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Tales of Arise

White Silver Plains

Ben Chard

This page covers the events through the White Silver Plains for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

The White Silver Plains is a location in Cyslodia.

Items Location
Chicken East at the first intersection from Ulvhan Grotto
850 Gald Chest on the northern path from the first intersection from Ulvhan Grotto
Orange Gel North on the western side of the plains
Vegetable Soup Recipe Story Progress
Chicken Inside the Highland Cabin
Apple Gel Southeast from Highland Cabin
Rosemary Southeast from Highland Cabin
Life Bottle Chest to the far east from Highland Cabin
Collection Points Location
Lettuce x3 Near the entrance to Ulvhan Grotto
Tomato x3 Northern path at the first intersection from Ulvhan Grotto
Tomato x3 North from the east side of Highland Cabin
Apple North from the east side of Highland Cabin
Potato x3 East from the east side of Highland Cabin
Lettuce x2 East from the east side of Highland Cabin
Sub-Quests Reward
Taking Root 800 Gald, 210 SP
Enemies Lv Weakness
Ice Wolf 12 Fire
Alpha Ice Wolf 14 Fire
Hawk 12 Earth
Berserker 15

The map for the White Silver Plains.

Land of Glistening Radiance

At long last, the party sets foot in the snow-filled realm of Cyslodia and you’ll have three new Skits to view. Once you’re done, follow the path and collect the Lettuce from the nearby Collection Point before reaching an intersection. Both lead to the same place so if you want to search the entire area, first head east to encounter two Ice Wolves. As you may expect, these Zeugles are weak to Fire, an element you have an abundance of be it from Alphen’s Flame Strikes or Shionne’s spells.

Once they’re defeated, use the nearby Mining Point, and then loot the Chicken at the nearby shack. You can drop off to the east here but ignore that for now and instead return to the intersection and take the northern path this time. Two more Ice Wolves lurk here, dispatch them and then head north to take out another group, just behind them is a Chest containing 850 Gald.

Return from this short path and continue east, you’ll find three Tomatoes just before an encounter with some Hawks. As they’re flying enemies, they’re perfect for Shionne’s Boost Attack to down them before you finish them off with Zephyr and Alphen. Continue heading east until the path starts heading south and search the northern fence behind the Wolves for a bag containing an Orange Gel. Follow the path all the way to the south now, take out the Wolves and then use the Mining Point before finally heading east to reach the Highland Cabin.

You’ll get a crash course here on how you can go about crafting your own Accessories. This is a large part of your character customization in Tales of Arise as the Skills you can attach to them will go some way to defining how strong you are in battle. You can craft Accessories at any camp or Inn with all of the Ore you’ve been finding from the Mining Points. The Ore itself, and the rarity of it, will determine what Skills it can have and when you craft an Accessory, it can have up to four skills (although you’ll have to wait until later to achieve this). With that in mind, when creating an Accessory, you’ll always want to use as rare an Ore as possible as the base rarity of your Accessory will affect how many Skills it can have attached.

(1 of 4) 850_Gald_White_Silver_Plains_Cyslodia_Walkthrough_Tales_of_Arise.jpg

For the sake of the tutorial, you can make any Accessory you like, but if you happened to have come across some Chrysoberyl Mass by now, you’ll be able to make an Alexandrite, you’ll want four copies of this before the end of the events of Cyslodia so keep it in mind. Once you’ve created an Accessory, you’ll have to use the Enhance Accessory option to unlock the skills on it for use. You’ll do this by funneling Ore that you have in your possession to generate points, 5 needed for a Rank 1 Accessory.

There is plenty more you can do with Accessories, but your options are rather limited for now. You can find a full list of Accessories and their effects on the Accessory List page. Also note that Accessories you craft yourself will always be stronger than the ones you find in Chests or as rewards from Sub-Quests, those will always be an Accessory at its base rank.

Following that introduction, Zephyr will go ahead and make a meal for the group, handing over the Vegetable Soup Recipe in the process. This will increase your chances of gathering rare Ore from Mining Points so if you find yourself hunting specific Ore, keep this food in mind.

Once you regain control, you’ll unlock the Fast Travel for this location and you can then enter the cabin itself, inside you’ll find some Chicken. While you’re at this camp, take the opportunity to purchase the Zeugle Skin Dress for Shionne and then check out the new weapons you can forge. There’s two new weapons for both Alphen and Shionne and both of these will enhance the damage Artes of the same element inflict. For now, it’s likely you’ll only be able to forge the Ground Fang for Alphen but a monster you can encounter in the plains will provide the Demihuman Talons for Shionne’s Grouper Flood.

Character New Weapon Materials
Alphen Ground Fang Sharp Fang x6, Earth Seed x2
Alphen Gale Wing Hard Bone x8, Beast Mane x2, Razor-Tipped Feather x1
Shionne Grouper Flood Hard Bone x6, Demihuman Talon x2
Shionne Ignis Roar Sharp Fang x8, Bizarre Megacore x2

With a Fast Travel unlocked here, this is also the ideal time to make a quick trip back to Ulzebek in Calaglia and speak to Grenar to begin the Taking Root Sub-Quest. Grenar wants you to scout the abandoned village in the Iglia Wastes so take the western exit out of Ulzebek and head north to find a group of three Wolves and a Golem, nothing that should cause any issues at this point of the game. Once they’re dispatched, Alphen and Shionne will remark on the viability of the location and decide to report back to Grenar. Deliver the news to him back in Ulzebek that it’s just too dangerous to set up and you’ll complete this short Sub-Quest, obtaining 800 Gald and 210 SP in the process.

With that small excursion out of the way, return to the Highland Cabin and rest up to use some fresh food. The eastern side of the plains are a lot more open than the western side so you’ll have to fully explore to obtain everything. Begin by heading north from teh cabin to find some more Tomatoes and an Apple tree just ahead of that to the north. Make your way east from the tree and you’ll find another Mining Point that you can make use of.

Looking to the northeast, you can see a bridge leading to your destination but ignore it for now and instead head along the eastern wall to the south of it to find some Potatoes. Continue to the southeast from here and you’ll run into two Berserkers, these foes hit hard and are fast on their feet so make use of Alphen’s Boost Attack to down them to buy you some time. These are the only enemies that can drop the Demihuman Talon that Shionne needs for her new weapon, but they’re fairly rare so you may need to kill a few before you get the two that you need.

(1 of 4) You’ll find Berserkers to the east of Highland Cabin

Gather the Lettuce behind these enemies following their defeat and then drop down to the east to find a Mining Point and a Chest containing a Life Bottle. Climb the vines and then head directly west to use another Mining Point and then head southwest to find some Wheat along with a group of Hawks. Grab the Apple Gel behind them before dropping down to the south to gather the Rosemary.

There’s no more items to collect here, so take the time to forge Shionne’s Grouper Flood before you head across the bridge to the northeast. As soon as you pass under the arch, turn the camera to your right to spot Owl #10, this one will hand over the Left Eyepatch. Once you’ve sent the Owl on it’s way, continue along the path to enter Messia 224.

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