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Author(s): Nathan Garvin, Jarrod Garripoli
First Published: 19-12-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 29-07-2020 / 16:26 GMT
Version: 1.4 (????) 15-08-2020 / 08:06 GMT

There are more quests to be had here, but you'll have to leave the area and return before Wiz will offer them. That being the case, you might as well rent a Chocobo and go see to a quest that's now in your power to complete, "A Stone-Studded Stunner". If you have AP to spare, you might consider grabbing the "Chocobump" ability, as it'll make your Chocobo exploits more rewarding, and may end up paying for itself and then some depending on how much you ride Chocobos. Also keep in mind that if you dismount you can use your newfound Chocobo Whistle to summon the birds to your side by holding down R2/RT (this brings up the quick-item menu) then press left or right on the d-pad to change to your "Whistles" quick menu. This is also how you signal the Chocobos to perform various abilties they may have learned.

Note: Chocobos are shy creatures, and while you can usually just run past most enemies, if combat seems imminent, they'll buck you and flee to avoid the fray.

Mystery Map VII

Mount your birds and ride them south to reach the Chocobo racing tracks. Open up your map and note the three different-colored tracks: purple, orange, and blue. Head to the western end of the blue track (which forms and enlongated O) and look around for three small towers with golden domes on them. Search under the stairs along the eastern end of the tallest (eastern-most) tower to find Mystery Map VII , which starts the quest "Scraps of Mystery VII".

Search near the gold-domed towers amidst the Chocobo race tracks to find Mystery Map VII (left), at the area indicated on the map (right).

A Stone-Studded Stunner

Mount your birds and ride them south and slightly east, through the Chocobo race tracks, past the Swainsmere Fishing Spot (which should have been revealed to you by Wiz as part of his map intel) and finally to the Malacchi Pond Fishing Spot, which is just east of the Kettier Highland Parking Spot. When you reach the search area, dismount and go looking for the mineral deposits that contain the stones Dino wants. This time there are three of them you'll need to find, each of which will yeild a Heliodor Stone. One is just west of the Fishing Spot, a second Heliodor stone can be found a ways south of the lake, near the eastern end of the search area, while the third awaits you a good distance off, near the southern end of the search area.

Before you return to Dino, search the Fishing Spot itself. As usual there's bound to be two loot spots, one containing Spider Silk and the other holding a lure. More importantly, though, is the Treasure Spot south-east of the Fishing Spot, on some rocks along the southern end of the pond. Plunder this Treasure Spot to score some Assassin's Daggers, which are likely a significant upgrade for both Noctis and Ignis. Once those are yours, return to Dino by whatever means you find most expedient, talk to him again to start the quest "Reliable Royalty" then return to the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, resting as necessary to keep the nighttime Daemons at bay.

Objective Reward
For giving Dino three Heliodor Stones EXP 1,000 / Heliodor Bracelet

Note: While you're down at Galdin Quay, be sure to grab some Aegir Roots, which can be found in the wilderness north of the beach in the crook of the U-shaped road, or you can also find them just east of the Aldare's shop. You'll need one of these for a quest in a bit.

You'll find the mineral deposits that contain Dino's stones near the Swainsmere Fishing Spot (left). You can also grab some Assassin's Daggers while you're here - a free upgrade for Noctis and Ignis (right).

Where the Wild Chocobos Are

Now that you've spent some time away from the Wiz Chocobo Outpost, return there and Wiz should be offering some new quests, most of which require you to go check on wild Chocobos. Interact with his patio table to star the quest "Where the Wild Chocobos Are", which tasks you with finding a wild Chocobo and taking a picture of it to prove that it's doing well.

Accept the quest and head north-east, back to the Behemoth's Lair, wherein the rogue Chocobo dwells. Make your way through the Behemoth's Lair, kill any Voretooths that bother you, crawl under the wall where you had a close encounter with Deadeye, then duck under the second obstacle - the logs - making occasional sightings of the Chocobo as you go. Once you get under the logs you'll need to catch the Chocobo by running after it and hitting X/A to take the picture. Once you have the picture, return to Wiz for your reward... which mostly consists of a bit of experience and a few new colors for your Chocobo.

Objective Reward
For finding the wild Chocobo Wiz EXP 500 / Xelphantol Apple Seeds x1 / Doman Plum Pit x1 / Mamook Pear Seeds x1

Chase down the wild Chocobo for Wiz (left) so Prompto can take its picture (right).

Bird on the Brink

Talk to Wiz (or rather, his table) again to start up another quest. Another Chocobo has him worried, but this one is sick! Egads! Make sure you have a Potion handy, then either drive the Regalia or a Chocobo to the Cauthess Rest Area to the south-west (you should have discovered this outpost when you gathered map intel from Wiz earlier). It'll be worth exploring and quest around the Cauthess Rest Area later, but for now stay on task and make your way south into the wilderness to find the ailing Chocobo at the quest marker. When you find it, interact with it and give it a Potion to get it back on its feet. Wiz will be pleased.

Objective Reward
For finding the unwell Chocobo for Wiz EXP 1,000 / Curiel Greens x1

A Feathery Feast

There's some interesting stuff down where this Chocobo was, but ignore it for now - it can wait until you're exploring around the Cauthess Rest Area. Instead, return to Wiz to pick up another quest, "A Feathery Feast" which tasks you with bringing him an Aegir Root. If you already have some, simply turn it over. If not they can be found in the wilderness north of Galdin Quay, in the crook of the U-shaped road. Also in the Galdin Quay area you can find another group of Aegir Roots east of Aldare's shop. Another place to find them is in the Ostium Gorge area, north-west of the Brackham Haven Campground.

Objective Reward
For givinng Wiz an Aegir Root EXP 1,500

Note: After completing "A Feathery Feast" Wiz will start selling the "Fat Chocobo Triple Decker" meal for 1,100 Gil. Eating this expensive meal will inspire Ignis to create the rip-off recipe "Stacked Ham Sandwich".

Wiz will ask you to find him some Aegir roots so he can spice up his menu (left). Some can be found just east of Galdin Quay, if you don't mind a road trip (right).

Chase That Chocobo!

Talk to Wiz again and... Surprise! He's got another Chocobo rescue mission for you. This time one of the silly birds got itself attacked. Noctis to the rescue! This quest is quite a bit out of the way, however, as you'll have to travel to The Three Valleys back in Leide, where you'll find the wounded bird east of the central (western-most) valley), near a huge, collapsed bit of machinery. Examine the bird and you'll be attacked by some relatively high-level Saberclaws - meaner variants of Sabertusks. Once they've been culled, give the Chocobo a Potion so it can live to become prey another day.

Objective Reward
For finding the wounded Chocobo for Wiz EXP 2,000 / Valfruit Seeds x1 / O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds / Cieldalaes Pineapple Seeds x1 / Han Lemon Seeds x1

Examine the wounded Chocobo and you'll be ambushed by some leveled Sabertusks (left). Kill them and squander a Potion on the bird to get it back on its feet (right).

With that last quest you're done with the the Wiz Chocobo Ranch. Whew. Lots of quests around there. Time to make your way back to the Cauthess Rest Area, which will serve as the hub for the next bit of questing and exploration.

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