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Meldacio Hunter HQ

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Scraps of Mystery XI

You’re now done messing around with side quests in the south, time now to turn your attention to The Vesperpool. Instead of going up the western highway again, drive north from Lestallum, your destination being the Meldacio Hunter HQ, where there’s plenty of shopping to do and a few quests to pick up. Before you get there, however, there’s something to pick up along the way. As you drive up the road running between Lestallum and the Meldacio Hunter HQ you’ll pass by the Alpine Stable Parking Spot. Park here and look north-west to spot some ruins on a hill across the street. Head into the ruins and search around on the floor to find Mystery Map XI , the acquisition of which starts “Scraps of Mystery XI”

Search some ruins near Apline Stable Parking Spot to find Mystery Map XI (left) at the marked location on the map (right).

Meldacio Meal Steal

Grab the map, return to the Regalia, then continue on to the north until you reach the Meldacio Hunter HQ. Starting from the east and working your way west you’ll first come across Parvinath General Store. Before bothering with commerce, however, check out a female hunter who is eating outside to learn the “Horntooth Meat Pie” recipe.

Parvinath General Store

When you’re done ogling other people’s food, head into Parvinath General Store. Aside from a large selection of restorative items and ingredients, this store sells over-priced cosmetic items for the Regalia and Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7, which will teach Ignis the “Roc of Ravatogh Rice” recipe.

Parvinath General Store (Items)

Items Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 100 Gil
Elixir 400 Gil
Hi-Elixir 800 Gil
Phoenix Down 1,000 Gil
Antidote 10 Gil
Gold Needle 50 Gil
Smelling Salts 50 Gil
Maiden’s Kiss 100 Gil
Power EX 500 Gil
Mettle VX 500 Gil
Spirit ZX 500 Gil
Verve WX 500 Gil

Parvinath General Store (Ingredients)

Items Price
Daggerquill Breast 60 Gil
Anak Meat 80 Gil
Bulette Shank 220 Gil
Garula Sirloin 120 Gil
Dualhorn Steak 160 Gil
Chickatrice Leg 240 Gil
Gigantoad Steak 520 Gil
Garulessa Steak 670 Gil
Behemoth Steak 3,200 Gil
Jabberwock Sirloin 5,200 Gil
Zu Tender 4,800 Gil
Leiden Pepper 20 Gil
Sweet Pepper 50 Gil
Garlic 100 Gil
Shier Turmeric 250 Gil
Hulldagh Nutmeg 600 Gil
Kettier Ginger 600 Gil
Allural Shallot 800 Gil

Parvinath General Store (Auto Parts)

Items Price
Armor on Wheels 6,000 Gil
Caution: Wild Beasts Sticker 1,000 Gil

Parvinath General Store (Key Items)

Items Price
Iron Shelf Recipes, Vol. 7 2,000 Gil

Portuttle Hut Restaurant

Continue west to find Portuttle Hut Restaurant where, naturally, you can gather intel on the Vesperpool - handy, considering you’re about to explore it. He also has three meals that he’ll sell, which in itself isn’t anything special, but the fact that all three of them will inspire Ignis to invent new recipes is. Buy the Meat & Onion Skewers (2,000 Gil) to learn the “Hunter’s Krazy Kebabs” recipe, the Mama Ezma’s Meat Pie (1,500 Gil) will earn you the “Meldacio Meat Pie” recipe and ordering up the Hunter’s Ragout meal (3,00 Gil) will prompt Ignis to jot down the “King’s Stew” recipe. All of these meals offer up pretty good combat buffs, well-suited for mid-level hunts. Speaking of which… as a hunter’s outpost, it only makes sense that this restaurant will offer up a hefty helping of hunts.

Hunts - Meldacio Hunter HQ

Hunt Name Hunt Level Rank (Stars)
Voltage Fluctuation 29 ***
Threat from the Thicket 33 ***
Softly Now, Mighty Foes 35 ***
Mission: Invincible 38 ***
Divine Beast of the Underworld 38 ***
Hunter HQ Line of Defense 42 ***
Lovable Little Gluttons 44 ***
*Felling the Mad, Old Trees 46 ***
Serpent of the Risorath Basin 54 ****
Breeding Season: Hen Extermination 62 ****
Breeding Season: Rooster Extermination 70 *****
People Eating Snake Has Got to GO 78 *****
A Wall in Our Way 84 *****

*Only available after completing “The Myrlwood”.

Culless Munitions - Hunter HQ

Next, head north across the street to find the Hunter HQ branch of Culless Munitions, which sells a variety of powerful (and expensive!) new weapons. Some of them are marginal improvements over the upgraded weapons you can trade Caem Carrots for, but not so much that you should feel pressured to buy them if they’re outside of your price range.

Culless Munitions - Hunter HQ

Items Price
Durandal 10,000 Gil
Radiant Lance 10,000 Gil
Orichalcum 10,000 Gil
Black Prince 10,000 Gil
Rebellion 1,500 Gil
Thunder Shield 1,500 Gil
Flame Shield 1,500 Gil
Titanium Bangle 2,500 Gil
Heliodore Bracelet 2,000 Gil
Talisman 800 Gil
Knight’s Anklet 2,500 Gil
Oracle Card 2,500 Gil

More Quests From Dave and Sania

When you’re done shopping, continue west but keep your eye to the north, as you’ll spot the paragon of hunters - Dave - on a porch overseeing his domain. Talk to him and Dave almighty will bestow upon you another dog tag quest - “Mountains of Misfortune”. All hail Dave! Further west you’ll find everybody’s favorite… well… Sania. Talk to her and impose another fetch quest on you, the object this time being to hunt down some Myrlwood Fireflies. She doesn’t have the poise and eloquence of Dave, but since her request is in a place you’ll be exploring anyways, you might as well consider her demand. This starts the quest “The Professor’s Protégé - Myrlwood Firefly”.

At the Meldacio Hunter HQ you'll be able to pick up new quests from both Dave (left) and Sania (right).

Mystery Map XII

Return to the house Dave is standing on the porch of (if you haven’t been keeping up with Dave’s side quests, it’s the flower-adorned house with the “Aurolith Labs” sign on the front, the second building west from the Culless Munitions - Hunter HQ store) and circle around its western side to reach the back of the building. Here you’ll find a yellow bucket near some drums. Inside of the bucket you’ll find Mystery Map XII , which will start the quest “Scraps of Mystery XII” once read.

Search a yellow bin behind a house to find Mystery Map XII (left) at the marked location on the map (right).


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