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Tales of Arise

Messia 224

Ben Chard

This page covers the events at Messia 224 for the story in Tales of Arise. This walkthrough will take you through obtaining all items and uncovering everything available to you.

Messia 224 is a location in Cyslodia.

Items Location
Vegetable Juice Recipe Story progress
Chicken Behind the first house on the western path
Milk Cow at the end of the western path
Owl Basket along the western path
Sub-Quests Reward
Fire Beneath the Ice 800 Gald, Orange Gel x2, 170 SP
Hard Liquor Lohikeitto Recipe, 700 Gald, 135 SP
Thawing Relations Life Bottle x2, 700 Gald, 135 SP

The map for Messia 224.

Check out the situation in Messia 224

The team agrees to play it safe while they investigate Messia 224, however as they enter, the plan quickly falls apart and you’re thrust into a battle against Bureau Agent Law, two Civil Observation Bureau Agents and an Ice Wolf. This is a battle you cannot win, and throughout it’s duration, Zephyr will not attack so instead, focus on taking out the other enemies and then concentrate on survival until a scene takes place. The group waits out the night at the Highland Cabin and once you regain control, Rinwell will officially join the party along with handing over the Vegetable Juice Recipe.

Rinwell is the game’s mage character and along with Alphen, has the highest burst damage in the game. Her perk focuses on charging her magic instead of using it right away. This will allow you to combine spells to upgrade them to higher tiers or even new spells altogether making her a devastating character to control. The AI will tend to use this perk as much as a player controlled Rinwell however, so keep that in mind. You’ll also find that Rinwell can hit most enemy weaknesses, making her a real asset in your main party once you have to make the choice later in the game. Rinwell’s Boost Attack sees her steal the magic from an enemy who is casting, and to make it even more useful, this will hit all targets on the battlefield, downing any enemies she steals magic from in the process.

Rinwell’s pet Owl, Hootle, will also show up when there’s an Owl to be found in an area, helping you locate them. Finally, Rinwell should unlock the Item Scholar Title at this point if you’ve been following this Walkthrough. Be sure to give Rinwell an Accessory and then take a look at the weapons you can forge for her at the nearby merchant.

Character New Weapon Materials
Rinwell Balanced Living Strange Core x6, Bizarre Megacore x2
Rinwell Taming Water Strange Core x8, Astral Crystal Fragment x2

You won’t be able to forge any of these for now, Astral Crystal Fragment isn’t available until the end of this chapter while Bizarre Megacore can be found in a dungeon towards the end of the chapter too. Be sure to watch the Skits that have triggered and then rest at the camp to trigger another. Once you’re ready, make your way back to the entrance of Messia 224 and go inside to search for Zephyr’s whereabouts.

Pursuing Zephyr

From the entrance of Messia, you’ll find a man at the intersection who is looking for some help. Speak to him to begin the Fire Beneath the Ice Sub-Quest, a simple task that involves killing more Ice Wolves that you’ve already dealt with. It’s not a bad idea to quickly wrap this up before continuing on, so head outside and you’ll notice that more groups of Ice Wolves have shown up in the plains. The first group can be found at the end of the bridge, with the other two groups to the left and right behind it. Once they’ve been dealt with, return to the boy and deliver the news to obtain 800 Gald, Orange Gel x2 and 170 SP.

(1 of 3) Be sure to accept and complete all the Sub-Quests in Messia 224

Take the western path up now and as soon as you can, head west again to find some Chicken behind the house. Continue up this path and you should hear Hootle alert you to the presence of the next Owl. Take a look behind the furnace here to find Owl #11 sitting in a basket, this one will hand over the Wolf Ears. Just beyond this Owl, you’ll find another civilian that is need of assistance, speak to him to begin the Hard Liquor Sub-Quest. You’ll need to track down four Earth Seeds for him and if you don’t already have these on you, you can obtain them from the Ropers in Ulvhan Grotto. Once you hand them over, you’ll obtain the Lohikeitto Recipe, 700 Gald and 135 SP. This is a very useful Recipe that will boost the number of items an enemy drops, be sure to use it when hunting down materials.

Your objective is just beyond here but ignore that for now and head back to the intersection at the entrance of Messia and take the eastern path this time. Yet another civilian is looking for help here, speak to him to begin the Thawing Relations Sub-Quest, you’ll need to find three Apples and three Lettuces, both of which can be found in the White Silver Plains. Track them down and hand them over to obtain Life Bottle x2, 700 Gald and 135 SP.

You’ve exhausted all there is to do at Messia 224 for now, so return to the western path and head over the bridge to find a Cow at the end of the path, examine it to obtain some Milk and then speak to the nearby civilian to trigger a scene. The group learns that it’s likely that Zephyr has been taken to Cysloden, the realm’s capital. Return to the initial intersection and take the eastern path once more, this time following the path and you’ll automatically rest at the camp.

Take this opportunity to eat some fresh food and then you’ll get your first opportunity for a Bonding Event. There are five for each character and you’ll have to wait one hour in between each one, what’s more, you’ll also have to progress the story for some of the events. Once you’ve seen all five for a given character, you’ll unlock a Trophy/Achievement so be sure to be on the lookout for these. Following this scene, you’ll unlock the Another Day, Another Wall Title for Alphen, this will automatically unlock the useful Counter Edge Upon Defeat for him. Once you’re all set, head forward from the camp to enter the Rudhir Forest.

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