Objective: Make your way to the heart of Kitezh

Move forward and drop down the first two ledges until you see a set of stairs ahead. Before proceeding, turn around to look back to where you came from. You should spot a set of stairs behind us on the right. Climb these to the top to locate an Archivist’s Map .

Just to the left of the stairs we’ll need to descend is a small icy ledge with some Feathers , a basket of Herbs and a Document [01/04 - Russian] . Drop down to the floor below, grab the Hardwood from the shrub here (if required) and continue through the broken doorway ahead.

Continue into the Path of the Deathless (left). Grab the Document 01 (right) to the left of the path.

From the end of the pathway, jump across to the ledge on the far side of the chasm here and use the handholds and axe climbing wall to reach the top. On the upper ledge, shimmy to the left. Jump to the left when required and climb the ice wall at the end to the top.

Jump to the next ice wall here. When you regain control, hold forward on the control stick to have Lara move to safety. Follow the set pathway looting the crate of Cloth , Magnesite Ore deposit and cylinder of reagents as you proceed.

Scramble up to the handhold on the building to the right at the end of the path and use the handholds and ice wall provided to climb to the ice bridge at the top of the room. From the end of this, jump to the statue opposite and shimmy around to the left to find a platform with a camp fire.

Drop down and approach the camp fire to unlock a new Base Camp ‘Hall of Guardians’. You can use the Base Camp here to apply any upgrades you require and spend any skill points you have. Exit the Base Camp menu when you are ready to continue.

Enter the door behind the camp fire and grab the cylinder of reagents. Use the thin rock bridge to reach the ledge below. Move forward until the path gets too thin to progress further. At this point Lara takes up position with her back to the wall. Slowly move along the narrow ledge here until you reach the far end.

After crossing the narrow ledge (left), Document 02 can be found on a small ledge to the right (right).

Once you can walk normally again, look just to the right to spot a small ledge with Document [02/04 - Mongolian] . Return to the main pathway and climb up the wall at the end.


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