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Ben Chard

This page covers Ulzebek and the trip back to Sandinus Ravine in Calaglia for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

Ulzebek is a location in Calaglia.

Items Location
Ocean Blue Battle Garb Story Progress
Apple Gel Pool of water in the center
Owl Roof of Zephyr’s building
Sub-Quests Reward
Supply Procurement 800 Gald, 200 SP, Rebellious Spark Title
Giant Zeugle Hunt 12600 Gald, 380 SP
Enemies Lv Weakness
Armadillo 7
Golem 9 Wind

Battle Preparations

Ulzebek is the first settlement that you can freely explore, it’s on the smaller side in terms of scale but you can rest safely knowing that there are no Renans or Zeugles looking to take you out. After you regain control with Iron Mask, leap into the pool of water in front of you to pocket an Apple Gel and then head up the objective marker to the east to meet up with Zephyr and trigger more scenes.

During the scenes, Iron Mask will finally get a chance of clothes, the Ocean Blue Battle Garb and with it, you’ll also unlock the Outfit, should you decide you wish to change back into his old rags (why would you want to do that) without sacrificing the stats of the better armor. Zephyr will temporarily leave the party at this point and there’s another Skit to trigger. Before you head off to speak with Nayth, you may have heard the familiar hoot of an Owl, climb the ladder behind Zephyr and follow it all the way to the roof, the Owl will be perched on a clothes line here and will hand over Rabbit Ears.

(1 of 2) There's an Apple Gel waiting in the pool of water here

There's an Apple Gel waiting in the pool of water here (left), the second Owl is located on the roof of the building Zephyr is in. (right)

Leave this building and head down towards the pool of water in the center of the village once more to find Nayth. He’ll point you in the direction of Dyron by the Inn who needs some assistance, this will begin the first Sub-Quest (which is mandatory). There are 70 Sub-Quests throughout Tales of Arise and they’re well worth taking your time to complete them as you’ll often be rewarded valuable items, Gald and Skill Points (SP). Some Sub-Quests will unlock new Titles needed for Skills while others will provide materials for potent weapons. You can also complete some Sub-Quests on the spot if you have the required items in your inventory already, saving on time. For now, Supply Procurement is mandatory to progress the story but before you leave, make use of the Inn to ensure you fully recover your HP and CP and then leave Ulzebek to return to Sandinus Ravine.

Your objective is to meet with the Crimson Crows which should be located just before the Campsite. Take the time to fight some battles and collect any Collection or Mining Points that may have replenished. As you reach the target location, you’ll trigger a scene as you discover the fate of the Crimson Crows you were expected to meet. Once you regain control, make the short trip back to Ulzebek and speak to Dyron to complete the Quest, you’ll receive 800 Gald, 200 SP, the Rebellious Spark Title along with Rebellious Spark.

Titles and the Skill Panel

This will unlock the Title system and with it, Skill Panels for your characters. This is where you unlock new Skills that enhance their prowess in battle such as unlocking new Artes, additional hits to their regular attacks and how fast AG restores in battle. You can unlock skills in each Emblem (represented on the Skill Panel when you unlock a Title) in any order that you like but should you unlock all within a given Emblem, you’ll obtain a Completion Bonus in the form of a permanent stat boost.

To make life easier, you can track the SP needed for a particular Skill by pressing the [SQUARE/X] Button when selecting it, the game will then display a notification on the right side of the screen when you’ve earnt enough SP to unlock the Skill. SP comes from defeating enemies, at which point your Combat Points (based on your battle performance and difficulty) will add multipliers to increase how much you obtain for each battle. Sub-Quests are also a lucrative source of SP, offering several hundred per each one you complete so always be on the lookout to complete them.

For now, Iron Mask has two Skill Panels available to him, the one you’ve just obtained from this Sub-Quest and the Iron Mask Title. You’ll likely only have enough SP to unlock a single Skill for now and there’s not a wrong choice here, they’re all excellent choices. As a rule, Increased Max AG Skills are highly valued, this will allow you to use more Artes in succession in battle. Mid-Air Evasion is another one that cannot be understated, especially if you use aerials a lot and finally, there’s a few new Artes for you to unlock for Iron Mask. Stardust is a multi-hit aerial attack ideal for driving up the combo counter and Severing Wind is an incredibly useful launcher that deals Wind damage, albeit at the cost of 2AG. Unlocking a Skill will also the What's in a Name? Trophy and you’ll obtain another once you’ve learnt 300 of them.

You'll obtain a new Title for completing Supply Procurement and the Skill Panel system alongside it.

As for Shionne, she only has the one Title for now, Escape Artist and like Iron Mask, you’ll probably only be able to afford one for now. Burning Strike is a good one to unlock first, a Fire Arte is useful and then focus on earning the SP to unlock KO Prevention. This will cause Shionne to survive with 1HP from a lethal attack, especially useful as Shionne is your primary healer.

Once you’re done dabbling with your Skill Panels, head to the Inn to rest up and recover your CP, and then make your way over to Zephyr’s house but before going in, head to the right to find a villager with another Sub-Quest for you to accept. This will begin the Sub-Quest, Giant Zeugle Hunt and despite accepting this now, forget about this Sub-Quest for a long time as it’s a Lv 43 Gigant that you won’t stand any chance against until late in the game. Once you’re ready, head over to Nayth once more and speak to him to trigger more scenes as Nayth has a suggestion on where you may be able to find some clothes for Shionne. Nayth suggests the Fagan Ruins, of which you’ll need to pass through Iglia Wastes to reach. Be sure to trigger the Skit, ensure you’re fully rested up and then leave Ulzebek via the west exit.


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