Objective: Find your way up the mountains to the Observatory

Upon exiting the cave look to where the wooden walkway ahead meets the cliff to its right. In this location there is a Survival Cache [16/20] . Follow the path to the right until you bump into an NPC. Loot the Hardwood shrub and the two crates of Salvage if you so desire. In the corner here, there is a hunting platform. Jump and use your grapple axe to nab the ledge and climb up. On the platform you’ll find a Document [29/33 - Greek] .

Before crossing the broken bridge, grapple axe up to the wooden platform for a Document 29 (left). Near the waterfall, you'll find Survival Cache 17 (right).

Drop back down to the ledge below. Use the grapple axe to swing to the opposite side of the broken bridge.

On the far side, there is another Hardwood shrub here. Follow the path up the hill and when you see the large, moss covered boulder in the center of the path, look for a cylinder of reagents to its left and a crate of Salvage to its right. Continue until you reach the river. Loot the Herbs/Hardwood here if you require them.

Cross to the far side of the river and check out the tiny ledge beside the waterfall for a Survival Cache [17/20]. Move to the main bank.

On this side of the river you’ll find another Herb shrub, several boxes of reagents, a crate of Salvage, an Archivist’s Map and a new Base Camp ‘Ridgeline’. You can use the Base Camp here to apply any upgrades you require and spend any skill points you have. Exit the Base Camp menu when you are ready to continue.

Just west of the camp, against the cliff wall here, there is a Survival Cache [18/20] . By the red diving board sticking out over the waterfall below, there is a Coin Cache [07/09] . There is also a small niche just north of the camp fire that is blocked by a barrier that we can open using Grenade Arrows. Behind the barricade there is a chest containing a Relic [11/13 – Ancient Dagger] . Inspect the broken end of the handle to boost Lara’s Greek language proficiency.

Destroy the barrier to find Relic 11 (left). Head down the hill to find a funeral - beside the people here you'll find Survival cache 19 (right).

Find the path leading down the mountain to the south. As you progress along this, keep an eye on the left hand side for a group of people. They are performing a funeral. Walk over and watch them for a little while to earn yourself an achievement/trophy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Paying Respects

Attend a funeral

Trophy icon

To the left of these people you’ll also find a Survival Cache [19/20] .

Continue down the slope until you cross a small bridge. Drop down into the water here and follow it until you reach the cliff. To the left you’ll see a series of ledges we can climb across (these will be highlighted with Survival Instinct on). Drop down to the ledge below when you are able and then run and jump across to the next to find an Explorer’s Satchel . From this platform, run and jump again to reach a platform behind the waterfall.

Loot the cylinder of reagents here and proceed into the cave. Destroy the weak wall when you reach the dead end and proceed through the crack to the crypt area.

Upon entering, drop down into the water below and grab the Mushrooms on the left ledge (if required). Return to the water and dive under the water. Swim below the blockage and surface on the far side.

Climb out of the water and proceed until you can either drop down to the right or enter a room to the left (we’ll come back through here on our way out). On the ground in this area there is a Document [30/33 - Greek] . Drop down to the room below and grab the Oil here if you require a top up. Move into the opening at the end of the area to find a Mural [04/04 - Greek] on the wall to the left.

Take the zip line at the end of this tunnel to reach the crypt’s treasure chamber. Loot the chest in here for a Crypt Treasure [02/02 – Weapon Part: Ancient Bow Part 04/04] .

Return to where we zip lined in and drop to the area below. There is a vein of Magnesite Ore on the opposite wall. Follow the flooded tunnel to the end and climb the scalable wall with your pickaxes. At the top there is a decent sized room with some Mushrooms and three veins of Magnesite Ore to loot (the one by the waterfall can be accessed via the platform and the sing bars on the right side of the room).

Head out the other exit to find yourself in a familiar location. Simply backtrack through the cave until you reach the exit.

If you dive down into the water below, there is a small, hidden cave beneath the waterfall. With a Rebreather equipped, you can swim through the underwater tunnel to reach it. Inside you’ll find two veins of Magnesite Ore and some Mushrooms .

Once you are done with that, return to the base of the waterfall and its onwards to the next Challenge Tomb!


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