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Vyvs Backtracking Bonanza

Jarrod Garripoli
Nathan Garvin

Ravatogh has been plundered, and the Vesperpool - and it’s own dungeon, Myrlwood - beckons. First, however, there are some more quests to pick up back east, and while you’re at it, you might as well just go and get Vyv’s next quest “A Place to Call Home” out of the way.

First stop on this backtracking session is the Wiz Chocobo Ranch, where Wiz has another quest for you. Interact with the table near him and he’ll tell you of another chocotastrophe in the making. Seems there’s a rare black Chocobo out in the wild, and ones of its eggs needs to be rescued… and you’re the only hunter with enough spare time to bother with such a chore. This starts the quest “Savior of the Species”, and it provides you even more incentive to return to Vesperpool. Neat.

Talk to Vyv after Ravatogh to get a new mission - take a picture of home (left), then visit Wiz to pick up a new quest in The Vesperpool (right).

A Meat Most Magnificent

If you’ve been keeping up with Takka’s quests he should have given you the quest “A Meat Most Magnificent”, which charged you with gathering him some Catoblepas Brisket. Such a beast might have proved rather difficult back in Chapter 3, but if you’ve been keeping up with side quests and hunts and have yourself the Ultima Blade, it should be a more manageable task now.

Make your way back to the to the Coernix Station - Alstor and pick up the hunt “Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens” from the Crow’s Nest Diner - Alstor. Once done, make your way south-west to the northern end of the Neegyss Pond to find the massive beast. It’s got a lot of Hit Points and deals stupendous damage when it hits. The upside? It’s quite slow, so your strategy should be to simply avoiding taking hits whenever possible. Warping in and out of danger and performing sustained aerial assaults and staying away from the Catoblepas’s feet is a sound strategy, especially if you can attack the body of the massive beast, or failing that, the head. Use your techniques and your Armiger whenever possible and when the beast falls, with any luck, you’ll get some Catoblepas Briskets. You may have to attempt the hunt multiple times to get the drop you’re looking for, however.

When it’s in hand, return to Takka at your leisure (presumably on your way to complete Vyv’s quest “A Place to Call Home”) for your reward. Takka will make a confession, then he’ll tell you about a new recipe he’s cooking up, the Sizzling Humongo Steak (2,600 Gil). Buy it to teach Ignis the “Thick ‘n’ Juicy Steak” recipe.

Objective Reward
For providing Takka with a Catoblepas Brisket EXP 3,000 / Allural Shallot x5 / Kettier Ginger x5

Take on the hunt "Marsh Madness! The Giant Awakens" to fight a Catoblepas, hopefully obtaining some Catoblepas Brisket when it falls (left) then return to Takka and he'll whip you up a new meal (right).

The Perfect Cup (Meat Variant)

You finally have plenty good excuses to return to Leide, so the final variant of “The Perfect Cup” might as well be covered. If you told Gladiolus that your favored ingredient was “Meat” during the quest “A Need for Noodles”, you’d have been tasked with getting meat from a Behemoth. The specific Behemoth in question lurks along the western end of Leide, so fast-travel to the Norduscaen Blockade Parking Spot, which is south of the Prairie Outpost. Even if you don’t have this version of “The Perfect Cup” you might as well travel here anyways, as it’ll trigger the quest “Formouth Garrison”.

Once there, leave your car behind and head east into the wilderness to confront the Rogue Behemoth you’re after. You don’t have any explosive barrels to help you out this time, but you shouldn’t need them. You’re must stronger this time around, so just remember that Behemoths are weak to greatswords and shields, and are strong against fire and holy. Once it’s been smote, make your way back west to the Norduscaen Blockade Parking Spot and from there continue south-west to reach the Entethina Haven Campground, where you can rest and prepare the Cup Noodles Gladiolus’s heart desires.

Objective Reward
For sating Gladiolus’s taste for exquisite Cup Noodles EXP 4,000

If you picked the "meat" variant of "The Perfect Cup" you'll find a Rogue Behemoth south of the Prairie Outpost (left). Out of so mighty a foe, just enough meat is used to adorn a Cup Noodle meal (right).

A Place to Call Home

Vyv wants a picture of the Crown City, and it has to be taken by Noctis - or rather, by his annoying subordinate, Prompto. The easiest way to get to the Hill Overlooking Insomnia - your destination - is to have Ignis drive you to the Crown City Checkpoint Parking Spot, then make your way north-east, through some ruins, past the Crestholm Reservoir Fishing Spot, and to a dirt road, which you should then follow south-east. The route - and the enemies patrolling it - are the same as they were at the end of Chapter 1, save that the imperials will be slightly higher level now than they were earlier… although not high enough level to make them anything but trivial opposition. Still, might as well take the opportunity to earn yourself some easy AP by Warp Striking them.

Reach the ledge overlooking Insomnia and get Prompto to take the picture and you’ll be ready to return to Vyv, who naturally has another quest for you: “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”, which itself has three subquests, “Leide Imperial Base”, “Duscae Imperial Base” and “Cleigne Imperial Base”. Oh, Vyv, the wonders never cease with you, do they?

Objective Reward
For taking a picture of home EXP 3,500 / 17,500 Gil

Fight through the imperials to get a glimpse - and a photo - of home (left), then return to Vyv to get a new photo mission (right).

Leide Imperial Base

No sense in leaving these quests to linger in your quest log when they’re well within your means to complete. First stop, return to Leide, more specifically, the imperial base (Formouth Garrison) south-east of the Prairie Outpost. Don’t worry, though, you’re just here to take some photos, not to battle the entire garrison… yet. Make your way to the road south of the imperial base and brazenly snap a picture from there. Sounds simple enough, but you’re almost certain to have to deal with imperial dropships and their tedious cargo.

Expect to be pestered by imperial dropships as you go about trying to get your photos of their bases (left). Snap a photo of Formouth Garrison, near the Prairie Outpost (right).

Duscae Imperial Base

The simplest of the three quests, just get Ignis to drive you to the Quest Location and… well, get out of your car and snap a picture. It’s nice when these bases have highways leading right up to them, eh?

Cleigne Imperial Base

The third and final base you need to take a picture of is the base north of Old Lestallum… yep, the one near which you took pictures earlier for his quest “Aftermath of the Astral War”. You don’t need to circle around to the eastern side of the base or anything this time, just head up to the base via the elevated road along its north-western corner, which connects the base to the highway and snap a photo.

Once you’ve taken a picture of all three bases, return to Vyv and claim your typically generous reward. His next quest “The Cursed Canvas” charges you with photographing some evil spirit, but since this objective is located in Altissia, it can be ignored for now.

More imperial bases await Prompto's camera in Duscae and Cleigne (left), after which return to Vyv to get yet another, rather odd request (right).

Once you’ve taken a picture of all three bases, return to Vyv and claim your typically generous reward. His next quest “The Cursed Canvas” charges you with photographing some evil spirit, but since this objective is located in Altissia, it can be ignored for now.

Objective Reward
For taking pictures of imperial bases EXP 4,000 / 20,000 Gil


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