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Tales of Arise

Best Artes for Alphen

Ben Chard

This page covers all of the Artes for Alphen/Iron Mask in Tales of Arise. You’ll find every Arte, how to unlock it and suggestions for the best ones to use when playing as Alphen.

Scarlet Outburst is Alphen’s Mystic Arte.

Boost Attack

Name Description Notes
Burning Wave Initiates a powerful strike that downs an enemy at the cost of taking damage. Costs HP to use, can be used at 1 HP and will always down any enemy not in Overlimit.

Alphen’s Boost Attack is arguably the most useful in the game, albeit at the cost of some of his HP. When used, he’ll use a powerful Fire-based strike that will down any enemy unless they’re in Overlimit (at which point it’ll deal damage only). This is useful for leaving any enemy open where you can use burst damage without fear of getting struck.

Ground Artes

Aerial Artes

Icon Name AG Element Flaming Edge Unlock
Ground_Attack_Tales_of_Arise.png Mirage (down) 1 Infernal Torrent Default
Ground_Attack_Tales_of_Arise.png Rising Falcon (down) 1 Infernal Torrent Another Day, Another Wall Title
Ground_Attack_Tales_of_Arise.png Luna Rondo 1 Rising Phoenix Aerial Strike - 300
Ground_Attack_Tales_of_Arise.png Devastation 1 Rising Phoenix Arms Collector Title
Ground_Attack_Tales_of_Arise.png Hurricane Thrust 1 Wind_Tales_of_Arise.png Searing Gale Aerial Strike - 600
Ground_Attack_2_Tales_of_Arise.png Stardust 2 Rising Phoenix Rebellious Spark Title
Ground_Attack_2_Tales_of_Arise.png Void Flash 2 Wind_Tales_of_Arise.png Searing Gale Undefeated Swordsman Title
Ground_Attack_2_Tales_of_Arise.png Soaring Light Spear 2 Rising Phoenix Aerial Strike - 1000

Flame Strikes

Icon Name Element Flaming Edge Unlock
Flame_Strike_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Infernal Torrent Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Incineration Wave Blazing Sword Title
Flame_Strike_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Rising Phoenix (aerial, down) Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Incineration Wave Blazing Sword Title
Flame_Strike_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Explosive Ring Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Incineration Wave Flame Strike - 400
Flame_Strike_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Rending Flash Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Incineration Wave Blazing Blow Title
Flame_Strike_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Searing Gale (aerial, down) Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Incineration Wave Flame Strike - 100
Flame_Strike_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Incineration Wave Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Unrelenting Blaze Title

Mystic Artes

Icon Name Element Execution Unlock
Mystic_Arte_2_Tales_of_Arise.png Scarlet Outburst Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Hold down two Artes buttons during an Overlimit Story - During Cyslodia arc
Mystic_Arte_2_Tales_of_Arise.png Flaming Pillar Fire_Tales_of_Arise.png Use five consecutive Artes during a combo and then hold down two Artes buttons during an Overlimit Story - During the events at Pelegion

Alphen’s best Artes

Alphen has a number of useful Artes available to him but his best ones come with a risk as the Blazing Sword will drain his HP during their execution. To make matters worse, you’ll want to purchase the necessary skills and drain his HP to 1 to ensure they hit the highest damage possible, a massive risk, especially on the higher difficulties.

Alphen is the party’s main damage dealer when it comes to burst, and especially against bosses, it boils down to exploiting every opportunity you down a foe (usually with Alphen’s Boost Attack) by using the hardest hitting Flaming Edge Arte you have at the time before getting out of the way and waiting for Shionne or Dohalim to heal you.

When not using Flaming Edges, Alphen is extremely useful at filling the Boost Strike gauge so that you can trigger them more often in regular battles. Sword Rain: Alpha, with its multiple hits, is excellent for filling it and comboing it with Mega Sonic Thrust and Vacuum Blades is an effective method when not using your Flaming Edge Artes. For ground-based Artes, be sure to always keep Double Demon Fang on a shortcut, this allows you to hit effectively from range (especially useful for solo Training Ground battles) and more importantly, can be morphed into the powerful Incineration Wave from distance late game. Reigning Slash deserves special mention, it’s a slow hitting Arte and hard to combo with but it’s by far Alphen’s hardest hitting Arte and is the best for bosses, to make it even more useful however is the fact that you morph it into Incineration Wave. Finally, when you unlock Thunder Fang late on in the game, be sure to give it a shortcut as most of the enemies at that point of the game are weak to Light.

Alphen is an effective character at aerial combat, and he has some useful Artes that allows him to keep an enemy in the air for long periods of time and is arguably his most effective (and one of the game’s most effective) methods of triggering a Boost Strike. Severing Wind acts as a great launcher and then from there, Stardust serves a similar function as Sword Rain: Alpha to drive multiple hits on the gauge. As often the case with aerial combat, an enemy could get away from you and if they drop to the ground, it resets the Boost Strike gauge. A combo of Void Flash and Luna Rondo is excellent at pulling the enemy back up to you, hitting multiple times and raising them higher into the ground and when you reach late-game with high AG, it’ll be the most effective method at triggering Boost Strikes.

Unique to Alphen however is the Blazing Sword, and his Flame Strikes are extremely potent. Early on, focus on using them often to have your proficiency reach at least 100, this gives you the chance at using the effective Explosive Ring. This is Alphen’s best Flame Strike until you unlock Incineration Wave late game, this will hit enemies along a line in front of him and when fully charged with the damage boosting skills, will really put a dent into even the sturdiest of enemies.

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