As you progress through the campaign, Lara will progressively unlock additional equipment that can be used to traverse the map in various ways.

Pick Axe – The Pick Axe is Lara’s starting weapon and in addition to its combat abilities it can also be used outside of enemy encounters in a number of ways. They include:

  • The Pickaxe can be used to manipulate winch mechanisms.
  • Whilst exploring the Pickaxe can also be utilised to break down weak segments of walls found in ruins or caves.
  • The Pickaxe is required to open the Lockbox collectibles.
  • The Pickaxe can also be used to farm reagents from the environment such as Magnesite Ore.
    Lockpick – The Lockpick can be acquired by completing the first side-mission ‘Communications Breakdown’. It can be used to unlock locked doors and specific, locked Strongboxes.

The Pickaxe can be used to take down weak walls (right). Rope Arrows can be used to create ziplines (right) or pull down barriers.

Rope Arrows – Rope Arrows return from the previous game and perform essentially the same function. They have a pair of abilities which include the following:

  • Standing beside a rope-covered winch, Lara can shoot other nearby rope attachment points to link the two objects together. Used in conjunction with Lara’s pickaxe, Lara is able to move/turn the mechanism and manipulate objects in the environment.
  • Standing beside a rope-covered pillar, Lara can shoot other nearby rope attachment points to link the two objects together. The linked up rope can then be jumped up to and climbed along, allowing access to otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • In certain areas, Lara is able to hit suspended pillars with rope covering their lower half to swing to distant platforms.
  • Blockages to cave entrances or doorways covered by rope can be removed using the Rope Arrows.
    Combat Knife – The Combat Knife can be used to cut pieces of rope in the environment. These include supports for elevators, suspended objects for challenges such as rabbits, bells and flags.

Wire Spool – The Wire Spool has a number of uses and once acquired you’ll be able to use it to improve Lara’s ability to explore. It can be used to do the following:

  • The Wire Spool can transform Lara’s pick axe into a grapple axe. This can be used by jumping and attaching to horizontal supports with hooks allowing Lara to swing across gaps between platforms.
  • The Wire Spool’s grapple axe ability can also be used to jump and attach to high up ledges. Once attached, Lara can climb the rope to reach the ledge.

The Wire Spool can be used on hanging beams to grapple across gaps (left). Broadhead Arrows can be used to climb sections of weak wood (right).

Rebreather – Once acquired around 2/3 of the way through the game, the Rebreather will allow Lara to stay underwater indefinitely without having to surface for air.

Broadhead Arrows – Broadhead Arrows are used outside of combat and can be used to help Lara access some hard to reach locations. They are used in the following ways:

Broadhead Arrows can be shot into sections of weak wood. Lara can then jump to these and climb up onto them to use them as a temporary platform. Multiple Broadhead Arrows are often required when climbing larger sections of weakened wooden panelling.


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