After speaking with the fellow by the guard tower at the northeastern edge of the village farmstead area, he’ll give you the task of gathering resources for him. He requires four Hardwood bundles and four Deer Hides .

If you are lucky and have been a little slack on upgrading your equipment, you’ll probably have these resources on hand to hand in. If not, you’ll need to keep your eye out for Deer and lootable trees as you proceed through the area. Once you have the required amount, return them to the quest giver.

He’ll ask you to place some of the resources in a nearby basket and then take the rest to a location in the far southeastern corner of the map.

From the northern end of the village take the wooden pathway down to the right. Use the zip line to reach the valley below. As soon as you land, look behind the stone pillar behind and to the right to find a Hanging Rabbit [Hung out to Dry 03/06].

After entering the valley, climb the structure ahead for Strongbox 03 (left). Look for Survival Cache 06 on the riverbank nearby (right).

Make your way over to the structure ahead. On this structure you’ll find a Strongbox [03/08 - Weapon Part: Bolt Action Rifle Component 03] and on the northern side a Hanging Rabbit [Hung out to Dry 04/06] . At ground level, just to the northeast of the structure by the rocks on the river bank you’ll find Survival Cache [05/20] to the southeast of the same structure in a similar location is Survival Cache [06/20].

Move to the west and keep your eyes open for a pair of caves along the cliff on the right hand side (below the village). The northern cave contains a Bear. If you haven’t any in stock, craft some arrows and some Poison Arrows before heading into the cave. Kill the Bear by hitting it with a Poison Arrow to stun it, before shooting it with regular arrows. Use a Poison Arrow again when it recovers to stun it once again and then hit it with regular arrows once more. Alternate until the Bear is dead.

In addition to looting the Bear itself, the Bear’s cave has a pair of Mushrooms available. The southern of the two caves contains Mushrooms , a crate of Salvage and a Document [09/33 - Greek] . Just to the east of this cave there is a section of climbable wall built into the cliff face. The platform at the top holds a Survival Cache [07/20] . Return down to the valley.

Inside the southern cave youll find Document 09 (left). At the top of the scalable wall nearby there is Survival Cache 07 (right).

From the exit of the southern cave, head to the southeast to find a large hunting platform in the trees. Use the rocks to the south of this structure to jump up to it. You’ll find a Document [10/33 - Greek] and a crate of Salvage on the platform. Drop down and by a small puddle just to the west of the platform you’ll find Coin Cache [02/09] .

Keep moving to the southwest until you reach the hunting shack at the far end of the area. Inside the smaller shed just north of this you’ll find a Document [11/33 - Greek] . Outside the hunting shack you’ll find another ally who’ll give you a side-mission ‘Surveillance Disruption’ and inside there is an Archivist’s Map and two quivers of Arrows for the taking.

Behind the hunting shack you’ll find the southern guard tower. Interact with the basket here to drop off the remaining supplies. Now all we’ll need to do is return to the quest giver for our reward. We’ll do that in conjunction with the ‘Surveillance Disruption’ side-mission below.


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