Objective: Reach the copper mill

When you are back in control, exit the cave and grab the box of reagents near the exit. As you reach the outdoor area you’ll find a new Base Camp ‘Hidden Refuge’. You can use the Base Camp here to apply any upgrades you require and spend any skill points you have. Exit the Base Camp menu when you are ready to continue.

From the ‘Hidden Refuge’ Base camp, drop down the cliffs to the west to reach entrance to the cave below that we explored earlier. Now that we’ve activated the Monolith, in the clearing by the cave entrance you’ll find a Coin Cache [02/09] . Cross the river and head to the ‘Logging Camp’ Base Camp.

On the opposite side of the building from the fire, you’ll find a roped up section of wall. Use your Rope Arrows to pull it out. Head inside the opening to find a Strongbox [06/14 – Weapon Part: Sub-Machine Gun Component 01]. Make your way upstairs and into the building proper to find an ally. Speak with him to accept a side-mission ‘The Unlucky Ones’ .

Soviet Installation Side-Questing

Whilst we can head on over to the Copper Mill on the eastern side of the map to continue with the story, the game also offers up a few side-quests at this point. We can undertake the remaining four side-quests for the area. Each of these side-quests have nice gear-related rewards that will help us out in the long run, whilst also delivering a good amount of XP. They’ll also give us a good excuse to track down and pick up some additional collectibles along the way.

The four side-missions available in the Soviet Installation are listed below in the most efficient order I could find to attempt them. You’ll find guides to each of these below:

  • Side-Mission: The Unlucky Ones
  • Side-Mission: Misguided Intelligence
  • Side-Mission: Dangerous Territory
  • Side-Mission: Gulag Recon


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