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Tales of Arise

Ice Wolf Leader

Ben Chard

This page details everything about the story battle against the Ice Wolf Leader in Rudhir Forest, Cyslodia in Tales of Arise. This will detail all of its attacks and how to defeat it.

The Ice Wolf Leader is a boss in Tales of Arise.

Boss Lv Weakness
Ice Wolf Leader 16 Fire

Phase One

You’ll encounter the Ice Wolf Leader as you pass through the Rudhir Forest in pursuit of Zephyr. You’ve been fighting many Ice Wolves as you pass through the plains of Cyslodia but this beast is a lot more fearsome. To begin with, the Ice Wolf Leader will be accompanied by three regular Ice Wolves, these should be your main priority in the early stages of the battle so that you avoid getting overwhelmed by the numbers.

Once you’re alone with the Ice Wolf Leader, you can begin to focus on attacking its weak point on the right foreleg. When the Ice Wolf Leader jumps back to the edge of the arena, get ready for it to charge at you and use a Somersault, you can evade this by dodging either to the left or right as it approaches. If the Ice Wolf Leader does a small jump back, it’ll soon follow it up with a Leap Attack that will deal minor damage should it strike, this is simple enough to dodge by evading backwards or to either side.

The Ice Wolf Leader has a second attack that it can use when it does a small jump back, it will follow it up with a small jump from side-to-side. Once you see this, get ready for a Swipe that will deal moderate damage should it strike you. You’ll want to evade towards and to the right of the Ice Wolf Leader to prevent getting hit here.

(1 of 9) You’ll find the Ice Wolf Leader’s weak point on its right foreleg

Phase Two

Once you bring the Ice Wolf Leader’s HP down to half and use a Boost Strike, you’ll enter the second phase. It will begin by calling out more Ice Wolves and instantly entering Overlimit. While in Overlimit, the Ice Wolf Leader gains two new Ice elemental attacks, the first will see it gather Ice into its mouth and then leap into the air to drop three large Ice Boulders in front of it, once you see it charging, dash away from it and keep to the edge of the arena.

The other attack is the Ice Wolf Leader’s deadliest attack as it dashes across the arena leaving a large icicle trail behind it. The Ice Wolf Leader will repeat this Ice Dash three times before coming to halt, you’ll need to try and direct this away from your other party members as they won’t be able to dodge this and if struck by it, it will kill you.

The rest of the attacks remain the same for the Ice Wolf Leader during the second phase, keep up the pressure by striking the weak point for a Core Break and use Alphen’s Boost Attack and Flaming Edge Artes to hit the weakness. Shionne can contribute to the weakness too, her Ignis Bombs and Burning Strike are great at dealing massive damage to the Ice Wolf Leader. Keep up the damage and you’ll eventually fell the Ice Wolf Leader, receiving four Beast Manes that you can use at the shop behind you to forge the Gale Wing for Alphen.

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