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Tales of Arise

Boisterous Roper

Ben Chard

This page details everything about the Gigant Zeugle battle against Boisterous Roper in Ulvhan Grotto, Calaglia in Tales of Arise. This will detail all of its attacks and how to defeat it.

The Boisterous Roper is a Gigant in Ulvhan Grotto.

Gigant Lv Weakness
Boisterous Roper 15 Wind

Where to find

As you pass through Ulvhan Grotto, you’ll come to an intersection leading north or south. Take the northern path and follow it to the end to encounter this Gigant.


Despite the Boisterous Roper being a few levels ahead of you, the aid of Zephyr makes this battle much easier than if you were to wait until later, even on Hard. Due to Zephyr’s nature as a Guest Character, he won’t be able to fall so having him as an extra target for enemies really helps here.

To begin with, ignore the Boisterous Roper and go directly for the other two Ropers in the battle. They won’t take long to go down and it will allow you to fully focus on the Boisterous Roper itself. It will use the standard Roper Arm Swing attack constantly throughout the battle, this can be hard to avoid if you’re in the midst of a combo but the damage isn’t high enough to be a massive concern. Vine Stab, on the other hand, is a lot easier to avoid as you’ll be able to spot when it lowers its arms and small green circles will appear on the ground where they shoot out allowing you to easily dodge out of the way.

(1 of 7) This arm swing is the Boisterous Ropers regular attack

Like the other Ropers, the Boisterous Roper will use Poison Spew, the main difference here is that they have greater range and will be more numerous, still, this should be easy to avoid. When you see a casting circle on the Boisterous Roper, either down it with Alphen’s Boost Attack or keep on the move, Stalagmite is a powerful Earth Arte that will shoot out from the ground of your playable character and stun you in the process. You’ll find the Weak Point for the Boisterous Roper on the back of its head, this is ideal because you can use Severing Wind to both target it and deal damage to its weakness at the same time.

Once you use a Boost Strike when it’s down to 50% HP, it’ll likely enter Overlimit. During this state, its Poison Spew will increase in the area affected around the Roper itself so be sure to keep your distance. More importantly, once you see the ground glow red, run away from the Boisterous Roper as it uses its Earthern Ring attack. Much like Balseph’s own Axe Slam that left a ring of fire, this will leave a ring of rocks that you’ll need to leap over to avoid taking massive damage.

As for defeating the Boisterous Roper, you’ll find Zephyr will be of great use in this battle. Not only will he not be able to die, but he’ll keep up constant pressure on the Gigant chipping away at its HP. As Alphen, target it from behind with Severing Wind and using his Boost Attack to down it. Once downed or after a Core Break, use Infernal Torrent to deal a massive amount of HP to it. Despite its level being higher than yours, this battle shouldn’t be too hard to manage with Zephyr in the party and for defeating it, you’ll obtain another Astral Flower which will increase your Max CP by 10.

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