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Tales of Arise

Ryugola Core Fragment Locations in Beyond the Dawn

Ben Chard

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn unfortunately offers little in the way of new weapons in the DLC, but there are new ultimate weapons, found by crafting one of the new weapons found earlier in the DLC with a new material, Ryugola Core Fragments. If you want to craft these new capstone weapons, you’ll need to play through to the final parts of the campaign where they will become available. This page will go into detail on how you can obtain enough of these materials to outfit the entire party.

You will need Ryugola Core Fragments to forge the ultimate weapons in Beyond the Dawn.

Where to Find Ryugola Core Fragments

As you unlock the final dungeon in Beyond the Dawn, you’ll notice the appearance of new weapons at the Blacksmith. These are the best weapons you can obtain in a playthrough of Tales of Arise, beating out the ultimate weapons from the original campaign. You’ll need two materials to craft these weapons, the base weapon that they’re based on, found in the Mausoleum of the Jungle: Helgal-Ryugola 67. This is the second Mausoleum you’ll visit as part of the main story and so long as you explore the entirety of the dungeon, they’re hard to miss (just be ready to fight some Gigant enemies that block the way). The weapons you’re looking for are as follows:

Character Weapon
Alphen Novus Aetas
Shionne Initium Lucis
Rinwell Black Book of Disaster and Dawn
Law Divine Hand Armor
Kisara Supreme Shield Aegis
Dohalim Ending Rod Bucks

With the first step taken care of, you’ll notice that each weapon requires a single Ryugola Core Fragment. These can be found in the final dungeon of Beyond the Dawn, the Keystone. This is a massive dungeon, and you’ll traverse temples based on the elements. At key points in the dungeon, you’ll run into a shadow of Nazamil, which will then prompt a battle against her inner darkness.

By now, especially if you’ve been completing a lot of the quests on offer in the DLC, you should have obtained most of the skills available, so these battles shouldn’t be too difficult. Just remember to focus on the monsters that Nazamil calls out first, so the battlefield is more manageable. Also, keep an eye on Nazamil’s casting and counter with Rinwell’s Boost Strike as her spells fill a large area and can deal some nasty damage to the party if you’re trying to deal with her summons at the same time.

(1 of 2) You will find shadows of Nazamil throughout the Keystone dungeon

You will find shadows of Nazamil throughout the Keystone dungeon (left), be sure to defeat any summons first before focusing on her. (right)

Victory will see you rewarded with two Rygola Core Fragments, and there are three battles with Nazamil’s shadow throughout the final dungeon. While it’s hard to miss them, one of these clones is not required to complete the dungeon so you may miss out on some for your two lesser-used characters. Don’t be in a rush to go and upgrade after your first victory, instead wait until you activate the teleporter that brings you back to the main hall, where you can easily fast-travel to continue your dungeon delving.

You can find the stats of each character’s ultimate weapons in the table below:

Character Weapon Attack E. Attack Penetration
Alphen Novus Aetas Dawn 580 555 480
Shionne Aeternum Lucis 540 575 500
Rinwell A Passage from the Black Book 505 650 460
Law Topmost Hand Armor 570 565 480
Kisara Supreme Shield Aegis Alter One 580 555 490
Dohalim Ending Rod Dionysus 575 565 480
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