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Tales of Arise

Lord Ganabelt Valkyris

Ben Chard

This page details everything about the story battle against Lord Ganabelt Valkyris in Riville Prison Tower, Cyslodia in Tales of Arise. This will detail all of his attacks and how to defeat him.

Lord Ganabelt Valkyris is a boss in Riville Prison Tower.

Boss Lv Weakness
Lord Ganabelt Valkyris 19

Phase One

Lord Ganabelt Valkyris awaits you at the top of Riville Prison Tower and is the second Lord boss fight in the game. Ganabelt is arguably the toughest battle in the game, down to the series of mechanics he throws your way, the enrage at the end of the fight and the fact that you still don’t have a whole lot of tools available to yourself at this point the game. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure you prepare sufficiently before starting the battle. To begin with, as many of Ganabelt’s attacks are Light-based, you’ll want to ensure that the whole party have an Alexandrite equipped, this will reduce Light/Dark Damage by 50% and if you can add Elemental Defense or Paralysis resistance to them, all the better.

The Knights in the Prison Tower all drop Astral Crystal Fragments so be sure to farm them and make sure everyone has their latest equipment. You’ll also want to make sure you have a healthy stock of Life Bottles and Orange Gels, if you’re short for Gald, farm the Knights here for their Astral Crystal Fragments and sell the excess after crafting the weapons. Be sure to turn off any Artes that Rinwell or Shionne has access to that is Light-based so that you don’t waste time resisting. Your final step before taking on Ganabelt should be to ensure you’re eating food that either increases Defense or Elemental Defense.

The start of the battle isn’t too bad, although you’ll immediately notice that Ganabelt is quick, and you won’t be able to damage him much. This is due to Ganabelt’s protective barrier that you’ll need to break with Law’s Boost Attack however you’ll have to wait until Alphen mentions it after his first segment is depleted to trigger a cutscene showing Law breaking it. When Ganabelt aims his sword forward, he’ll shoot out six Lightning Orbs at your direction, this is simply to evade at distance but if you’re attacking head-on with Alphen or Law, try to attack from the back. If you see him vanish, he’ll soon reappear next to you and use his Teleport Slash which is a flurry of strikes, you’ll be struck by all of these if you don’t evade as soon as he reappears.

One of his more common attacks is his Lightning Dash, he’ll begin by saying Blink and you’ll miss it! before dashing towards you and leaving a trail of lightning in his wake. He can chain this up to four times (especially during phase two) so be prepared to keep evading after avoiding the first, this also has a high chance to cause Paralysis. When Ganabelt begins casting, have Alphen or Rinwell use their Boost Attacks to cancel it, otherwise you’ll have to deal with Mine Barrage, an Arte that causes large electrical Orbs to appear in front of him that will deal major damage to any that come into contact with it, if he does manage to cast this, direct your melee attacks from behind.

(1 of 6) Ganabelt will shoot out Lightning Orbs when pointing his sword forward

Keep an eye out for when Ganabelt raises his sword high in the air, he’ll follow it up with a Lightning Strike that shoots bolts of lightning on down on your current location, so long as you recognize the tell for the attack, this is a simple one to evade. Ganabelt’s final attack for this phase will see him swipe forward and shoot behind a fork of lightning, this will almost always hit anyone at melee range so be prepared to heal after it. As you can see, Ganabelt is very deadly, and you’ll want to avoid going full-on attack against him. If you’re playing as Alphen or Law, look to hit from the side to avoid most of his attacks and make use of their Boost Attacks to buy some time to attack him without reply. Should you find yourself Paralyzed, be sure to use a Panacea Bottle immediately as it can leave you open for most of Ganabelt’s attacks.

Once you bring Ganabelt down to 50% HP, he’ll teleport to the center of the arena and erect a barrier while also summoning three mirages. This is a damage check as you won’t be able to damage Ganabelt himself directly, so the goal is to try and take down at least one of the mirages to reduce the damage of Ganabelt’s incoming Mystic Arte, Indignation. Be sure to heal up fully during this moment as this Arte will hit incredibly hard for upwards of 700+ HP to all members and you can very easily be wiped out here.

Phase Two

The first thing you’ll need to do is recover from Ganabelt’s brutal Indignation, if you have a Treat on you, this can be incredibly useful otherwise use a Life Bottle or Orange Gel if needed. The battle during this phase becomes a bit hectic as you’ll have to deal with not only Ganabelt but also the mirages themselves, all of which have access to the same move set as Ganabelt.

(1 of 6) Ganabelt will protect himself and begin casting his Mystic Arte at 50% HP

The mirages do however have less HP than Ganabelt and you can stagger them without needing to use Law’s Boost Attack so make these your main priority while watching your HP, it’s very easy for the rest of your party to get caught up in all of the other attacks firing off around the battlefield. Ganabelt has two new attacks during this phase, he’ll teleport above you and use a Lightning Crash attack to slam down and shoot lightning off in multiple directions, be sure to begin evading away from him once you see him teleport. He’ll also gain a new Arte to cast, be sure to cancel it or he’ll use Rage Laser where he will shoot out two lasers that circle around him and will inflict Paralysis. Once the clones go down, the rest of this phase remains similar to the first so you should be able to manage it.

Keep an eye on Ganabelt’s HP though, once he enters his final 15%, it triggers one final hectic phase. Ganabelt will once again teleport to the center of the arena and begin casting Indignation only this time, you’ll be able to still damage him. This is a damage check and a race against time to finish the battle before he finishes you as you may be able to survive another Indignation, but Ganabelt will remain casting this over and over until the battle is over. Should a character other than the one you’re controlling fall, ignore them and keep up the damage as wasting time to heal is taking away from the damage you do. Consider using Alphen’s Flame Edge artes such as Rending Slash to heavily damage him and use a Mystic Arte should you enter Overlimit.

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