ability to issue commands to your allies that will allow them to perform specific techniques once the green bar on the left of the screen fills up to a certain point. This is done by holding down L1/LB and then pressing the directional button that corresponds with the technique you wish to perform. These techniques are equipped to your allies just like equipment and you can learn new ones from the Techniques nexus on the Ascension Grid. Just have an ally perform a single technique to earn this trophy/achievement.


Blind Spot

Whenever you attack an enemy from behind during battles, you will perform a Blindside attack, which does more damage than usual. However, there is another benefit to doing this, which are Blindside Link attacks, where Noctis’ allies will join in to perform a maneuver that deals a lot of damage while being invulnerable to damage themselves. There is one slight problem, though, as Linkstrikes can only be performed with swords, greatswords and polearms; none of the other weapons, including all of the Royal Arms, have the ability to do these.


Noct You Like a Hurricane

Similar to Blindside Links, you can also perform Linkstrikes after parrying an enemy’s attack. During battles, you will sometimes receive prompts to block an enemy’s incoming attack, so when you see Square/X, hold that button down until you block the attack. For a second or so after blocking the attack, you can press Circle/B to parry the attack and if equipped with a sword/greatsword/polearm, one of your allies might join in with a Linkstrike. Get one of these to happen after a parry to get the trophy/achievement.


The Power of Kings

The Armiger is a special maneuver that won’t unlock until you obtain the Swords of the Wanderer in Chapter 4 of the main story. When this happens, you will unlock a special meter that encompasses your weapons that fills up as you attack and are attacked. Once it has been filled, press L1 + R1 /LB + RB to initiate the Armiger ability, which will increase Noctis’ speed and attack. That’s all you need to do to earn the trophy/achievement.


Magical Worker

Magic in Final Fantasy XV is a bit different than in other games, as you need to craft it before you can use it. Throughout the world are deposits that you can use to extract magical energy from and these can usually always be found around camping spots. Once you’ve gotten some energy, go into your menu and choose Elemancy. From here, you can craft magic by adjusting the amount of energy (which affects potency, AKA power) and then hitting Craft, which will net you the trophy/achievement.


Black Mage

Upon crafting a magic spell via the Elemancy menu, you will need to equip it to one of your slots like a normal weapon, but that requires Magic Flasks, which are items you can find throughout your journey. Once it’s equipped, use it like any other weapon in battle, but note that you can hold down Circle/B to move the point of impact around for the spell. As soon as you unleash the spell, you will receive this trophy/achievement.


Divine Intervention

The Six are the summons in the game and you will have the ability to call on most of them during battles, but only under certain circumstances. Note that whenever you call them as part of the game’s story, it will not count for this trophy/achievement, as you need to call them in the wild. The biggest problem with summoning one of the Six is that each one has specific requirements in order to call them, and some of them can also only be called in certain areas. The most common summon is Ramuh, as his trigger is just a prolonged battle. Whenever you see the L2/LT button prompt in battle, you have to hold the button down and not get hit at all until the summon finally plays out, netting you a new, shiny trophy/achievement.


High Five for Justice!

Justice Monsters Five is a pinball-like minigame that you can find in any of the Crow’s Nest diners in the game, the first of which you’ll likely come across at Longwythe Rest Area, the second outpost you will likely visit. The only thing you have to do is defeat the enemy icons that show up with your balls, but note that there are elemental weaknesses and strengths that come into play. You don’t need to do anything but play the game once to get this trophy/achievement.


Immortal Photobomb

Once you finish Chapter 5 of the main story, there is a chance that Gentiana will appear in one of the pictures taken by Prompto. When looking through your photos after resting, you will sometimes see Gentiana in them, but if you don’t, the other characters will almost always make a comment that she is in them. As soon as you find a picture with Gentiana in it, you will receive this trophy/achievement.


Sidequest-Related Trophies/Achievements

As you explore the game’s world, you will come upon optional quests that you can do to gain more experience, gil and even some new items. They come in two varieties, those given to you by NPCs (which appear as orange question marks) and those that are discovered naturally as you explore. There is around 200 total sidequests in the game and you only need to finish 80 of them to get all of the related trophies/achievements. Check out the Sidequests section for a list of them all.


My First Hunt

When you visit diners, you will come across a NPC that is called a tipster. These tipsters offer three different services, but for this trophy/achievement, you want to concentrate on the third (rightmost) one, Hunts. These optional pieces of content will have you going to a specific spot and kill certain monsters. After you perform that deed, return to any tipster to get your reward, which is usually gil and an item of some kind. There are around 100 Hunts in the game and you only need to do a single one to unlock this trophy/achievement.


Tortoise Toppler

The Adamantoise is probably the biggest boss in the game and will require you to do a few things before you unlock the ability to fight him. First and foremost, you will need to progress in the main story until Chapter 9, after which, you unlock the ability to travel back to past Lucis via Umbra. Once you do this, you will receive a call from Cindy that will unlock the Let Sleeping Mountains Lie sidequest. Do this sidequest to get a new Hunt to appear at the Hammerhead, called Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe, which will pit you against the Adamantoise.

This gigantic turtle has a whopping 5 million health and will likely require a good portion of your time in order to defeat it. However, there are a few things you can do to speed up the process. First, wait until the postgame and do the Legendary Weapons questline from Randolph in Lestallum to get the Zwill Crossblades, which give you more attack power when your HP is full. Second, make sure you have the Enhancement technique for Ignis, as this will also allow you to deal more damage. You will also want to keep a healthy supply of consumables, just in case things get hairy.

Once the fight begins, start by targeting one of the front flippers of the Adamantoise. Get Ignis to use Enhancement two or three times and should you see the beast’s appendages move, teleport away to avoid getting hit. Upon dealing enough damage, the Adamantoise will drop its head and you can begin dealing a lot more damage. Warp strike to its eye area and just begin attack it repeatedly. When it raises its head again, go back to one of the fins and repeat the process until you finally fell the monstrosity, earning you this trophy/achievement.


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