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Tales of Arise

Fagan Ruins

Ben Chard

This page covers the Fagan Ruins and the return to Ulzebek in Calaglia for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

The Fagan Ruins are an area in Calaglia.

Items Location
Life Bottle x2 1F - Room to the north
Apple Gel 2F - Room to the south
Chamomile 2F - Right room to the north
Pierce Emblem 2F - Left room to the north after deactivating barrier
Orange Gel 3F - Left room to the south
Noble Rose, Noble Scarlet, Noble Tiara Story progress
Collection Points Location
Mushroom South of 1F
Sub-Quests Reward
Hunger Averted Steamed Potatoes Recipe, 700 Gald, 190 SP
Enemies Lv Weakness
Bee 8
Armadillo 7

(1 of 3) Fagan Ruins 1F Map

Look for Renan equipment in the ruins

As you enter the ruins, you’ll quickly approach what seems like an tightly locked door and judging by the markings, brute force work here. After Shionne opens the door rather easily, view the Skit that appears and then approach the next door and operate the control panel to remove the barrier.

Once you’re in the Storage Block, you’ll spot a group of Zeugles here, they’re nothing you haven’t already fought dozens off already so dispatch them with ease and then head north for a Mining Point before taking care of another group of Zeugles. Once the area is clear, make your way into the room here to locate a Chest containing Life Bottle x2. Return to where you dispatched the first group of Zeugles and head south this time, pocketing the Mushroom at the Collection Point to the south before taking the stairs up to 2F.

(1 of 2) There’s a chest housing two Life Bottles on 1F

There’s a chest housing two Life Bottles on 1F (left), while another room on 2F holds a Chamomile. (right)

Ignore the area to the north for now and start heading east to find a room with an Apple Gel inside. Ignore the path heading up to your right from here and return to the path to the north and make a running jump across the gap to the northern side of the room. There’s a barrier on the first door here, but the next one contains two Armadillos and a Chamomile, these plants increase your Penetration. Leave this room, head to the south to find a Mining Point and then use the raise ground here to leap back over to the south side to head up to the 3F.

Follow the path through the rooms, taking out the Armadillos along the way and once you come to an intersection, continue going heading around to the southern side of this floor, ignoring the elevator for now. The first room you come to contains an Orange Gel while the other room house a group of Armadillos and the control panel to the door on 2F. Dispatch the Zeugles and activate the panel, then return to the intersection you passed by earlier, use the Mining Point and drop down to the 2F. You can now head over to the door with the barrier and head inside to loot a Chest containing a Pierce Emblem. This Accessory offers a 30% boost to Penetration so consider equipping it on Iron Mask for now.

(1 of 2) Use this terminal on 3F

Use this terminal on 3F (left), then drop down to 2F and go through the door to find this Chest. (right)

Return to the 3F and this time, take the elevator up to the Residential Quarter. There are no Zeugles to get in your way here so follow the path to the end and to the objective marker to trigger a scene. Once you regain control, you’ll obtain Noble Rose, Noble Scarlet and Scarlet Tiara for Shionne. Another Skit is available here for you to watch and then, when you’re ready, make your way back to the Iglia Wastes by dropping down to the ground floor. As you enter the area, you’ll unlock the Fast Travel system, this allows you to freely travel to any Fast Travel markers you’ve located, with Camps and Inns always unlocked as one. Use the camp here if you wish to rest up and then use the Fast Travel to return to Ulzebek.


As soon as you enter Ulzebek, you’ll spot a new Sub-Quest nearby that you can accept. Speak to the woman to begin the Sub-Quest, Hunger Averted and if you already have the Wheat and Potatoes already on you, you can turn it in now. If you don’t, make a short trip back to the Iglia Wastes and harvest some, you’ll be rewarded with the Steamed Potatoes Recipe, 700 Gald and 190 SP. The Steamed Potatoes Recipe will Heal a little of your HP after every battle, saving your precious CP, at the expense of some Potatoes, and can be enhanced when cooked by Shionne, well worth keeping in mind. Once you’re ready, go ahead and speak with Zephyr to trigger some scenes and learn that the Renans have started attacking Mosgul and Iron Mask dashes off to the rescue.

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