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Tales of Arise

Skill Panel

Matt Chard

You earn passive skills, artes, and attribute enhancements by unlocking titles in the Skill Panel menu in Tales of Arise, and it’s the main way to get stronger. Inside the Skill Panel, you’ll have Titles, and each skill within each title will require SP, this is rewarded from completing sub-quests or winning battles.

When each of the skill nodes has been unlocked on that specific title, you’ll be rewarded a Completion Bonus, which will give you an increase to your attributes. You unlock different titles by meeting the required unlock conditions. In the table below, you’ll find every title available to Alphen, and how you can unlock them.

Unlocking Skills on the Skill Panel will reward you Completion Bonuses.

Alphen’s Titles

Icon Title Skills Completion Bonus How to Unlock
Iron_Mask_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Iron Mask Increased Max AG, Sonic Thrust, Increased Critical Damage, Easier Perfect Evading/Guarding, Increased Mid-Air Damage Attack +10 Complete the “Battle Preparations” Main Quest.
Rebellious_Spark_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Rebellious Spark Counter Edge, Mid-Air Evasion, Severing Wind, Stardust, Increased Max AG Defense +10 Complete the “Battle Preparations” Main Quest.
Arms_Collector_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Arms Collector Increased Max AG, Increased Near-Death Attack/Elemental Attack, Devastation, Increased Critical Damage, AG Restored From Critical Hits Elemental Defense +30 Forge 10 Weapon types.
Blazing_Sword_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Blazing Sword Infernal Torrent, Increased Down Damage, Flaming Edge Burst, Faster Flaming Edge Charge, Rising Phoenix Defense +10 Complete the “Taking Down Balseph” Main Quest.
Emissary_of_Liberation_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Emissary of Liberation Faster AG Recovery, Increased Near-Death Defense/Elemental Defense, Increased Weak Point Damage, AG Restored By Perfect Evading/Guarding, Increased Max AG Elemental Defense +20 Complete the “Taking Down Balseph” Main Quest.
Arms_Sommelier_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Arms Sommelier Increased Normal Attack Limit, Easier Perfect Evading/Guarding, Increased Weak Point Damage, Increased Critical Damage, Faster AG Recovery Penetration +40 Forge an Atonement Edge.
Another_Day_Another_Wall_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Another Day, Another Wall Counter Edge Upon Enemy Defeat, Rising Falcon, Increased Boost Strike Damage, Increased Counterattack Damage, AG Restored By Perfect Evading/Guarding Elemental Attack +30 Complete the “Pursuing Zephyr” Main Quest.
Blazing_Blow_Wall_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Blazing Blow Increased Boost Gauge from Enemy Downs, Increased Near-Death Defense/Elemental Defense, Flaming Edge Burst, AG Restored From Critical Hits, Rendering Flash Resistance +20 Use 35 Boost Attacks to down 35 enemies.
Infernal_Tongue_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Infernal Tongue Recover, Increased Near-Death Attack/Elemental Attack, Iron Cleaver, Increased Counterattack Critical Hit Rate, KO Prevention Attack +20 Cook a Roasted Chicken with Alphen.
Comrades_in_Freedom_Wall_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Comrades in Freedom Increased Max AG, Mid-Air Jump, Over Limit Extension, Shockwave Slash, Increased Counterattack Damage Elemental Attack +40 Complete the “Kisara’s Ideals” Main Quest.
The_Power_of_a_Sovereign_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png The Power of a Sovereign Increased Boost Strike Damage, Easier Over Limit, Increased Near-Death Attack/Elemental Attack, Vacuum Blades, Flaming Edge Burst Attack +50 Complete the “The Unliberated” Main Quest.
Unrelenting_Blaze_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Unrelenting Blaze Increased Max AG, Faster Flaming Edge Charge, Flaming Edge Burst, Increased Evasion Distance, Incineration Wave Resistance +50 Complete the “Impact Site” Main Quest.
Undefeated_Swordsman_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Undefeated Swordsman Increased Normal Attack Limit, Easier Over Limit, Void Flash, Increased Mid-Air Damage, Faster AG Recovery Penetration +30 Clear the Novice Solo Training Grounds with Alphen.
Vanquisher_of_the_Four_Lights_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Vanquisher of the Four Lights Increased Max AG, Thunderous Devastation, Increased Down Damage, Increased Counterattack Critical Hit Rate, Increased Boost Gauge from Enemy Downs Attack +50 Defeat the Four Lights that emerge from the Wedge - Efreet Malum, Grand Gnome, Procella Sylph, and Luo Undine.
Enlightening_Bond_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Enlightening Bond Increased Max AG, Over Limit Extension, Thunder Fang, Increased Boost Strike Damage, KO Prevention Elemental Defense +40 Reach maximum bonding affinity with one of your companions.
Veteran_Samurai_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Veteran Samurai (DLC) Orochi’s Galeforce Fury, Increased Near-Death Attack/Elemental Attack, Increased Attack/Elemental Attack When Full, Increased Attack/Elemental Attack When Surrounded, KO Prevention Attack +50 DLC Title from Warring States Costume Pack.
Beach_Hero_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Beach Hero (DLC) Howling Azure Storm, Strengthened Counter Edge x2, Increased Ailment Bonus Damage x2 Elemental Attack +50 DLC Title from Beach Time Costume Pack
Strait_Laced_Schoolboy_Skill_Panel_Alphen_Tales_of_Arise.png Strait-Laced Schoolboy (DLC) Plasma Shock, Increased BG at Battle Start, Increased Boost Gauge from Enemy Defeats x2, 10-hit Boost Gauge Increase Defense +50 DLC Title from School Life Costume Pack
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