Objective: Reach the mountain summit

Once we are in control of Lara, we’ll need to follow her friend Jonah along the narrow ridge. After a brief spot of carefree adventuring the ground will give away and we’ll need to hit the button prompt that appears on-screen to have Lara grab onto a ledge.

Shimmy to the right, jumping to the next ledge when required (and pressing button prompts that appear over Lara’s head). Climb up the handholds at the end to reach a ledge above. Approach the large ice wall and press the pickaxe button (X/Square) to attach to the wall. As you near the top of the first ice wall, jump to a second ice wall to the left and continue to the top. From here, jump to the platform with your friend on the left.

Now that we are reunited, continue to follow our friend up the slope and all the way through the cave we come across until we exit the far side. Continue along the icy ledge until a scene plays.

Follow Jonah along the path (left). Climb back up to him when lara loses her footing (right).

Following the scene, pilot Lara to the right along the narrow ledge and jump and attach your pickaxes to the ice wall beside it. Climb up the ice wall and grab the handhold at the top. Jump to another to the right and then up to the ice wall above. Follow this to the right until a scene plays.

When you are back in control, jump to the right and mash the pickaxe button to have Lara grab onto the ice wall below as you fall by it. At the top of this ice wall, jump straight upwards and hit the pickaxe button to grab another ice wall above. Climb to the top for a cut-scene.

After the scene we’ll be suspended from a rope. Swing back and forth until you can reach the ice wall on the right hand side. Hit the pickaxe button to grab on. This will take two attempts. When successfully attached, climb to the top for another scene.

Shimmy along the narrow edge (left). Swing across to the far ice wall when you are hanging from the rope (right).

Upon regaining control of Lara, sprint for the wooden ledge ahead and jump the gap to the next (hit the button prompt that appears). Jump down again to another platform below and continue along the narrow pathway. When you reach the downed plane, use the swing pole here to grab onto a zip line.

The zip line will soon transition into sliding down a slope. Hit the button prompt when it appears to grab the ledge. Quickly jump to the ice wall on the right and climb it to the top. Sprint along the collapsing ledge here, hopping between sections of solid ground. At the far end, jump towards the ice wall opposite and hit the pickaxe button to grab on.

A scene will play to end the prologue.


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