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Final Fantasy XV

Takka's Sidequests

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

After completing the main quest “Ill Tidings” and starting Chapter 2 you’ll be able to take on sidequests from Takka, who gives you busy-work out of pity at Cid’s request. Despite being a professional restaurateur, Takka is frequently out of stock of key ingredients. Your job is to correct these oversights, and the reward he gives includes a variety of cooking ingredients to help ensure your stocks remain healthy, too.

Scenic Delivery

Where When Reward
Hammerhead Finish “Ill Tidings” 300 EXP / Gighee Ham x2 / Leiden Potato x2 / Sheep Milk x2 / Funguar x2

Takka’s first assignment is almost insultingly simple. You need only bring back a Lucian Tomato, which can be found east of a depression north-east of Hammerhead Outpost. Alternatively you can buy Lucian Tomatos from Galdin Quay or the Prarie Outpost, among other places.

The first few of Takka’s quest are simple - he’ll ask you to gather him an ingredient (left) and you go hunting or foraging for it (right).

Hunters and Gatherers

Where When Reward
Hammerhead Finish “Scenic Delivery” 500 EXP / Cleigne Wheat x5 / Dualhorn Steak x5 / Leiden Pepper x5

The second ingredient Takka sends you after isn’t much more difficult, but it does involve some combat. You’ll need to get a Daggerquill Breast. Daggerquills can be encountered outside of the Tomb of the Wise, north of the Prairie Outpost, or in the western-most valley of The Three Vallies, east of the Hammerhead Outpost. You can also buy them from the JM Market at the Prarie Outpost.

Emergency Delivery

Where When Reward
Hammerhead Finish “Hunters and Gatherers”, Complete Chapter 2 1,000 EXP / Cleigne Wheat x5 / Killer Tomato x5 / Saxham Rice x5

To continue fulfilling Takka’s requests you’ll have to complete the quest “Declaration of War” and finish Chapter 2 in the process. Once you’re in Duscae, you’ll need to hunt down Garula to obtain a Garula Sirloin. Fortunately the beasts are plentiful - west of the Coernix Station - Alstor and around Neeglyss Pond in the Alstor Slough, to name a few places.

Kill the Garulas near the shipment (left) then recover the missing goods so Takka can get his supplies (right).

Everyone Loves Beans

Where When Reward
Hammerhead Finish “Emergency Delivery” 1,500 EXP, Leiden Pepper x5 / Hulldagh Nutmeg x5 / Killer Tomato x5

This quest is a bit different from the previous three - this time you’re securing a misplaced shipment instead of hunting or foraging for what Takka needs. From the Old Lestallum outpost drive north until you reach a fork, at which point you’ll need to dismount and head north-west into the wilderness on foot to find a car off-road. Kill the Havocfangs prowling around to secure the shipment.

Lestallums Finest

Where When Reward
Hammerhead Finish “Everyone Loves Beans” 2,000 EXP / Griffon Breast x2 / Saxham Rice x5 / Schier Tumeric x5

Another quest that breaks a bit from the norm, you’ll have to do a bit of wandering around to track down the goods that Takka wants from Lestallum. Make your way to Lestallum and talk to the proprietor of the Furlock Farms stall to learn that the goodies Takka wants have gone missing. Drive to the Coernix Station - Cauthess and from there head north. The shipment you’re looking for is east of the road, guarded by a herd of Garulas led by a Garulessa. Smite the oversized cows and claim the shipment. You’ll have to return to the proprietor of the Furloch Farms stall in Lestallum and give him the news before you can return to Takka.

Hunt the Catoblepas and with any luck you’ll obtain a Catoblepas Brisket (left) with which Takka will craft a new dish (right).

A Meat Most Magnificent

Where When Reward
Hammerhead Finish “Lestallum’s Finest” 3,000 EXP / Allural Shallot x5 / Kettier Ginger x5

Make your way back to the to the Coernix Station - Alstor and pick up the hunt “Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens” from the Crow’s Nest Diner - Alstor. Once done, make your way south-west to the northern end of the Neegyss Pond to find the massive beast. It’s got a lot of Hit Points and deals stupendous damage when it hits. The upside? It’s quite slow, so your strategy should be to simply avoiding taking hits whenever possible. Warping in and out of danger and performing sustained aerial assaults and staying away from the Catoblepas’s feet is a sound strategy, especially if you can attack the body of the massive beast, or failing that, the head. Use your techniques and your Armiger whenever possible and when the beast falls, with any luck, you’ll get some Catoblepas Briskets. You may have to attempt the hunt multiple times to get the drop you’re looking for, however.

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