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Lacerda Cliffs

Ben Chard

This page covers the events through the aftermath of Glaneymede Castle and the journey through Lacerda Cliffs for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

Lacerda Cliffs is an area in Calaglia.

Sub-Quests Reward
The Hunt for New Arms 700 Gald, 170 SP
Shionne the Fashion Critic Unable to complete until later

Signs of Liberation

Following your victory over Balseph, and Alphen’s unmasking, you’ll find yourself back in Ulzebek. You’ll notice that Alphen has unlocked the Emissary of Liberation Title, this offers a bunch of useful skills such as increased Max AG and Weak Point Damage. You’ll also have a Skit you can trigger right away, do so and then head down towards the Inn and speak to Dyron to begin the The Hunt for New Arms Sub-Quest. You’ll need to gather 3 Stone Fragments for him and this can be achieved by using the Fast Travel to Iglia Wastes and moving forward to find a Golem near the water. You can respawn these by either saving and reloading, or by using the Fast Travel again however Fast Travel won’t be available until after the next story event so choose whether you want to manually walk to Iglia Wastes (via Ulzebek’s northern exit) to complete this now or shortly after the next event. Regardless, once you complete the Sub-Quest, return to Dyron to obtain 700 Gald and 170 SP.

There’s one more Sub-Quest to accept while you’re here, and you’ll find the Handsome Nobleman to the southwest of the fountain. Speaking to him, he asks if Shionne can suggest some attire for him, go ahead and choose whichever option you think sounds appealing (your choice has no impact on your rewards) and you’ll begin the Shionne the Fashion Critic Sub-Quest. Put this out of your mind for a long time, it won’t be until the later stages of the game until you can complete this unfortunately.

(1 of 2) Be sure to pick up the two new Sub-Quests

Be sure to pick up the two new Sub-Quests (left), although you'll have to wait until later in the game for the conclusion to this one. (right)

With these errands out of the way, attempt to enter Kyrd Garrison and you’ll be stopped by Tilsa and introduced to Shionne’s Map Action. Throughout Dahna, you’ll find people in need of medical attention and at the cost of CP, you can heal them and receive a reward or start a Sub-Quest in exchange. More importantly, you can also obtain the Goddess of Kindness Title for Shionne for healing 14 NPCs, this is needed for certain Trophies/Achievements.

Once you regain control, leave via the exit to Kyrd Garrison and take the elevator up to the Trench of Flames. Make your way east to the Gates of Fire and approach the now open pathway to trigger a scene and return to Ulzebek.

In Search of Medicine

Items Location
Scrap Meat Mosgul - Behind the first block of house to the northeast
Grilled Fish Recipe Mosgul - Chest at the far northeast edge

With the new visitor in need of medicine, Alphen decides to check in on Doc to see if he has any supplies. Trigger the new Skit and if you’ve yet to complete the The Hunt for New Arms Sub-Quest, Fast Travel has opened up again allowing you to go do it. Once you’re ready, Fast Travel to Mosgul and before you speak with Doc, take the chance to explore the northeast of Mosgul for some items. You’ll find some Scrap Meat behind the first block of houses and a Chest containing the Grilled Fish Recipe to the far northeast, this will grant the useful Heal HP After Battle T effect.

Return to Doc and speak with him and he’ll suggest searching Kyrd Garrison’s guardhouse for some supplies. Fast Travel over and take the southern path to reach the guardhouse, you’ll find the medicine by the shelf to the northeast. Pocket it and manually make the trip back to Mosgul (Fast Travel is unavailable at the moment) and show the medicine to Doc. After he confirms that they’re fit to use, you’ll need to manually head back through Kyrd Garrison one final time to return to Ulzebek, you’ll find Tilsa in resistance headquarters to the east where you’ll trigger another scene.

(1 of 2) Be sure to open the Chest in Mosgul for a new recipe

Be sure to open the Chest in Mosgul for a new recipe (left), then search the guardhouse at Kyrd Garrison to locate the medicine. (right)

Departing Calaglia

The map for Lacerda Cliffs in Calaglia.

Items Location
Life Bottle Chest to the south
Saffron South of the Chest
Owl Next to the camp outside Ulvhan Grotto
Collection Points Location
Potato x2 Center of the map
Sub-Quests Reward
Doc’s Secret Ingredient Kebab Recipe, Life Bottle x2, 700 Gald
Enemies Lv Weakness
Bee 8
Armadillo 7

Once the cutscene concludes, you’ll find yourself at the Gates of Fire with a new mission, to set out for the realm of Cyslodia, and Zephyr will join the party as a guest once more. Watch the Skits that are available and then before setting forth, make a short trip back to Mosgul to find Doc has a task for you, speak to him and accept the Doc’s Secret Ingredient Sub-Quest. You’ll only need four Peppers and if you’ve been exploring areas such as Kyrd Garrison fully, you should already have them on you. Go ahead and hand them to Doc to complete the Sub-Quest and obtain the Kebab Recipe, Life Bottle x2 and 700 Gald. The Kebab Recipe will grant the Attack Up-T effect when eaten. With that out of the way, Fast Travel back to the Gates of Fire and proceed through to Lacerda Cliffs.

Ignore the first intersection and continue to the southeast and you’ll find a Saffron on the edge. Alphen will remark about a castle in the distance, this is from another realm that you’ll have to deal with later. Pocket the Saffron and then drop to the ledge below and open the Chest containing a Life Bottle. Return up the vines and take the northern path at the intersection where you’ll find two Potatoes on the higher path to your left. Collect them and continue along to the west to take out the group of Bees to locate a Mining Point.

(1 of 3) Nab the Saffron on the edge of the cliff

Return to where you found the potatoes and take the lower path, past the Armadillos and you’ll find a second Mining Point to your right. Follow the path down and at the next intersection, go east to trigger a scene with an Owl. Take out the Bees and the distressed Owl will fly away. Continue north and you’ll eventually reach a camp, take the opportunity to use it and consider eating Defense Up T for the upcoming area, it will help with the Gigant located there.

Before you enter the Ulvhan Grotto up ahead, be sure to check on the wall to the south of the camp to locate Owl #9, the final one in Calaglia which will hand over the Frame Glasses. With that out of the way, make sure you have food active and then proceed into the Ulvhan Grotto up ahead.


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