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Best Artes for Shionne

Matt Chard

This page covers all the Artes for Shionne in Tales of Arise. You’ll find every Arte, how to unlock it, and suggestions for the best ones to use when playing as Shionne.

Consuming Wildfire is Shionne's Mystic Arte.

Boost Attack

Name Description Notes
Wing Clip This attack fires multiple light beams from Shionne’s Rifle This Boost Attack is effective against flying enemies, taking them down and restricting their movement. You can also damage multiple enemies using this character. Always downs flying enemies

Shionne’s Boost Attack is fantastic against any enemies who fly/hover. It’ll do increased damage against any flying enemy types as well as down them. If you’re playing as Shionne, try to position her where she can hit multiple enemies with it.

Astral Artes

Ground Artes

Aerial Artes

Icon Name AG Element Type Unlock
GroundAttackBeginnerIconTalesOfArise.png Displode 1 Gun Strike Increase Gun Strike Proficiency to 200
GroundAttackBeginnerIconTalesOfArise.png Toxicity 1 DarkArtesTalesofArise.png PoisonIconTalesOfArise.png Gun Strike Unlock on “Speedy Chef” Skill Panel
GroundAttackBeginnerIconTalesOfArise.png Spear Sweep 1 Gun Strike Unlock on “Bottomless Stomach” Skill Panel
GroundAttackBeginnerIconTalesOfArise.png Scorched Earth 1 FireTalesofArise.png Gun Strike Increase Gun Strike Proficiency to 400
GroundAttackIconTalesOfArise.png Tres Ventos 2 WindTalesofArise.png Gun Strike Increase Gun Strike Proficiency to 600
GroundAttackIconTalesOfArise.png Aqueous Impact 2 WaterTalesofArise.png Gun Strike Unlock on “Goddess of Kindness” Skill Panel
BlastStrikeArteIconTalesOfArise.png Aranea Celestra 1 LightTalesofArise.png ParalyzeTalesofArise.png Blast Strike Increase Blast Strike Proficiency to 600
BlastStrikeArteIconTalesOfArise.png Aranea Nubes 1 LightTalesofArise.png ParalyzeTalesofArise.png Blast Strike Activate by holding the button assigned to Aranea Celestra
BlastStrikeArteIconTalesOfArise.png Glacio Celestra 2 WaterTalesofArise.png Blast Strike Unlock on “Bombshell” Skill Panel
BlastStrikeArteIconTalesOfArise.png Glacio Split 2 WaterTalesofArise.png Blast Strike Activate by holding the button assigned to Glacio Celestra

Mystic Artes

Icon Name Element Execution Unlock
MysticArte2TalesofArise.png Consuming Wildfire Hold down two Artes buttons during an Overlimit Default Mystic Arte
MysticArte2TalesofArise.png Explosive Charge Use five consecutive Artes during a combo and then hold down two Artes buttons during an Overlimit Unlocked when reaching max bond with Shionne

Shionne’s best Artes

Shionne has a number of useful Artes available to her, but her best ones are her support skills she has access to.

Shionne for the most part is the party’s main healer/support, although Dohalim can do that job pretty well too. Using First Aid, and Healing Circle early game to Dispel, and Revitalize late game, she’ll have no problem keeping your party fit and healthy. Also, with the ability to revive fallen party members, she is a must in the party.

This isn’t the only thing she’s useful for, though. She can down a lot of flying enemy types with a single Boost Attack with proper positioning as well as deal increased damage to them, which is great, because there are a lot of them.

She also has access to several debuffs which she can inflict on enemies. Artes like Toxicity has a chance to Poison enemies, and Tonitus/Aranea Celestra can Paralyze them. With Gravitas Field, she can even Curse enemies! One thing to note about her ailment artes is, if she is CPU controlled, she won’t use them. So it might be better waiting on getting them if you won’t control her.

For her best artes, naturally her healing, and resurrection artes are invaluable, but you’ll want to unlock the passives that increase her healing output, increase the speed of casting artes, and the passives that prevent staggering when casting. Another great thing about Shionne is, she can hit every weakness in the game other than earth, this makes her one of the best to stagger enemies quickly by hitting their weakness.

Later on, near the end of the game, most of the enemies will be weak to light, and Tonitus Celestra, and Aranea Celestra will decimate them, especially if you explode the bombs by holding the assigned button in. All in all, Shionne has something for every situation, but the most invaluable part of her kit is her healing, and she should be built towards that first and foremost.


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