Rise of the Tomb Raider, similar to Tomb Raider (2013) incorporates a levelling system into the gameplay. As players perform various actions in-game, they can earn and gather experience (XP) over time. Upon accumulating sufficient XP, Lara will earn herself a Skill Point. These Skill Points can then be invested in one of three Skill Trees to unlock enhanced abilities, alternate attack types, stat boosts and some general bonuses.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider you’ll gain XP via the following:

  • Completing campaign objectives.
  • Completing side-missions.
  • Killing enemies, either through combat or via stealth kills.
  • Killing animals.
  • An XP bonus is awarded for completing most combat encounters without being detected.
  • With Skill Points invested in certain Skills, Lara will earn bonus XP for performing various actions. These include:
  • Bonus XP for performing a dodge-counter kill. ‘Duellist Reflexes’ in the Brawler Skill Tree. - Bonus XP for chaining together head shots and silent takedowns. ‘Finesse’ in the Hunter Skill Tree. - Bonus XP for subduing enemies with crafted items. ‘Resourceful Combatant’ In the Survivor Skill Tree. - Bonus XP for picking up Collectibles and Challenges. ‘Avid Learner’ in the ‘Survivor’ Skill Tree.
  • Levelling your characters means acquiring Skill Points and spending them. Spending Skill Points is important because the can offer a range of bonuses and improvements to Lara’s abilities, health and XP income which can drastically decrease the difficulty level of the game (which is a godsend on Survivor difficulty).


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    Rise of the Tomb Raider is a follow up to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot and as a continuation of the story, players will once again enter the well-tread boots of Lara Croft. In an adventure spanning London, Syria and Siberia Rise of the Tomb Raider offers up a lengthy campaign filled with hordes of collectibles, numerous challenges, optional Challenge Tombs, deadly enemies and more than its fair share of puzzles.

    Let us guide you through Lara’s Siberian adventure every step of the way! Our comprehensive guide will provide you with:

    • Complete walkthrough to the story from beginning to end.
    • Guides to all eight side-missions.
    • Walkthroughs to all nine optional Challenge Tombs.
    • Locations to every collectible including: Coin Caches, Documents, Murals, Relics, Strongboxes and Survival Caches.
    • Complete walkthrough to Baba Yaga: Temple of the Witch DLC add-on.
    • Achievement/trophy unlock guide.

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