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Tales of Arise


Ben Chard

This page details everything about the Gigant Zeugle battle against Polycephus in Riville Prison Tower, Cyslodia in Tales of Arise. This will detail all of its attacks and how to defeat it.

Polycephus is a Gigant in Riville Prison Tower.

Gigant Lv Weakness
Polycephus 21

Where to find

You’ll need to accept the Sub-Quest Survey Says… from Bregon in Cysloden after the events at Riville Prison Tower. The final part of this Sub-Quests will have Bregon task you with heading to the Underground Prison in the tower to defeat the Gigant that is caged up there.


If you decide to defeat the Polycephus as soon as the Sub-Quest becomes available, you’ll find that it will be a few levels higher than you. Don’t let this discourage you though, you should be more than a match for it. Before beginning the battle, be sure to use some food that increases your Elemental Defense and consider equipping Garnets as Polycephus will use both Fire and Water-based attacks against you.

As you can see, the Polycephus has two heads with one using fire-based attacks and the other using water-based attacks. The Polycephus is actually rather easy to avoid, and it only has a handful of attacks for you to get used to, one of which is incredibly simple to read and evade. When either head pulls back a little, it will follow-up with a Chomp from that specific head, aimed towards the center of the beast’s body so evade in the opposite direction or away from it to prevent damage.

Keep an eye out for when the Polycephus gathers energy in one of its heads, it will soon shoot out a bast of fire or water depending on which head. This is a continuous Elemental Blast that starts from the outside and arcs back towards in front of the Polycephus making it a very simple attack to avoid as you can simply evade behind it and you’ll leave it open to attacks while it’s using the attack. Finally, when the Polycephus shakes both heads, it will perform a small Leap towards you before a second one shortly after, this is the toughest of the attacks to evade and if you’re up close, you’ll want to evade under it rather to the side if you’re at range. Once you bring the Polycephus down to 50% HP, it gains the ability to enter Overlimit, at which point it changes its breath attack so that both heads will fire the stream of elemental energy at the same time. This doesn’t change the pattern however making it an easy attack to avoid and get some free hits on.

(1 of 5) It will attempt to bite you with either head

When it comes to taking down the Polycephus, you’ll find that there are many opportunities to get free attacks on it, not least during its breath attack. It doesn’t have any real weaknesses or resistances, so feel free to go with your strongest attacks and aim to attack from behind if possible. You’ll find the weak spot for this beast on its left foreleg, so direct your attacks at that first for a Core Break before heading around to the back for safe melee range. Keep up the damage, make use of Mystic Artes when available and the Polycephus will go down and you’ll obtain another Astral Flower which will increase your Max CP by 10 along with A Key to a Hidden Chamber which can be used to access a room in the Office where you’ll find a Chest containing a Lucky Bangle.

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